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Hello, This is Zara Tasnim, a passionate Traveler and a travel blogger. I am from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the most hospitable countries in the world. In this small country, Nature has been spared no effort in pouring out it forms. The main purpose of my blog is to introduce you to Bangladesh and reveal its unseen beauty. And also share with you how to travel in budget. I will try to give all information related to travel in Bangladesh here. Stay tuned and travel in cheapest. Thank you.

Let's reveal some moments of my Traveling

My First Solo Trip

First things are always special and memorable. This is the picture of my first solo trip. I went to Kaliakair, Gajipur for a day trip. It was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot and also learned a lot of things. You know what, you will feel good when you talk to people and try to connect with them.

My Traveling Journey

How did I start my travel journey? ummm!  It was 2016, and after completing my higher secondary degree I was admitted to my university. It was far from my home so I had to choose a hostel to continue my study. As I am from a restricted Muslim family, it is tough to travel. So when I left my house, I tried to travel cause traveling is my hobby. It was not easy at first. There were a lot of trips I had done without my family’s permission!!  Doesn’t it sound so funny?? In the perspective of my country, Parents don’t allow their children to travel without their permission, especially girls. However, I was so self-oriented and obstinate from childhood. Hahaha! So this is my story of how I started my traveling journey. 

baiika beel

Memories of my Journey

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