Sreefaltali Zamindar House

Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari is the biggest and oldest Zamindar house in Kaliakair Upazila. This Zamindar house is divided into two parts. One part is the big side, and the other is the small side. Rahim Newaz Khan Chowdhury is the founder of Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari. His ruling area was up to Mymensingh, Narsingdi, and Saturia. Dr. Mohammad Abul Bashar wrote a book based on this house which name is “History of Sreefaltali”.

The current ownership of the house is divided into 2 parts. As the house is divided between two brothers, a wall has been made between the house, which made me sad. Some parts of the big side and the small side are on one side, the rest is on the other side. Currently, there are two separate doors to enter the house. The owner of this house hired people to look after the house. Its other name is Sreefaltali Estate.

Location of Sreeflatali Zamindar House-

Its location is in the Sreefaltali area of Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur district.

How to go to Sreefaltali Zamindar’s house-

Route 1- From the Dhaka Signboard bus stand- the “Maumita and Thikana” bus goes directly to Chandra. The fare is 70-80 taka. From Chandra, you will get “Kaliakair Paribahan bus”, get down at the Kaliakair bus stand and take a rickshaw to Sreefaltali Zamindar’s house. Bus fare is 40 taka and rickshaw fare is 30-40 taka.

Route 2- Anabil from Dhaka Signboad, Gazipur Paribahan from Gulistan, Balaka from Syedabad, and Basumoti from Mirpur go to Gazipur Chowrasta regularly. From the Gazipur Chowrasta, you will find the “Kaliakair Paribahan Bus” on Dhaka-Tangail Road then get down at Kaliakair Bazar/Bus Stand. After that, you can take a rickshaw and go directly to the landlord’s house.

Some instructions for visiting Sreefaltali Zamindar House-

Sreefaltali is a small and tidy village. It was my solo tour. I left early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. I got down at the Kaliakair bus stand and took a rickshaw. I was impressed by the beauty of the village. The road was so neat and smooth. Although it is a village area, the place is quite developed and clean. I reached the landlord’s house to enjoy the pitch road, the trees on both sides, and the small ponds around.

When I got down, I saw that the landlord’s house was completely locked and surrounded by a tin fence. After seeing the local people in a few tea shops, I go there. They said that if anyone is inside the house, they will open it. However, a caretaker currently looks after the house. I requested him to open the door but he refused. Later he agreed to the request of the local people and later told me that the current owner has prohibited from entering the house. When I entered the house, I saw that the house was divided into two parts by a vast wall. I found out that the house was divided between two brothers. It was very sad to see such a condition in this beautiful palace. I don’t know how many parts this house will be divided in the future.

Half of the main Zamindar house and the small house are on one side. One side of the small corridor is broken. I climbed the stairs and saw that the upper rooms were locked. The damaged parts of the Zamindar house have been repaired. The officer in charge said many people do anti-social activities here in the name of visiting, throwing garbage, spread wrong information on various social sites. As a result, the owner of the house has banned entry into the house. Nothing is surprising. Most of the Zamindar houses in Bangladesh are being destroyed day by day. And the more surprising matter is that our youth is responsible for this destruction. After looking around for some time, I left there.

Sreefaltali Zamindar House
Small Part

Places to visit around Sreefaltali Zamindar House-

a) Sreefaltali Jamindar Pond- This pond is in front of Apple’s house. The owner of Sreefaltal made this. It is so beautiful place.

b) Apple House or Shah Jahan House

c) Boliadi zamindar house

Precautions and Tips for Visiting Sreefaltali Zamindar House-

1) Entry to the house is currently prohibited. But if there is someone in charge, you can request him/her.

2) Photo, video, or shooting is completely prohibited. You need to take permission from the owner.

3) People are currently living in the house so don’t harass them.

4) Sreefaltali is a village and the people of the village are quite naive. Do not misbehave with them.

5) Next to it are Shah Jahan’s house and Boliadi Zamindar’s house. Don’t forget to visit.

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