Ratargul Swamp Forest Trip

One of the most famous places in Sylhet is Ratargul. It is called the Swamp Forest of Bangladesh. The location of Ratargul Swamp Forest is about 26 km from Sylhet city. You cannot understand its beauty from a distance. Its real beauty is felt only when you enter the forest by boat. The whole forest seems to be floating on water. The roots of the giant trees are under water and the branches are above water. You will not find this scene anywhere else except in the Ratargul and Sundarnan areas of ​​Bangladesh. But the beauty of the Ratargul forest is a little more beautiful. As you walk through the forest you will hear the chirping of birds. The deeper you go, the quieter the entire swamp forest becomes.

Ratargul swamp forest

How to go to Sylhet-

By bus – There are more many buses from Dhaka to Sylhet. You can buy a ticket from any long-distance bus counter and leave for Sylhet. Dhaka to Sylhet bus fare- 700 Tk (Non AC), and AC Ticket fare is 900-1200 Tk. All the buses will drop you at the Kodomtoli area of ​​Sylhet.

By train – From Kamalapur in Dhaka to Sylhet station, there are lots of trains. Seat fare is Tk 265 to Tk 736 per person. If you want to go by train, you must book train tickets in advance. Get tickets online 4 days in advance. (Booking Train ticket Online) & (Check Dhaka and Sylhet Train schedule)

By air

If you want to come to Sylhet by air, you can take any airline to Sylhet from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjala International Airport. You will be dropped off at Sylhet Osmani Airport. The rent will be around Tk 3000 to Tk 10000. (Book air ticket online)

Where to eat and stay-

There is no overnight accommodation in Ratargul, Sylhet. You will get one or two food hotels. You can have some tea for breakfast in this hotel. A good option is to spend the night in Sylhet city after visiting another spot.

Suitable time to go at Ratargul Swamp Forest-

You can go all year round. But it is more beautiful during monsoon and you can enjoy the real beauty by boat. In winter, the water dries up, so you can’t go all the way with a boat.

How to go to Ratargul from Sylhet-

CNG goes directly from Kodomtoli in Sylhet to go to Ratargul. It takes about 1 hour to go. The fare will be around 600 takas (only Ratargul Updown cost). We didn’t make a reservation, so our up-down fare was low. If you want to see other spots, you can reserve CNG for the whole day. The whole day reserve fare is Tk 1200-1500. 4-5 people can go in one CNG. Laguna can also be reserved, it will take 2000-2500 taka. CNG will be dropped at Chowrangi Ghat. You have to hire a boat from the ghat to visit the whole forest.

Ratargul Entry and Boat expenses-

Entry Fee.50 taka (applicable for both adults and children)

25 taka for the student with a student ID card. And

500 has been fixed for foreigners.

Boat rent is 750-800 taka (determined by the government).

During the rainy season, it takes about two hours to visit the whole place by boat. Ratargul forest has a watch tower. Under the watch tower, you have to tie a boat and go up the stairs. The entire Ratargul can be seen from above. The river water, the green forest, and the color of the sky together are such beautiful views, which cannot be expressed in words. Although the watch tower is now closed. After the renovation, it will be opened to the public again.

Precautions for Ratargul travel-

1) Since it is a wild area, there may be poisonous snakes and various insects and spiders. So be careful.

2) Avoid harassing wild animals if you see them.

3) Do not throw any kind of food or food packets inside the forest while going by boat. The environment of the forest is spoiled.

4) There is plenty of fish at the Ratargul. Fishing is strictly prohibited for the general public.

5) The watch tower is currently closed. So avoid climbing up completely.

6) Leechs is also seen in Ratargult. So be careful.

7) Avoid breaking trees or branches and tearing leaves inside the forest.

Some tips for Ratargul Trip-

1) You will get one or two food shops in Ratargul, You can have some breakfast with them. For the launch or dinner, you must go to Sylhet city.

2) Along with the Ratargul tour, you can go to Sada pathar. CNG reserve fare from Ratargul to Sada pathar is Tk 300.

3) 5-6 people can go in one boat. So the group of 5 people or 10 people is better. In the case of CNG and boat, your group will get benefits.

4)In Off-Season, Boats can be found by walking from Chowrangi Ghat as the water dries up


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