Bandarban Tour-Best Places to Visit in 2023

Bandarban district has a beautiful combination of hills and springs. Rows of green hills and so many floating clouds are one of the features of this district. Bandarban Tour means you will feel like you are in the kingdom of clouds The distance from Chittagong to Bandarban district is about 75 km and from Dhaka about 325 km. Bandarban is not just a place to trek hills and waterfalls. You can bring your family here for a relaxing trip. Today’s article is about the best places in Bandarban where you can relax.

First of all, the way to go to Bandarban-

By Bus– There is a direct bus from Dhaka to Bandarban. The fare is Tk 900 per person (Non AC) and Tk 1400-1800 per person (AC).

By Train– There is no direct train to Bandarban. First, you have to go to Chittagong. Shovon chair rent – 380 taka. Then from Chittagong station, you have to come to the Chittagong Baddarhat bus terminal. From there the bus leaves every 30 minutes for Bandarban. Fare 150-250 Tk. But try to go in the morning or early morning as much as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a bus ticket because of so many tourists. (Buy Train Tickets Online)

From Bandarban, you have to go to these tourist spots by tourist car (locally called Chander Gari), microbus, or CNG. Mahendra or Tourist car fare from Bandarban – 3000-6500 Tk, auto or CNG rental – between 2000-3000 Tk. If you are 10-12 people, then reserve a tourist car, and if 4-5 people, you should choose CNG. But a Tourist Jeep (Chander Gari) is best for enjoying the view.

Where to stay in Bandarban –

It is often delayed to reach Bandarban from Dhaka. Of being late, many tourists cannot see all the spots according to the plan. Many people prefer to relax. So, If you want you can stay in Bandarban at night. Contact numbers of some hotels for staying night in Bandarban are given-

1) Hotel Hill View Resort- 01790-842777

2) Hotel River View- 01733-115585

3) Hotel Royal- 01556-708887

Tourist spots in Bandarban-


First, you can go to Nilgiri as the first travel spot in Bandarban. Be sure to leave early in the morning or you won’t see the clouds. We reached Nilgiri around 7 pm. I will always remember the way to go. I have never seen such a beautiful view before. The sky was clear that day. As our Jeep ascended the mountain through the curved road, we could see more and more clouds. Looking down from the Nilgiri feels like we are floating on white cotton. This is the first time I have seen so many clouds. But as time goes on, the clouds disappear. The Nilgiri also has a Titanic View Point. This point is famous for photography.

There are some cottages in the Nilgiri. The names of the cottages are Meghdoot, Akashneel, Nilgiri Hill Resort, etc. The cottages are run by the army, so there is no need to worry about security. However, if you want to spend the night in these cottages, you must book in advance.

Nilgiri entry fee- 100 Tk. ( Height less than 3 feet 6 inches does not require tickets.)

Parking Fee- Bus-Tk 400, Lorry/Truck-Tk 400, Mini Bus/Big Microbus (12 Seater)-Tk 400, Pick Up, Tourist Car, Jeep/ Microbus (Small)-Tk 300, Private Car/Small Jeep – Tk 200, CNG/Baby Taxi- Tk 100, Motorcycle- Tk 50.

 Double Hand View Point- 

On the way to Nilgiri, you will see this Double Hand View Point. It looked like two hands, that’s why it’s called double hand viewpoint. Be sure to stop here and take pictures.

Chimbuk Hills-

Chimbuk Hill or Kala Pahar (Black Hill) is the third largest hill in Bangladesh. The location of this hill is in the Bandarban district of Chittagong. Its height above sea level is 2500 feet. The distance from Chittagong is 92 km, and the distance from Bandarban is 26 km. It is called the Darjeeling of Bengal. You can get the best beautiful view of sunrise and sunset from Chimbuk Hill. The entrance fee for Chimbuk Hill is Tk 20. On the way back from Nilgiri, you will visit the rest of the spots.


The entry ticket price is Tk 50 per person. It is basically a park. There are two hanging bridges inside the park. For children, there is a children’s park and a zoo. Various wild animals are preserved in the zoo. You can do mountain trekking if you want. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beauty of the lake shore or take a boat ride to explore the surroundings. You have to climb the steep stairs to visit Meghla. There are some places to take a rest and small foodcourts after a while.

Shoilo Propat

In Shoilo Propat, the water flows over the rocks. You can go down the stairs from the top to the rock. I went in winter so there was no water at all. But the place is very slippery, so be careful. Two of our travel mates were injured. Tribals open a few shops around the Shoilo Propat. They sell their hand-woven bed sheets, mufflers, and shawls here. You can do some shopping if you want.

Buddha Dhatu Jadi Mandir or Golden Temple

Buddha Dhatu Jadi means “to build an Idol from the part of Buddha’s body”. This is the most beautiful Buddhist temple I have ever seen. It is called the Golden Temple because of the shiny golden color on the outside of the temple. You have to climb many stairs to see the temple. There are several Buddha statues outside the round temple Touching the idols with hands is prohibited. The original idol inside the temple is made of gold. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple. Many pilgrims come here to worship and it is a sacred pilgrimage site.


Its distance from Bandarban city is about 6 km. Our last spot was Nilachal. By afternoon we reach Nilachal. You can see a very beautiful view of the mountains and colorful sky. We see the sunset in Nilachol. The entire city of Bandarban can be seen from Neelachal. The whole city is filled with light. Entry fee- 50 taka per person. There is a resort called Nilachal Nilambari Resort. The rent per night will be 4000 Tk. There is also a food restaurant. Here you can have both lunch and dinner.

Precautions while traveling to Bandarban Tour-

1) Every spot in Bandarban is on the top of the hill. There are stairs almost everywhere. So those who have a weak heart, are suffering from breathing issues, Azma, or are very old, should be careful.

2) Shoilo Propat are very slippery place. Any accident can happen. You can use Trekking Shoes.

3) Do not take pictures inside the Golden Temple. It is absolutely forbidden. Half pants, lungi, and vulgar clothes are not allowed to enter the temple. You should obviously follow the rules.

4) There are army camps in various places of Bandarban to ensure the safety of tourists. You have to enter your Name and show your national identity card to Army before entering each spot. So definitely carry the national identity card or its photocopy

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