Horinmara-Hatuvanga Waterfall, Sitakunda

Horinmara-Hatuvanga Waterfall, Sitakunda For getting a different type of taste in trekking trails than the regular trail, you can choose the Horinmara-Hatuvanga trail in Sitakunda. You may not find such huge boulders as other trails but the trekking route of this trail is very wild and thrilling. To start the trail you need to buy …

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How to go Bashbaria Sea Beach-Chittagong

Bashbaria Sea Beach-Sitakunda, Chittagong The location of this beach is Bashbaria in Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong District. The most distinctive attraction of this beach is its jetty pier. This jetty separates the Bashbaria beach from others. The jetty is made of iron and plastic. It has been established so that boats or trawlers can easily …

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Bilasi Waterfall-How to go-Low Budget Tour-Sitakunda

Bilasi Waterfall-Low Budget Tour-Sitakunda A secluded and little-known spring in Banshbaria of Sitakunda Upazila is called “Bilasi Waterfall (Jharna in Bengali)”. It is also called “Bashbaria Waterfall”. This waterfall belongs to the Bilasi trail which is easier and shorter than the rest of the trails in Sitakunda so anyone can trek this trail very easily. …

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Chandranath Hill Trek,Sitakunda(Low-Cost Idea)

Chandranath Hill Trek-Sitakunda,Chittagong For mountain lovers, the mountain is a source of healing. For mountain addicts, mountains mean “addiction”. Many poets and writers have written many prose, stories, and poems about mountains. The beauty of hills as well as their immensity fascinates us. Nowadays trekking has become an important part of traveling. These trekking trips …

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One-Day Trip in Rangamati-Cost,How to go,Budget Friendly tips

One-Day Trip in Rangamati, Chittagong Rangamati is the land of red hills. Rangamati District is an administrative region of the Chittagong Division located in the southeastern part of Bangladesh. It is a hilly district and the largest district in Bangladesh. The distance from Dhaka to Rangamati is about 308 km. And the distance from Chittagong …

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