The beauty of Kushtia Municipality

Kushtia municipality

Today’s article is about Kushtia Municipality, the second-largest municipality in Bangladesh. The construction period of this one of the most beautiful architecture is 1869. I was surprised to see this place standing on 26.86 square miles in the Mazampur area at the head of the Kushtia district. I have never seen such a beautiful, clean, and organized municipality in Bangladesh before. It was 7 am on the clock. After getting down from the train, I went to Jagati station and directly came here by auto The rent from Jagati was 15 taka per person. It took about 15 minutes. The morning sun has spread its golden ray over the entire city by now I have hardly seen any vehicles. Cleaning workers are doing the work of sweeping the steep roads. I got out of the auto and looked around. Entering through the main gate of the municipality, an open platform was seen. A statue in the middle of the platform, holding a weapon, basically indicates the Liberation War. Named “Vijay Ullas”. Behind it is a one-story building. It is known as the Women and Children Corner.

Kushtia municipality

What I have said so far is the outer part of the municipality. Official activities are conducted in the inner part. An old man came forward when he saw me. He opened the lock and took me inside. The people of Kushtia are very reserved and unassuming, I saw no exception here. He asked us to go inside and went out. As soon as you enter, you will see a basketball court. In front of the field, there is a huge building wrapped in trees, named “Suchona”. Its color is maroon, the windows are blue. This building is very beautiful, looks like an old Zamindar house but is furnished like a brand-new one. Official functions take place in four buildings in total. Next to it is the Information and Technology Building. There are various bank branches and ATM booths here. On the right-hand side “Maulana Ahmad Rahim Auditorium Building”. Any function or meeting is held here. When I went early in the morning, I did not see any people there. Two birds were chirping from the huge trees nearby. As there was no noise at all, it was a very nice experience to explore the calm place. Behind the big building, I have seen an artificial fish farming in a small area. There is a dilapidated well. The well water is unfit for use when the leaves of the trees fall and rot.

kushtia municipality

It’s time to go out and look around. A few more small buildings will be seen further along the steep road, which are named by different names. The road is made in such a way that people can walk here. There is a stage under a huge banyan tree. Maybe the event is organized here. There is a pond next to it. The circular pond is paved and has seating areas. Many are tired from walking and resting in the shade of trees or sitting places. I sat for a while and strengthened myself a little. As soon as the gentle morning breeze touched my body, I fell asleep from exhaustion. The pressure of the sleepless journey through the night is not yet over. I got up even though I didn’t want to, otherwise, I would be late for the next destination. After breakfast, leave for Tagore Lodge. I found many hotels for breakfast in Mazampur. Although I wanted to have breakfast in Mauban. I heard that the sweets there are very delicious. Mauban is a little far from the municipality. You can take a rickshaw, it will cost 20 taka. Liaquat Ali Dairy is the same way. It is also famous for yogurt and dairy products.

How to go to Kushtia Municipality?

How to go to Kushtia by bus-

Route 1- Buses like Shyamoli Paribahan, Mamun, FK Super Deluxe, SB Super Deluxe, KTC Hanif, etc. regularly go to Kushtia Mazampur. Non-AC bus fare is Tk 600-700. It will take 5-6 hours. AC bus fare 1000-1200 Tk.

Route 2- Go to Kumarkhali via Daulatdia from Gabtali Bus Terminal. Diganta Paribahan, Lalon Paribahan, Zaman Paribahan, Rabeya Paribahan will reach Kumarkhali. It will take 4-4.5 hours. Rent 400-450 taka per person. From Kumarkhali, you will go to Kushtia Alauddin Mor by CNG/Auto. You can take an auto to Majampur from Alauddin Mor and reach the municipality.

Route 3- Local bus goes from Gabtali, Dhaka to Paturia. Rent 80-100 Tk. From Paturia you can go by ferry to reach Daulatdia Ghat. Ferry fare- 25 taka. Then go to Kushtia by train or bus from Daulatdia. Trains at 1 pm and 3 pm. Local train fare is Tk 30, Intercity train fare is Tk 85. And you will get a bus from Daulatdia. Bus name Padma, Garai, the fare is Tk 150-180. (if the budget is low, you can choose this route)

How to reach Kushtia by train-

Inter-City Benapole Express (Holiday-Wednesday), Chitra Express (Holiday-Monday), and Sundarban Express (Closed Day-Tuesday/Wednesday) travel regularly from Dhaka to Kushtia. In case of traveling by train, you have to get off at Poradaha in Kushtia.

Benapol Express leaves Dhaka at 11:15 PM and reaches Kushtia Poradaha Station at 5 AM. Again it leaves Poradaha at 3:50 PM and reaches Dhaka at 9 PM.

Sundarban Express leaves Kamlapur at 8:15 AM and reaches Poradaha at 2 PM. Again it leaves Poradaha at 1:35 PM and reaches Dhaka at 9 AM.

Dhaka – Khulna – closing day is Wednesday.

Khulna – Dhaka – Closing day is Tuesday.

Chitra Express leaves Dhaka Kamlapur at 7 PM and reaches Poradaha Station at 12:15 PM. Again it leaves Poradah at 12:24 PM and reaches Dhaka Kamalapur at 5:30 PM.

Ticket Price- 360 Taka (decorative chair), Snigdha 690 Taka AC berth 1242 Taka. Buy tickets online.

Where to eat?

Kushtia is also famous for its food. After getting off the bus from Mazampur in the morning, many food hotels will be seen. You can have breakfast at Biswas Hotel, Bismillah Hotel. A little further from Majampur you can have breakfast at Maubon Hotel or Liaquat Ali Dairy. These hotels are very famous for sweets and dairy products.

Where will you stay in Kushtia?

There are few hotels in Majampur of Kushtia. Hotel Sunmoon, Hotel Tayyiba, Hotel Al Hayat, Hotel Desha, etc. No need to book in advance. You can directly visit and book.

Kushtia Municipality Travel Tips-

1) Try to go on an off day or any day in the morning before the office opens. Office hours are crowded as official activities are conducted in the municipality.

2) It is a protected area so throw garbage there.

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