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Bilasi Waterfall

A secluded and little-known spring in Banshbaria of Sitakunda Upazila is called “Bilasi Waterfall (Jharna in Bengali)”. It is also called “Bashbaria Waterfall”. This waterfall belongs to the Bilasi trail which is easier and shorter than the rest of the trails in Sitakunda so anyone can trek this trail very easily. It will take 20-30 minutes to reach the first spring in this trail. Even a few years ago, this fountain was unknown to everyone. Nowadays many tourists come here. If you go along the opposite side road of Bashbaria Sea Beach, you will see a road. This road leads you to the trail. When you go a little further along the Local market, you can see the railway line. You have to cross this railway line for almost all the springs in Sitakunda. All trains from Dhaka to Chittagong travel through this way. You can leave your heavy things or backpack in the tea stall or local house. After a while, I could hear the train whistle. A few small tin shed houses, domestic animals were barricaded with rope in different places, and small children were playing around. We noticed a small village after crossing the railway line. We entered the Jhiri Path. The water of Jhiri was so Icy. I was feeling frizzy when I touched the water. As there was no rain that day, the trail had less water. But this trail is very wild. Green plants and small hills want to surround you. If you mute yourself for some moment you can hear the twittering of unknown birds and insects.

Before reaching the spring, we heard the sound of falling water from a distance. we realized that this beautiful is not far away. This trail ends here. Green plants surround this fountain wildly. Although it was not raining, the amount of water was medium. There is a huge khum(Deep lake) in front of the waterfall. This khum is created by falling water from the spring. Although the depth of Khum is not so deep. if you don’t know how to swim, there is no need to go into the water. We all bathe to Khum to refresh our tired bodies. There is another cascade above this fountain. If you go up along the right side road, you will see mini double falls. There is another khum in front of the fountain.

Best time to visit Bilasi Waterfall-

The true beauty of the waterfall or trail you will see during monsoons. You can get water from these springs from July to September. However, if it rains on the way of trekking, the springs look wilder.

How to go to Bilasi Waterfall?

Route 1- If you take a bus from Dhaka, first go to (Janpader Mor) Syedabad, Gabtali, Chittagong Road. All Chittagong buses like Ena, Shyamoli, and Hanif go directly to Sitakunda. The Rent 680 taka per person. There are other low-rate bus services that save your money. You will find those buses at Sayedabad(Jonopoder Mor). These Buses drop you at the opposite side of Bashbaria sea beach Road. The Trekking starts from there.

Route 2- From Dhaka to Feni then from Feni to Sitakunda. Alight at Mahipal in Feni by Star Line, Ena, Saudia, or any bus. Rent- 350-450 Tk. Feni to Sitakunda bus fare 80-100 taka.

Route 3- Go directly to Chittagong by train. Rent- 380 taka (S chair). Many local buses are available from the station to Sitakunda. Rent – 70-80 Tk. Chittagong Mail train also goes directly to Sitakunda. Rent is Tk 110 per person.

Where will you stay in Sitakunda?

There is no dearth of hotels in Sitakunda. Hotel 99, Hotel Saudia, Hotel Saimum, Hotel Jalsa, etc. you will find many more hotels. These hotels are located in Sitakunda Bazaar and Sitakunda Bus Stand. These hotels are quite budget friendly. The price range starts from 500 Tk.

Food hotels in Sitakunda-

There are some good quality food hotels at Sitakunda Bazaar and Bus Stand. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available there. Or you can see some houses before entering the trail, where they prepare the food for tourists. The package cost 150-180 Tk. If you want, you can shop yourself and arrange cooking at the villager’s house. In that case, they will cook for you.

Cautions and Tips in Bilasi Waterfall Trip-

1) Try to choose good quality trekking shoes for these trekking trails. You cannot walk wearing all kinds of shoes.

2) You can use Anglet for safety, but there are no big rocks on this trail.

3) No fear of leeches but be careful

4) Trekking road is one way so no fear of losing the way.

5) Take the road on the right side of the first waterfall and you will find another double mini falls. Be careful when climbing.

6) Don’t dare to take a bath in Khums if you don’t know how to swim.

7) Trekking way is so easy and it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the spring, So don’t need any guide. Anyone can trek this trail.

Other Places near Bilasi Waterfall-

  1. Bashbaria Sea Beach
  2. Horimara- Hatuvanga Trail
  3. Chandranath Hill
  4. Guliakhali Sea Beach
  5. Mahamaya Lake
  6. Sitakunda all Trail

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