300 years old Armenian Church, Dhaka

Armenian Church-Dhaka In today’s travel story, I am going to write about the 300-year-old construction industry of Armenians in Bangladesh. One such monument is called “Armenian Church” located at Armanitola in Old Dhaka. It was originally a Christian shrine built in 1781. Since Dhaka was once the heart of trade, Armenians came to this country …

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Trip to Bhawal Raj Shoshan-Gazipur

Bhawal Raj Shoshan(Bhawal Crematorium) There are six consecutive huge monasteries. The terracotta plaques of monasteries are exquisitely designed. The more I saw, the more I was impressed. I had visited many old houses but rarely seen such fascinating carvings. I was talking about Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari of Gazipur. Local people called it Bhawal Raj-Shoshan. It …

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Boliadi Zamindar House,Gazipur-Travel Guide

Boliadi Zamindar House,Gazipur Boliadi Zamindar House is an ancient old house in Kaliakair Upazila of Gazipur district. This Boliadi estate was established in 1612. At that time the whole Kaliakair was under this estate. The heirs of this zamindar are popularly known as the “Boliadi Siddiqui family”. Chowdhury Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui is the 37th descendant …

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Old Jamindar Houses of Nawabganj,Dhaka

Old Jamindar Houses of Nawabganj-Travel Guide It is said that Nawabganj was the city of Nawabs. Once upon a time, this Nawabganj was bustling with Zamindar and Nawabs. Being centered on the Ichamati River, this district easily caught the attention of the landlords. Rice, pulses, oil, spices, etc. were sent abroad by ship. Kolakopa, Nobabganj …

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Andharkota-The mysterious temple-nawabganj

Andharkota-The mysterious temple-Nawabganj Andharkota or the palace or Temple of Khelaramdata. The location of this temple is in the Kolakopa Union of Nawabganj near Dhaka. Andharkota is the most mysterious archaeological site in Kolakopa. The founder of this temple was Khelaram. He was a leader of a robbery group. It is said that he built …

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