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The history of Bhawal Rajbari in Gazipur is not unknown to anyone. The story of the alleged death of Raja Ramendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury and his return after 12 years is still famous. The case of the Bhawal king known as the “Sannyasi case” at that time, created a whip in the whole of India. The case, which lasted for 16 years, ended in 1946, and the king won the case. The entire Bhawal kingdom is celebrating the king’s arrival. 2 days after the case’s conclusion, this king mysteriously died of a heart attack while practicing Kali Puja (Hindu rituals), 2 days after closing the case. His first alleged death, return, and last mysterious death still make people wonder! Many stories, novels, movies, and dramas have been written about Bhawal Estate and Mejokumar’s life. Indian director Srijit Mukhopadhyay made the movie “Ek Je Chilo Raja” based on this story.

The present situation of Bhawal Rajbari-

The Bhawal Raja’s architectural masterpiece is currently being used as the Gazipur District Commissioner’s office. It has 365 rooms. Different parts of Rajbari are being used as other government buildings. There is a huge crowd inside every day. Apart from the main building of the office, you can enter the rest. Every building in the palace has been freshly painted. The condition of some places inside the house is very fragile. Once this entire area was under Bhawal Estate. The various architectures of the kings are scattered in the Joydebpur area.

What to see in Bhawal Rajbari-

1) District Administrator’s office (main building) and some other buildings

2) Nat temple

3) Sri Sri Madhav Mandir founded by Bhawal Raj

4) Rajbari Lake

How to go to Bhawal Rajbari-

Route 1- Bhawal Rajbari is located in the Shibbari area of Joydebpur upazila of Gazipur district. Some bus services from Dhaka like Anabil, Anabil Super, Balaka, Basumati, Gazipur Paribahan, etc. go to the Gazipur intersection. Anabil Bus departs from Signboard, Balaka Bus departs from Syedabad, Gazipur Paribahan departs from Gulistan and Basumati departs from Mirpur. The fare from the Dhaka signboard is around 100 taka. You will see “Taqwa bus service” on your right side from Gazipur Chowrasta. This bus will drop you right in front of Bhawal Rajbari. The fare is 15 Tk per person.

Route 2- There is a lot of train ply Gazipur. you have to take any train that stops at Joydevpur Junction. Dhumketu/Silk City, Padma, Tangail Commuter, Sirajganj Express Mohanganj, Bhawal, and Mahua all these trains go to Joydebpur station in Gazipur. The standing ticket is Tk 45. It takes 10-15 minutes to walk from Joydevpur station to Bhawal Rajbari, you can also take a rickshaw or auto. Book Train Ticket Online

Where to eat?

There is a restaurant inside the Rajbari. You will get Bengali dishes there. Otherwise, Come out from Bhawal Rajbari and walk directly along the road, you will find numerous good quality restaurants and food hotels. You can have lunch at any restaurant according to your choice

Where to Stay in Gazipur-

You can visit Bhawal Rajbari and its surroundings in one day, but if you want to spend the night, you can book various resorts in Gazipur. Nakshatrabari Resort, Arshinagar Resort, Jungle Mangal Kabbo Resort, Joleshwari Resort, and many more.

Places around Bhawal Rajbari-

1) Bhawal Shamshanswari– It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach here from Rajbari. The auto or rickshaw cost is 30 tk.

2) Shibbari Kali Mandir- Its location is at Shibbari Mor. Visit this temple before going to Rajbari.

3) Gazipur Shahid Minar- Gazipur Central Shahid Minar is opposite to Bhawal Rajbari.

4) Hankata Bridge and Marta Bridge- You can directly go to Hankata Bridge by hiring CNG/Auto from Shibbari /Rail gate/Rajbari. But Hankata and Marta are two different places.

5) Kashimpur Zamindar house- The zamindar of Kashimpur had a close relationship with Bhawal Rajbari. This Zamindar house is located in Kashimpur. If you have time, you can also visit here. It’s a little far from Joydebpur.

6) Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)

7)Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BIRRI)

8) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

Cautions and Tips during Travelling Bhawal Rajbari-

1) Bhawal Rajbari is currently a government office where official activities are conducted, so there are a lot of crowds always. Visit public holidays or Friday-Saturday to avoid crowds.

2) Do not forget to visit Bhawal Raj Crematorium, Kashimpur Zamindar House, and nearby temples of  Rajbari.

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