Places you shouldn’t visit in summer-Bangladesh

Places you shouldn't visit in summer-Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with an area of 1 lakh 47 thousand square kilometers. The natural beauty of this country surrounded by greenery, vast mountains, sea, springs, and fields attracts the wanderlust. Many poets and writers have been fascinated by this well-known form of Bengal. Jibanananda Das wrote poetry about Bengal. That’s why Jibanananda Das called this Bangla “Rupsi Bangla”. Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta called this country “A rich hell”. Tourists from outside the country visit here every year. Although the best time to visit Bangladesh is almost all year round, the summer season is not as convenient for traveling. As the temperature is very high, it is unbearable hot here. The climate of Bangladesh is generally a tropical monsoon climate. Although it is a country with six seasons, the effects of summer, monsoon, and winter are more observed. Baishakh and Jaishtha are the Bengali months of summer. It was very hot during this time. The water in the riverbeds and canals dries up. The crop fields also become dry due to dryness. Therefore, it is very uncomfortable to travel during this time.

Why summer is not the right time to travel in Bangladesh-

Bangladesh is open for travel throughout the year. So you can visit here at any time of the year. The average maximum temperature here is 38° Celsius and the minimum temperature is 21° Celsius. April is considered the hottest month. But currently, the temperature of Bangladesh is getting worse day by day. In 2024, the maximum temperature in April was 43 degrees Celsius, which was unbearable. As there are health risks in extreme temperatures, so is the tendency to heat stroke. So I think it is better not to visit here at least during April-May/June.

Sea Beach-

The average temperature of Bangladesh in summer is 38° Celsius, but it has more impact on the sea area. For example, the average temperature of Cox’s Bazar area is 40-44° Celsius every year, which is much higher than normal. It is also difficult to stay at the beach during the day at this time. So most tourists avoid sea travel during summer.

Cox’s Bazar Beach –

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the top tourist attraction in Bangladesh. Many foreign tourists visit here every year. Apart from seeing the sea, there are many other places to visit here such as Himchari, Patuartek Sea Beach, Marine Drive, Kalatali Beach, Sugandha Beach, etc. Also nearby are Maheshkhali Island, Adinath Temple, Rubber Gardens, and many other places. You can easily spend one night in any hotel in Cox’s Bazar. There are quite several hotels of different quality and budgets here. Cox’s Bazar is the beginning of the journey.

Kuakata Sea Beach –

The only beach in Bangladesh where you can see the sunrise and sunset together. It is also known as “Sagarkanya”. This one of the places in Patuakhali district does not have so much traffic of travelers throughout the year, but the traffic increases in winter. The real beauty of Kuakata is spread around the main beach. Kawar Char, Lebur Char, Oyster Beach, Three Rivers Estuary, Shutki Palli, Rakhine Palli, Red Crab Char, Gangamati Char, etc. are the main attractions of Kuakata. There are few good hotels for overnight stays. Most hotels are available on a budget but no booking is required. There are many syndicates in Kuakata, so it is better to bargain for food and hotels. Kuakata Beach Tour Details

Bashbaria Sea Beach-

The biggest attraction of Bashbaria Beach located in Bashbaria of Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong is its Jetty Ghat. From the shore of the beach, one can walk along this long jetty to the middle of the sea. At high tide, almost the entire jetty is submerged, but at low tide, the entire jetty is visible. This scene is not seen in any other sea beach in Bangladesh. Mainly fishing trawlers flock to this jetty. The surrounding green carpet grass and eucalyptus trees doubled the beauty of the beach. There is a lot of sunshine here during summer so it is better not to visit in hot weather.

Guliyakhali Sea Beach-

This Guliyakhali beach is a different type of beach wrapped in green carpet in Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong. Sea water pooling in the vast carpet of grass adds to the ethereal beauty. Due to heavy water in monsoon, the green parts are submerged under water and in summer the true beauty of the green grass is not revealed due to the heat of summer. The water dries up and turns into a rugged desert. Guliyakhali beach is the most beautiful for me during the end of monsoon and the beginning of winter. On the one hand, as nature overcomes the roughness, on the other hand, the amount of water also decreases. Know Guliyakhali beach tour details

Jharna/waterfall trek or Trekking Tour

We all know that any trekking tour involves a lot of physical exertion. Such a trip in summer is very tiring and tiring. Heat stroke also occurs during trekking tours or hiking in extreme heat. So trekking trips should be avoided during the hot season as much as possible. Trekking trips include waterfall trekking, hill trekking, etc. Bangladesh has numerous springs and mountains where many tourists trek. Bandarban and Chittagong are two of the most popular trekking districts.

Khaiyachhara, Napityachara, Harinmara, Bilasi, Sahasradhara, Suptadhara, Boalia, Jharjhari, etc. springs are located in Sitakunda of Chittagong. Also, Hamham Springs is located in Sylhet, and all the springs and khums of Bandarban are Nafakhum, Amiakhum, Velakhum, Satvaikhum, etc. All these places are very popular for trekking nowadays. It is well known that monsoon season is the best time for waterfall trekking. Because all the fountains regain their youth in the rainwater. Trekkers trekked for hours and soaked themselves in the cool spring water, that is the extreme peace of Jharna trekking. There is no water in the spring as there is no rain in summer. Green vegetation also turns gray during the dry season. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and also the magical form of the fountain, you should refrain from visiting the fountain during summer. The ideal time for Khum trekking is usually winter because the flow of the water during the monsoons is terrifying. Also in summer, the water dries up so nothing can be seen except rocks. So it is nothing but foolishness to go around in summer.

Island Tours/Camping Tours – 

Most of the camping tours take place on islands or secluded spots. Nature lovers opt for camping trips to enjoy nature up close. Nijhum Dwip of Hatia Upazila of Noakhali District, Manpura of Bhola, Char Kukri-Mukri, Mahua of Feni District, Sonaichari of Chittagong, etc. are famous for camping in Bangladesh. Camping is the best option if you want to rediscover yourself from the daily noise in a completely new environment. There are options to rent camping equipment like tents, bedding, etc. or you can carry it yourself if you want. The temperature or weather must be favorable since you will stay in a tent. Camping isn’t a good decision in extreme heat, staying overnight in a tent is almost impossible in the heavy rains of the monsoon season. And since tropical storms heavily hit island areas during summer, don’t even think of camping in island/ocean areas during summer especially from April to May.

Mountain trekking or hiking in summer-

Popular sites for hill trekking are Keokradong in Bandarban, Saka Haphong, Dim Pahar, Maraingtong, Kirstang Pahar, Debota Pahar, Chandranath Pahar in Sitakunda, etc. Tourists have to get enough speed to reach these high peaks. The mountains are generally cold on winter nights, but the sun is hot during the day. The temperature rises even more during summer. So, trekking during the day in summer is too tough.

Bangladesh Travel Tips and Precautions in Summer-

Few tips for those who want to visit Bangladesh in the summer-

1) In Bangladesh, the summer season stays for a long time, but April and May are the hottest months, so it is better to avoid this period.

2) Choose a place where you can relax.

3) You can choose a relatively cool greenery place or a place with plants.

4) Don’t forget to carry a water bottle, saline, umbrella, and sunscreen while traveling.

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