Jaflong Sylhet Tour

Jaflong is one of the most famous places in Sylhet. The name Jaflong is very trendy among tourists because of the mountains, springs, small stones, and rivers. Jaflong is located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet, at the foot of Khasia Jainta Hill. Its distance from Sylhet city is about 62 km. India’s Dawki Bridge can be seen from Jaflong. The Dawki River enters Bangladesh through the Dawki Hills and joins the Jaflong. And the river that has to be crossed to go to the springs of Jaflong is basically the Piyain River. Like the Sada Pathar area, there are many stones in Jaflong Sylhet. One of the means of livelihood of the people of this region is stone lifting.

Best time to visit Jaflong, Sylhet-

You can come to Jaflong anytime. It is said that the rainy season is perfect. When there is a lot of water in the fountain, you can explore the whole area by boat. But you can’t really see Jaflong Stone during monsoon. Because there is a lot of water during the monsoon, the stone is not visible. There is no water here except during the rainy season. But you can enjoy the beauty of Jaflong’s stones and blue water.

Ways to go to Sylhet-

There are many buses going from Dhaka to Sylhet. Any bus like Shyamoli, Ena, and Hanif goes directly to Kodomtolli in Sylhet. The fare(Non AC)- is 700 Tk and AC will get between Tk 900-1200 Taka.

If you want to go to Sylhet by train, you will go to Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka. Jayantika Express, Parabat Express, Kalani Express and Upaban Express all these trains go to Sylhet. Seat fare is Tk 265 to Tk 736 per person. (Know Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule) & (Online train ticket booking) You can walk from the station to the Kodmotoli bus stand. Or you can take a rickshaw. The rickshaw fare is Tk 15-20.

If you want to go by air, you have to come to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. From here Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novo Air, and US Bangla Air Biman go to Sylhet. Airfare cost will be 3000-10000 Tk. (Online train ticket booking)

How to reach Jaflong from Sylhet-

It takes about one to one and a half hours to reach Jaflong from Kodomtoli. The bus will actually drop you at the Kodomtoli bus stand, Sylhet. From there you need to reach Jaflong by bus/CNG/Leguna. Bus fare is Tk 100 per person. CNG reserve fare only for Ratargul is 300 taka. But if you reserve CNG for the whole day to visit more places the fare will be 1200-1500 Tk. The Leguna reserve cost is 2000-2500 and Microbus will cost 3000-3500. If you drop the bus at the Jaflong bus stand, you can reach Jaflong zero point by rickshaw or walk.

Jaflong Tour Accommodation-

At one time there was no hotel to stay in Jaflong. But currently, there are several resorts in the Mamar Bazar area. Besides, you can take a hotel from Jaflong to Sylhet city. You will get good hotels in the city area. You can get a hotel in Sylhet within 500 takas in any season. But the amount of money will decrease as you go inside the Mazar or Kodomtoli area.

Jaflong Food Hotel –

You can have lunch at any food hotel in Jaflong. You can choose Jaflong View, Border View, Jaflong tourist restaurant, etc. Breakfast cost will be 50-100 taka and lunch and dinner can be eaten between 150 takas.

What to see on the Jaflong tour –

The main attraction of Jaflong is its Mayabi spring, small and large stones, and the highest mountains in India. From Jaflong, India’s green hills bordering are mind-blowing. Dawki Bridge on the Dawki River, the water of the Piyain River, and the above white-blue sky can be found here. On the opposite side of the fountain are Khasia Palli, Khasia Rajbari, and Tea Gardens. Jaflong can take around 6 hours to visit.

You have to rent a boat from zero point to go there. The boat rental is 50 taka per person during monsoon and 20-30 taka per person in other seasons. After a 10-minute walk, you will see the Mayabi Fountain. The complete form of this waterfall can be seen in the month of June-July. The water of the fountain is falling down from the huge rock. Don’t forget to soak yourself in the cool water of the fountain. There are lockers for storing things. You can keep your necessary things like your wallet, mobile phone, and bag and enjoy the shower. Locker rent will be 50-100 taka per person. Besides, there is a facility to change wet clothes. You can change it here for 10-20 Taka. There are some spots to visit by boat. You have to hire a boat and go to Khasia Palli Ghat to see them. You can visit the spots by renting an easy bike or auto. The rent will be 50-60 taka per person. You can reserve the Auto. While going, you will see betel nut gardens on both sides of the road, houses of Khasias, and their lifestyle. On the way, you will also find the palaces of Khasias and Sangrampunji tea gardens. After the tour, you will return to the previous Khasia Ghat and arrive at Jaflong Zero Point by boat. Here are some shops for shopping. Various Indian products are sold here at low prices. Besides, there are many shops before Jaflong Point. Khasia’s hand-woven cotton shawls, mufflers, sheets, ornaments, cosmetics, and other items can be bought if you want.

Jaflong Travel Tips-

1) If you want to see Jaflong and surrounding spots, it is better to leave in the morning.

2) If you reserve CNG only for going to Jaflong, you will get between Tk 1000-1200.

3) You can visit Lalakhal or Dibir Haor(Dibi’s Lake) on the same day.

4) If it is a budget trip, you can come in a group of 4-5 people. Accommodation, food, and transportation costs will be reduced a lot.


1) Bargain for reserving vehicles.

2) Jaflong has lots of stones. Walk carefully so that no accident happens.

3) Since it is a border area, do not cross the border.

4) When you will buy Indian products from Jaflong, must be checked for expiry date and also check whether it’s real or fake.

5) Many photographers will want to shoot your photos in Jaflong. You should know how many pictures will be given for how much money before taking pictures.

If you have any queries, you can comment below. Happy Travelling.

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