Coxs Bazar Sea Beach Tour

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is a top-rated and populated tourist center in Bangladesh. It is famous as the longest unbroken beach in the world. One of its characteristics is that the entire beach is sandy, with no mud. Although tourists come here almost throughout the year, winter is the right time to visit Cox’s Bazar. Therefore, there is a huge crowd of tourists. This beach has a different appearance in each season. And many local and foreign tourists come here every year. You can also visit Cox’s Bazar with your family to get rid of the busyness and monotony of exhausted life. Today I am going to tell you about Cox’s Bazar beach, where to go, where to stay, eat everything, and also give some tips-

The Right Time to Visit Cox’s Bazar-

The best time to travel to Cox’s Bazar is in winter (November to January). You can come here anytime except in summer (February to May). From the perspective of Bangladesh, Summer is the hottest season. It really feels too hot in the beach area especially. It is called the off-season for the beach tour. But there are some advantages of visiting in summer like no crowds, few visitors, low-cost food and hotels, etc.

How to go to Cox’s Bazar sea beach-

You can go in three ways-

1. By Bus- From any bus terminal point (eg Sayedabad/Fakirapool/Kalbagan etc.) there are so many direct buses going to Cox’s Bazar. The fare will be 800 (Non AC), and 1200-2500 (AC) per person. It will take 8-10 hours to reach Cox’s Bazar. The bus will drop you at Dolphin Junction or Kalatali Point in Cox’s Bazar. Book Dhaka to Coxs Bazar Bus Ticket

2. By train – The train does not go directly to Cox’s Bazar. First from Dhaka to Chittagong station, then from the station to Cox’s Bazar by bus. You have to catch the train from Kamalapur Railway Station to Chittagong. Mahanagar Express leaves at 7.45 AM and reaches Chittagong around 2 PM. And Turna Express leaves Chittagong at 11.30 PM and reaches Chittagong around 6 AM. You will get a bus from the station, the fare will be 300-400 taka, and it will take three and a half to four hours. Those who have less budget can go this way. Book Train Ticket Online

3) By Air- At present, there are lots of airlines flying Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar route daily. Bangladesh Airlines operate Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US Bangla Airlines, Novoair, Regent Airways, etc. The ticket price is BDT 4500 to BDT 11050. Book Air ticket Online

Accommodation and Eating in Cox’s Bazar –

Cox’s Bazar is a tourist hub of Bangladesh with numerous hotels, motels, and restaurants. You can choose any hotel according to your budget for an overnight stay. Between Tk 2000-3000, you will find good quality rooms for a night stay with your family. In Off-season, Hotel price decreases. The price of the Hotel towards Sugandha or Inani Point is comparatively less than Kolatoli Point. Food is available at the hotel where you stay. Besides, you will find many food restaurants around the hotel. If you want to try seafood, you can come to Sugandha Point. All types of sea fish, octopus, and crab fries are available here.

Where to go in Cox’s Bazar –

1) Kolatoli Point-

All the buses of Cox’s Bazar enter through this junction. From here you will reach Kolatoli Beach. At this beach, you can rent a tube and go down into the sea. In that case, the tube fare is Tk 50 per hour. You can also go over the sea by water boat/speed boat. The cost will be 300-400 taka (two rounds). You can also drink coconut water to relieve fatigue. The price is 80-100 taka. (The prices vary from season to season)

2) Sugandha Point-

This is the most popular point, so So everyone crowds here. Here is the popular Burmese market. You can enjoy a bike ride on the beach if you want. The cost will be 200 Taka-1.5 km and 300 Taka-2.5 km. You can also go for a ride on the beach on horseback, the cost may be 50-80 taka (depending on the timing).

3) Laboni Point-

Labani Beach is quieter than the other two beaches. If you want to spend your time alone, you can walk here. After an 8-10 minute walk along Sugandha Beach, you will reach this point. But it is better not to stay here after the evening.

4) Radiant Fish World-

You can visit this Radiant Fish World to get an idea about the underwater fish world and see it up close. 150 to 200 species of fish are preserved here. The entry fee is 300 Taka. It takes 10-15 minutes from Sugandha Point, auto reserve fare is 80 taka.

5)Dorianogor Sea Beach –

If you go 4 km along Marine Drive, you will find this beach. There is a parasailing point here. Those who want to do parasailing can come here. There are 2 packages of parasailing.

             Normal Ride- 1500 Tk

             Super ride- 3-4 minutes- 2000 Tk

             Super duper ride- 4-6 minutes- 2500 Tk

Be sure to talk about the time before selecting the package.

6)Himchari –

After Dorianogor Beach, you will see Himchari. The best feature of Himchari is the combination of the casuarina (Jhau) forest and the sea. The Himchari entrance fee is 30 Taka. You can climb the stairs and enjoy the beauty of the sea, the mountains, and the forest together. You will never forget this view from the top of the hill. There is also an artificial hot waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, there are lots of Burmese markets here. But the price is relatively high here.

7)Inani Beach –

One of the characteristics of Inani Beach is its sampans ( House Boat) and corals. These types of beautiful sampans are not seen anywhere else in Bangladesh. This beach is relatively not so turbulent.

8) Patuatek Beach-

The distance from the main beach is 32 km. It takes 1 hour to go. The Pathor Rani (Stone’s Queen) beach is situated here. There are plenty of stones available at Pathor rani Sea Beach here. After St. Martin, this is another beach where corals can be found. Parking fee- 20 taka. Personal vehicle parking fee-50 taka.

9) Marine Drive-

The biggest attraction of Cox’s Bazar is Marine Drive. One side of which is the sea and the other side is the mountain. You can’t find such a scene anywhere else in the world. This marine drive goes from Kolatoli to Inani. You can enjoy this marine drive by reserving an Auto/CNG/Tourist car.

10) Goalia Palong-

Gowalia Palank is known as Mini Bandarban. It is not so well known place right now. But this place feels like Bandarban. It is surrounded by rows of hills and greenery. This Mini Bandarban is located in front of the eastern side of Rejukhalkhesa Bridge from Kalatali Point towards Inani. You can see the huge mountains of Myanmar from here.

11) Burmese Market-

The Burmese market in Cox’s Bazar is like a puzzle. There are many small and big Burmese markets. Tourists are only familiar with the Burmese markets at Sugandha Point. However, the largest Burmese market in Cox’s Bazar is located in the main town. You can take an auto from Sugandha Point to Soikot Tower. This market is located there covering quite a bit of space. Here, you can buy at a less price and get more collections than in other markets.

A draft plan of Cox’s Bazar tour-

I am giving a plan of how you travel to Cox’s Bazar in a systematic way for two days, you can follow it if you want.

You will come to Cox’s Bazar by night bus. Check-in at the hotel, leave your luggage in the room, and have breakfast. After breakfast, you can go to Kolatoli/Sugandha beach to enjoy the beach air. In the morning there is no sun on the beach so it feels very fresh. And those who are tired from the journey will rest in the room. After launch, you can go to Radiant Fish World. From here you will go to the beach. Get rid of tiredness by splashing in the seawater for a while. You can enjoy different rides. After returning to the room, you can freshen up and go for a walk in the afternoon and watch the sunset. You can go to Laboni Point to avoid the crowd. In the evening you can try seafood after shopping at the Burmese market. As the night progressed, the sea became more crowded. You can spend the whole night on the beach if you want.

The next morning after breakfast checks out of the hotel to see other places. You can leave your luggage at the hotel. Arrange an easy bike/auto/CNG/tourist car from Sugandha or Kolatoli Point to visit places around Cox’s Bazar. Visit- Marine Drive, Inani Beach, Patuartek, Mini Bandarban, Dorianogor Sea Beach, Himchari, etc. It may be late to come back to Kolatoli Point. In the meantime, you can have lunch in Himchari. In the evening, you can book a bus ticket from Kolatoli to Dhaka and back to Dhaka or you can book it earlier.

CNG/Auto/Tourist Car Rental Details-

Auto or easy bike rental 700-800 (7 people can go)

CNG fare 800-1000 (5 people can go)

Tourist Jeep (Chander car rental – Tk 2000-2200 (12 people can go)

If you want to go to Himchhari and Inani only, the auto fare will cost 600-650 taka.

Coxs Bazar Trip’s Cautions and Tips-

1) Starting from the hotel, food, shopping, and, hiring a car/Jeep/Auto, you will bargain everywhere.

2) In Cox’s Bazar, many photographers will want to take pictures of you. Discuss the quantity and price before taking the picture. Normally the price of each picture is 3-5 Taka.

3) Avoid parasailing if you have a weak heart.

4) If you want to come to Cox’s Bazar at a low cost, you can come in the off-season.

5) Avoid polluting the environment by littering.

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