One-Day Trip in Zindapark

People who live in Dhaka city, often want to travel with family or loved ones. But in this brick-and-stone town, it is rare to find a quiet or good-quality environment. But nowadays, many places for picnics or sightseeing with family are gaining popularity. One of them is Zinda Park. You can go there for one day trip.

This Zinda Park is built on 150 acres of land in the Daudpur Union of Narayanganj District. It is basically a planned village. It was created in 1980 with the cooperation of about 5000 members of Zinda Village. This Zinda Park is the result of the hardships of the villagers for about 35 years. It can be said that this park is a reserve center for animals, birds, and plants. There are about 10,000 trees of 250 species and 5 ponds in the park and different species of birds are present here.

Zinda village is a village filled with birds chirping and ponds. One of the landmarks of Zindapark is the mud houses. These houses were made of mud and tin shed. Residents and park staff have been living in these houses. The entire park has small ponds, schools, mosques, community hospitals, mini zoos, restaurants, hotels, and a market. There are lots of trees and benches around the pond. It is quite nice to sit and talk near the pond. The house is built like an island in the middle of the pond. You can go there by bamboo bridges. If you want, you can also take a boat ride. There are no vehicles inside the park, so you have to walk around the whole place. And it will take 2-3 hours to explore the whole. There are places to rest after a certain period. The thing I liked the most about this park was the library. The library design is very aesthetic. From the top of this library, you will see a very beautiful view of the park. There is a small market for tourists where various products are made of bamboo and wood such as Ektara, Dotara, Dhol, various musical instruments, toys, home decoration items, etc. Another interesting thing is the small wooden house on the tree. The stairs are made of bamboo. Anyone can climb the house with stairs. There are very beautiful rhymes or lines of poetry written and drawn in different places in the park. It is an ideal place for a family day trip or picnic. However, if you want to have a picnic, you must inform the authorities 5-7 days before. So for those who want to go on a family trip to Dhaka for a day trip, Zinda Park is highly recommended for them. I had been visited Jindapark twice, in 2011 and again in 2018. Each time I enjoyed it a lot

How to get to Zinda Park-

Route 1- Although it is located in Rupganj, Narayanganj of Dhaka. The easiest way to go is via Purbachal. First, go 300 feet of Purbachal Highway on Kuril Bishwa Road. Then You have to come to Kanchan Bridge by BRTC bus from Kuril Bishwa Road. Afterward, you will go to this park by auto/CNG or micro from Kanchan Bridge.

Route 2- Another route is from Gaucia to Purbachal. From Gaucia you will get BRTC buses to go to Kanchan Bridge, Bypass. There are a lot of autos/rickshaws that go to Zinda Park.

When will come to Zinda Park?

Visiting Zinda Park in very hot weather will not be a very good decision. So it is better not to come in very hot weather. Also, you can come here on any other day. It is open seven days a week

Total cost at Zindapark-

Bus fare from Kuril flyover to Kanchan Bridge- 25 Tk

Bus fare from Kuril Gaucia to Kanchan Bridge- 30 Tk

Kanchan Bridge/Bypass to Zindapark auto fare- Tk.25. Reserving the entire auto will cost a little less.

Park Entry Fee- Tk 100 (Adult), Tk 50 (Children below 5 years)

Parking fee- 50 tk

Library entry fee- 10 taka

Meal Package- 220 to 320 Tk. There are several packages. You can choose according to your choice. The package includes unlimited rice, roasted khichuri, polao, roast, mutton, vegetables, chicken, beef, and salad. You can cook it from home. But in that case, you have to pay an extra 25 Taka. Generally, the price of food inside the park is relatively high. However, if you want to taste the food cooked on a clay stove in a rural environment, you should try the food here.

Some warnings or instructions of Zindapark-

1) Entry with any sports or musical instruments is strictly prohibited.

2) No person who wears a school/college uniform, a student, or an immature or philandering couple will be allowed to enter.

3) Tourists wearing indecent clothing will not be allowed to enter.

4) No anti-social or immoral activities allow inside the park.

5)Taking drugs and smoking are prohibited.

6) Local people live here, so don’t disturb them

7) It is a protected area so do not pollute the environment by littering there.

If you want to contact Jindapark for booking or any information-

Helpline-018116070377, 01715025083

E-mail- [email protected]

Website –

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