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If you want to spend your life with nature as a devoted soul, the Sitakunda tour will be a perfect option for you! What’s not here? Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, giant boulders, and awesome hiking trails! One of the advantages of the Sitakunda tour is that You don’t have to pay much to travel here, which means You can visit Sitakunda places at a low cost. Those who are students or can’t afford so much money can easily opt for Sitakunda. First, I will divide this Sitakunda travel place into 2 parts for your convenience. The first part will be for those who prefer a relaxing tour and the second part will be for those who love adventure.

As I said earlier, Sitakunda is a place where you can smell the mountains, you will hear the sound of the waterfall flowing down the hill, and the roar of the sea, and will see the mountainous nature surrounded by greenery. There are so many places in Sitakunda. The list of the Sitakunda travel places you should visit (For relaxation and family trips)-

1) Sitakunda Eco Park and Botanical Garden

2) Baroyiadhala National Park

3) Guliakhali Sea Beach

4) Bashbaria Sea Beach

5) Kumira Ghat

6) Mahamaya Lake

How we go to Sitakunda-

Before going into the detailed discussion, I would like to give you a complete idea of how to go and where to stay-

There are 4 ways you can go, you can choose anyway, which is convenient for you-

1. Ena or Hanif Buses leave from Sayedabad or Kolabagan in Dhaka. You can directly get down at Sitakunda in Chittagong. Fare – Tk 650 (per person)

2. Those who have less budget can go via Star Line/ENA/Soudia buses that go from Dhaka to Feni. Buses leave from Fokirapool in Dhaka. Fare- 350-400 taka, you will get down in Mohipal, Feni, it will take 4-5 hours. And from Feni, get on the bus that goes to Sitakunda Bazar, the fare is Tk 60-100 per person. Now from Sitakunda Bazar, you can easily go to any place by Laguna/CNG or bus. You can also inform your bus conductor about your location, he may help you to get down to your destination.

3. Those who want to travel by train, then go for the Chittagong Intercity Mahanagar/Turna Express. These trains go from Komalapur, Dhaka to Chittagong. The Mohanogor Express leaves at 9:20 pm and reaches Chittagong station at 4:50 am. Turna Express leaves at 11.30 pm and reaches Chittagong at 6.20 am. The fare is 350 taka per person (Shovan chair) to 1200 taka (AC cabin) and from there you can come to Sitakunda by bus, the bus fare will cost 40-50 taka.

4. For those who want to go in the cheapest way, the only hope is the Mail Train, which costs Tk 110 per person only, this train leaves Kamalapur station at 10.30 pm (time may vary as it is a local train) every day and arriving at 6 to 7 p.m in Sitakunda station. This is the only train that goes directly to Sitakunda. Those who have a very low budget can go this way if they want, but in that case, there are some issues that I will discuss later. The mail train also has shovon chair, Ac/Non Ac cabin.

How to go from Chittagong to Sitakunda –

From Chittagong you can easily come to Sitakunda by bus, the fare is Tk 50-60 per person.

For a foreigner-

If a tourist wants to come from outside of Bangladesh then she/he should first get down at the airport. Then if he wants to go by bus, she/he should leave the airport and take a CNG/cab directly to Kolabagan or Sayedabad bus terminal and if he wants to go by train then he should go to Kamalapur station, from Kamalapur to Chittagong by train then Sitakund by bus. In this case, traveling by bus is easy, time-consuming, and less hassle.

Where should we stay in Sitakunda?

No matter where you visit Sitakunda, you must stop at Sitakunda Bazar for hotels. There are so many hotels here at cheap rates and those are safe for overnight stays. Such as Hotel Saudia, Hotel New Saudia, Hotel Jalsa, Hotel saimun, Hotel sandip, Hotel 99 etc. The prices of these hotels depend on the season. You will get any type of room from single to double and couple rooms in these hotels. The rent will be 300-1200/2000. Excluding holidays, you can stay here at a cheaper price.

Contact NO- Hotel Saudia- 01991-787979

Hotel 99-01889-203037/01979-985898

Hotel Saimun-01874-52005

Now I will try to give a clear idea about Sitakunda travel spots-

Sitakunda Eco Park and Botanical Garden-

Eco Park and Botanical Garden were built on 808.00 hectares of land at the foot of Chandranath Pahar in Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong, in 1998. Although they were associated together, the Botanical Garden and Eco Park were separated in 1996. The park is full of rare species of plants, animals, small artificial lakes, streams, and springs. It has become a center of entertainment for tourists and a shelter for thousands of animals with the efforts of the forest department.

From Sitakunda Bus Stand or Sitakunda Bazar, you can take a Laguna or Bus and get down in front of Eco-park Gate or you can explore the whole park by reserving CNG. If you don’t want to trek Suptadhara and Sahasradhara waterfall then you can see the beauty of the park on foot or another way is you can take CNG to the park gate and walk the rest of the way. CNG fare is 10-20 taka per person up to the gate and if you reserve CNG to visit the entire park, you will get it within 500-600 taka.

Mahamaya Lake-

One of the most popular places in Sitakunda is Mahamaya Lake. The plenteous beauty of the lake and the charming surroundings will bring you a breath of relief from your tired life. The fare from Sitakunda Bazar by Laguna/Bus to Mahamaya Main Gate will be Tk 40-50 then CNG from the main gate is Tk 10-15. Entry ticket 10 Tk. Even if you come with a bike, there is no reason to worry, you can park it. You can kayak in Mahamaya Lake if you want. One should not miss the opportunity of kayaking in the blue waters of the lakes. If you don’t want to kayak, you can see the beauty of this lake by boat.

The rent of each boat is 200-300 taka, the time is 1 hour, and two people can go kayaking in one boat. You can do it at any time in the morning or afternoon. After kayaking, if you go up along the road on the left side, you will get a wonderful view. You can also camp at night in Mahamaya Lake. In this case, there should be at least 4 people. Girls can also camp, but in that case, it should be a girl’s group only. Tents for night stay, dinner, barbecue, and breakfast are also provided in this package, the total package price is 600 taka per person. For advance booking please contact Mahamaya Kayaking.

Guliaakhali Sea Beach-

You can go to Guliakhali Beach by CNG from Sitakunda Bazaar. Reserve fare like 100-120 Tk. The fare for one person is 30 Taka. Get down from CNG and you will get a trawler ghat just ahead, the fare is Tk 50/60 per person. The beauty of the beach cannot be expressed in words. You must explore the beach on a trawler. We went to Gulyakhali in the afternoon. We did not know that the sky could be so many colors. The boat dropped us another ghat, it seemed like the whole beach was covered with a green carpet.

I didn’t realize that it was evening when everyone lay on the grass and looked at the sky. I was thinking that this is life, ahh!!!! One of the characteristics of this beach is the green carpet grass and the water between the grass area. But during monsoon, the water level rises, and you can’t see green grass properly. So the real beauty of Guliakhali cannot be seen. If it’s between winter and monsoon, you can enjoy both. We didn’t stay long after evening, the place was completely deserted like an island, and we didn’t feel safe.

Kumira Ghat-

If you want to come to Kumira Ghat from Dhaka, you can travel by Chittagong’s bus. Get off at Ghatghar, get a rickshaw or CNG, and come to Kumira Ghat. The cost of Dhaka to Ghatghar is 600 Taka, and the fare from Ghat Ghar to Kumira Ghat is 40-50 Taka. You can also reserve micro from the ghatghar or alongkar mor. Micro fare is 100-150 Tk per person and reserve is 600-800 Tk. The local bus cost 30-50 Taka and if you want you can also go from Bhatiari. Kumira Ghat has several jetties. In the afternoon, You can walk along the jetty or take a speedboat ride, the boat rent is 50 taka and if you want to go to Sandeep, the rent is 250 to 300 taka.

Baraiadhala National Park-

You can travel to Baraiadhala National Park with your family to relax in a peaceful environment. As it is a reserved forest area, you have to follow some instructions given by the forest department. Those who go for a tour should keep these things in mind. It is not possible to see the whole park on foot, you can reserve CNG. There is a trail inside the park which is not so well known. If you go with friends, you can see the springs of this range. From Sayedabad or Kolabagan of Dhaka, you can come here by Hanif or Shaymoli bus. The fare is 600-650 Tk. The bus will drop you in the park gate and then you have to walk a little distance. You can also reach this Udyan from Sitakund Bazar by Laguna/CNG.

Bashbaria Sea Beach –

The most attractive thing in Bashbaria Sea Beach is the Jetighat(jetties) or the iron bridge, which spans about half a kilometer. You can walk along the bridge to the sea, and this feeling is amazing. I cannot see such a bridge on any other beach in Bangladesh. So Bashbaria Beach is very popular with tourists. People visit it by speedboat. You can enjoy the sunrise from Jhaubon in the late afternoon. you can also go to Sandeep by boat from here.

you can take a direct bus from Dhaka to Chittagong’s Alankar Mor, from there you will take a bus to Bashbaria Bazaar, the fare will be Tk 30-40, CNG/Auto will drop you at Bashbaria jetty from the Bazar, and the fare will be Tk 20 per person. From Sitakunda Bazar to Bashbaria Beach, the laguna fare is Tk 15 per person. You can reserve a micro from Alankar Mor and come directly to JetiGhat. In that case, the fare will be around Tk 300. There is a good car parking facility here.

Some Tips and Cautions in Visiting Sitakunda Travel places-

1) There is no need to book the Sitakunda Hotel in advance. Check the environment and select the hotel by yourself.

2) If you go to Sitakunda except on closed days, you can get discounts on accommodation, food, and guide expenses and the number of tourists is also less.

3) Get bargains wherever you go

4) You can carry your student ID card, and you will get an offer for kayaking.

5) Please don’t litter anywhere, and don’t spoil the environment.

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