Keokradong, Bandarban

Keokradong is the third-highest peak in Bangladesh. This Keokradong mountain located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district was once considered the highest mountain. But later Tajingdong was claimed to be the highest mountain peak in Bangladesh. There are many disagreements about the height of Keokradong. Its height was measured at 1230 meters. But currently, GPS calculations show that its height is less than 1000 meters. In some places, its height is said to be 974 meters. Somewhere else it says 883 meters. Keokradong is a Marma word. Which means “the highest rocky mountain.”

The distance from Dhaka to Bandarban is 376 km. Ruma is 25.1 km from Bandarban. It takes one and a half to two hours to go. I will share with you all known, unknown, important information about Keokradong travel. And also tell you the ways to go from Dhaka to Bandarban,  and from Bandarban to Bagalek to Keokradong.

Best time to go to Keokradong-

You can go anytime to see the mountains. But winter is perfect people say. In monsoon, the hills and mountains look so greenery and beautiful. But it’s also too risky in monsoon for the new trekkers.

How to go from Dhaka to Bandarban- 

If you want to go by bus-

The easiest and hassle-free way to travel from Dhaka to Bandarban is by bus. Hanif, Shyamoli Paribahan, Desh Travels, Saint. Martin Paribahan etc. provides service from Dhaka to Bandarban. The bus fare is from Tk 900 to Tk 1600 per person. Know the details of the Dhaka to Bandarban bus service

If you want to go by train-

No train started yet from Dhaka to Bandarban. From Dhaka’s Kamalapur Mahanagar, Suborno, Turna, Sonar Bangla, Godhuli Express, etc. leave for Chittagong. The fare is Tk 345 per person (Shovon chair). AC seat rent- 788 Tk and AC cabin rent- 1180 Tk. You can also go from Dhaka to Chittagong by the mail train. The rent will be TK. 110. There is a bus from Chittagong Baddarhat bus station to Bandarban. Buses run from morning to evening. But In the holidays, you should go early morning. The fare is 150-200 taka. It will take about 2 hours to reach Bandarban.

Bandarban to Ruma Bazar-

There are two ways to reach Ruma Bazar from Bandarban. The first is a jeep and the second is the local bus. Jeep reserve fare will be 8000-10000 taka (up-down) If you have time and the budget is less then you can go to Ruma by local bus. The bus fare will be Tk 100-150. But if you go in Jeep, you can enjoy both the road and the view. As we were short on time, we went to Ruma by Jeep as suggested by the guide. It takes 2-3 hours to reach Ruma Bazar from Bandarban.

Ruma Bazar to Baga Lake-

Baga Lake is 1073 feet above sea level. It will take about 2 hours to go. You must be at Ruma Bazaar by 3.00 PM. The first thing to do on reaching Ruma Bazar is to fill out the commitment form. The purpose of the commitment form is that you are going to Keokradong of your own will and the authority will not be held responsible for any damage to yourself. Then go to the army camp and sign it. After completing these procedures, buy all the barbecue materials from the Ruma market. The guide will help you with these tasks. Our guide was Suman. Suman Dada had been with us for the next three days. The guide cost Tk 2600 (fixed). There is no other market after Ruma so you must buy the necessary barbecuing items from here. After the market was done we got into our Jeep. Our guide fixed the car in advance. You must complete your lunch from here. On the way from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar, there is an army check post. Name entry is mandatory there. It takes some time. There was a lake beside where our car stopped. We got down from the car and spent some time there.

After finishing the work at the army camp, our car started moving again. This road from Ruma in Bandarban to Boga Lake is incredibly thrilling. I have never traveled on such steep roads before. It was late afternoon when we reached. After reaching Baga Lake, must be entered name in the army Camp again.

Baga Lake to Keokradong-

As everyone was tired, we fell asleep quickly and woke up early the next morning. Everyone freshened up and came to the cottage to pack their bags. Since you have to trek on foot, the lighter the bag, the better. You can leave your belongings at the cottage if you wish. We left our extra clothes at the cottage as instructed by the guide. Our breakfast item was khichuri and fried eggs. After breakfast, we left with our bags on our shoulders to conquer the mountains. After 5 hours we reached Darjeeling Village. It takes 20-30 minutes from Darjeeling Village to reach the peak of Keokradong. Our bodies felt so exhausted. We felt like why this road does not end. The energy level was absolutely zero. After about 6 hours of trekking, I could see the top resorts of Keokradong. Even in a tired body, I felt a kind of peace in my mind. We had to enter our names after arriving at Keokradong. Here everything is under the guidance of the army. At 5 pm they gave a briefing so that none of us would go to the helipad at Keokradong after the evening. After lunch, we take some rest at our cottage and then headed out to visit the helipad at Keokradong. In the afternoon, a red light filled the entire Keokradung sky. The army warned to leave tourists from the Helipad in the evening. After a while, the helipad was deserted. If you want, you can spend the night pulling a tent. In that case, you have to take army permission and bring your own tent. Apart from trekking on foot, You can reach Keokradong by jeep or bike. As many of us got sick, we hired a jeep on the way back. However, jeeps do not allow during monsoons. And going to Keokradong by bike seemed risky to me.

All information regarding the guide in Keokradong Tour-

You will get a guide from the guide association of Ruma Bazar in Bandarban. Guide cost- 2600 taka (2 nights 3 days). Ruma to Baga lake and Baga Lake to Keokradong. But it is best to contact the guide in advance. The guide will give you all the directions. Guide numbers are given below for your convenience:

01843229547- Shafal Barua Dada

01552432937- Babul Dada

01827713975- Ranjan Dada

01820-408145- Moon Dada

01875690749- Kamal Barua Dada

01845-779749-Newton Dada

01559199715-Prakash Dada

01856-729355 – Shibu Dada

01828922570-Suman Dada

Draft calculation of Dhaka to Keokradong travel cost-

Day 1

Dhaka-Bandarban – 900 Tk

Breakfast – 50 taka

Bandarban-Ruma in Mahendra /Jeep- 4000-5000 Tk per person (Jeep Reserve), bus fare Tk 110-120.

Lunch-120-150 Tk

Ruma-Bagalek Jeep- Tk 2500-3000 (Toward / Return only)

Boga Lake Cottage fee – 150-200 Tk

Dinner-120-150 Tk

Day 2

Breakfast-80 taka

Lunch – 150 Tk

Keokradong Cottage fee – 200 Tk

Dinner-150 Tk

Day 3-

Breakfast-100 Tk


Bogalek-Ruma-2500 tk – 3000 tk (Jeep Reserve) 

Ruma-Bandarban-Tk 4000-5000 (Chander’s car), bus fare-Tk 110-120

Guide cost (3 days) -2600 Tk (Fixed).

Dinner-150 Tk

Bandarban-Dhaka Back-900 Tk

Budget-Friendly Tour Tips-

1) To be honest most of the Keokradong tour money goes into the Jeep reservation. Those who are students or have a low budget must make a large group. Group members should not be more than 13 people. One guide can manage 13 people. If you have a group of 14/15 people, you have to hire two guides.

2) From Bandarban to Ruma Bazar you can go by local bus instead of hiring the jeep.

3) You can go from Dhaka to Chittagong by the mail train. The mail train ticket fare is 110 taka. Local and sitting buses are available from Chittagong to Bandarban. The fare will be around Tk 120-200.

Precautions and Trekking Tips in Keokradong Travel-


1) Since you are going to trek the mountains, you must wear shoes that give a good grip.

2) Buy a stick before starting trekking, it will accompany you as support.

3) Put dates, biscuits, chocolates, and sweets in the bag. These foods will help to get energy. Also, water/saline must keep with you.

4) Take a raincoat in the rainy season. But for new trekkers, it is better not to go in the monsoon.

4) The weather remains so cold in winter in the hill area, so take heavy clothes.

5) It is strictly forbidden to go to the helipad of Keokradong after the evening.

6) Don’t try to take any other route from Keokradung without the army’s permission.

7) Buy bottled water or mineral water even if the price is high. Don’t drink open water

8) Talk to the guide before coming on the tour. The guide will arrange everything nicely for you.

9) If you have a favorite resort, book it through the guide. The guide will guide you from Ruma Bazar in Bandarban to stay, eat, how to go.

10) Bandarban tour means army permission everywhere. These activities take a lot of time. Help them without bothering them. They work for the safety of tourists. Do not ignore their briefing.

11) Everyone should bring separate power banks, chargers, and multiplugs. There is no electricity anywhere in Baga Lake or Keokradong. All cottages run on solar. There is no charge port in any cottage either. You can charge your device where you go to eat. But you must take the multiplug with you.

12) Toilet/washroom facilities here are very poor, so bring mental preparation accordingly.

13) Do not throw any packets or garbage while trekking. The chocolates and the chips packet keep in your bag or else burn it.

14) Do not misbehave with tribals.

15) Group should not be more than 12-13 people.

16) Teletalk and Robi Network are Available here.

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