Bashbaria Sea Beach-Sitakunda, Chittagong

Bashbaria sea beach

The location of this beach is Bashbaria in Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong District. The most distinctive attraction of this beach is its jetty pier. This jetty separates the Bashbaria beach from others. The jetty is made of iron and plastic. It has been established so that boats or trawlers can easily dock at the shore during low tide. The entire jetty is submerged in seawater and when the water reduces, you can walk along in the middle of the sea by Jetty. You can’t see such a beach with a jetty anywhere in Bangladesh.

Bashbaria Beach is 5 kilometers (3 miles) long. In 2009, Kashem Raja developed this beach on his initiative and opened it to tourists. Later the number of tourists gradually increased. But due to a lack of proper supervision and safety, accidents often occur. Many tourists have lost their lives in this sea. So, the administration was forced to declare the beach forbidden. But Human attraction to forbidden things is not new. Therefore, despite the ban, many tourists still visit this beach.

Most people come to Bashbaria to relieve their fatigue after trekking or visiting the rest of the places. There is a huge crowd here in the afternoon. We went to see the sea first to avoid crowds. It was 5:30 in the morning. I was fascinated by the beauty of this calm sea and there were no people. Many eucalyptus trees are standing in rows around the sea. A couple of swings swayed in the wind. The waves of the sea were crashing loudly with the sound of the wind. The sea was very rough during the monsoon. In the distance two fishing trawlers wait for the incoming tide. In the early morning, the jetty was visible in its entirety. After spending some time in Jhaubn, we left for the jetty. Due to the low tide, we had to walk a long way to reach the jetty Ghat. The entrance fee to the jetty is 20 taka per person. As the tide went on, we walked closer to the sea. The water was very cloudy. Due to the strong wind, I did not dare go to the jetty’s endpoint. If I was a little careless, I would go into the sea due to the heavy wind. Anyway, after spending some time here, I left for my next destination. If you want, you can camp here and spend the night.

Best time to visit Bashbaria Sea Beach-

Bashbaria Sea Beach is open for tourists throughout the year. However, the sea area is very hot during summer. You will find the sea quite calm in winter and if you want to enjoy the turbulent sea, you can come during the rainy season/monsoon. Depending on the tides, the sea water fluctuates. Generally, the tide is low after 6 hours. You can go here to spend time in the morning or afternoon.

How to go to Bashbaria Sea Beach-

You can go by bus in 2 ways.

1- Direct Dhaka to Sitakunda

2-Dhaka to Feni to Sitakunda

Ena, Hanif, Shyamoli, and Saudia buses reach Sitakunda directly from various bus terminals including Syedabad (Jonpoder Mor), Chittagong Road, and Gabtali in Dhaka. The fare is Tk 680 per person. Some cheaper bus services leave Dhaka city junctions. Rent – 450-500 Tk.

If you choose the Feni route- Some buses including Star Line, Ena, and K K Travels go to Mohipal in Feni. Rent 350-400 Tk. Buses are available from Mohipal to Sitakunda. Rent 80-100 Tk. This bus will drop you at Bashbaria Sea Beach. Get off the rickshaw and go directly to the beach.

There are no intercity trains that directly go to Sitakunda. First, you have to go to Chittagong from Dhaka. Dhaka to Chittagong train fare- 380 taka (S chair). Chittagong to Sitakunda Bashbaria Beach bus fare 70-80 taka per person. Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule & Price

Another budget-friendly way is Mail Train. The mail train travels directly to Sitakunda. Rent is Tk 110 per person. If there is too much budget problem you can travel by mail train. From Sitakunda station go to Sitakunda Bus stand then take a minibus to Bashbaria. From the main road take a rickshaw to reach Sea Beach. Traveling by mail train is safe?

Sitakunda Accommodation and Food Hotels-

Currently, many hotels are built around Sitakunda Bazaar and bus stand. You can spend the night on a low budget. Hotel Saudia, Hotel 99, Hotel Jalsa, Hotel Tayiba, Hotel Saimun etc. are notable. After finishing the trail, you can eat at the house of the residents. In that case, you will order in advance. Besides, there are some good food hotels in Sitakunda market, you can eat there too.

Bashbaria Sea Beach Warnings and Tips-

1)Whether you know swimming or not, there is no need to go to sea. Many tourists have lost their lives even if they know how to swim. It’s better to enjoy some beauty from a distance.

2) Do not bathe in the sea during low tide.

3) Poisonous snakes have been found at Bashbaria Sea Beach so keep your eyes and ears open while walking.

4) Jetty is very narrow, walk carefully.

5) If the sea is wavy too much, do not go far along the jetty.

6) Many tourists have died in this sea due to carelessness. So be careful.

Places Near to Bashbaria Sea Beach-

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