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Bangladesh has six seasons and the monsoon comes after the summer. There is usually a lot of rainfall from June to September. After hot weather, rainfall brings peace. Nature becomes green with the touch of rain. Who does not love to lose themselves in this green nature? Monsoon is my favorite season. Because at this time, the rivers and canals are fulfilled with water, and the springs/waterfalls return to a new rhythm. Although not all places are suitable for travel during monsoons, several places are reborn again in monsoons. Today I will share the best places in Bangladesh that you should visit during the monsoon-

What to see in Bangladesh during monsoon-

1) All Waterfalls in Sitakunda-Mirsharai range-

I always say that Sitakunda is the queen of the trail. You can find a lot of trekking trails here. It is not available anywhere else in Bangladesh without Sitakunda. The location of these trails is also very close. So it is easy to go from one fountain to another. If you want to go in the on-season, then go June-July. Although you will get water in these springs till September. There are many springs in the Sitakunda Mirsarai range. For example-

1)Khoiyachora trail

2) Napittchora Trail

3) Komoldoho Trail

4) Jhorjhori trail

5) Boalia Trail

6) Sonaichori Trail

7) Sohosrodhara and Suptadhara trail

8) Sohosrodhara-2 trail

9) Horinmara and Hatuvhanga trail

10) Barabkunda Trail

11)Bilashi Trail

Ways to go Sitakunda –

Ena or Hanif go to Sitakunda from Sayedabad or Kalabagan in Dhaka. You can directly get down at Sitakunda in Chittagong. Fare – Tk 550 (per person).

Those who want to go by train can travel by the Chittagong Intercity Mahanagar / Turna Express / Mail train from Kamalapur, Dhaka The ticket price is from 350-1200 taka. The mail train fare is 110 taka. Please note that only the mail train reaches Sitakunda station directly. Book train tickets online

You can check the details of the Sitakunda Waterfalls tour.

2) Sylhet tour-

Sylhet will be a great place to visit in the monsoon. Several places in Sylhet get crowded during the rainy season. Some notable places are-

Ratargul – Except during the rainy season, Ratargul is just a piece of field. It’s true beauty you can feel when you explore it by boat. The whole forest seems to be floating on water. The roots of the giant trees are under water and the branches are above water. You will not find this scene anywhere else except in Ratargul and the Sundarbans area of Bangladesh.

 Bichanakandi- If you want to go to Bichnakandi in the monsoon, you have to hire a trawler. It takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours to reach the Bichanakandi. The mountains and waterfalls of India will mesmerize you along the way. Bichanakandi is originally a lake that comes from an Indian waterfall.

Jaflong, Panthumai Waterfall, and Sangrampunji Waterfall – Jaflong, Panthumai Waterfall, and Sangrampunji Waterfall adjusted with each other. There is no water in the springs during the dry season and you have to walk a lot to reach Sangrampunji Spring. In the rainy season, you can visit the entire Jaflong by boat up to Sangrampunji Jharna. Panthumai Jharna is situated on the border of India so you have to enjoy its beauty from a distance.

Sadapathor, Volaganj This place is almost similar to Bichanakandi. This lake is also formed from a spring in India. A lot of stones enter Bangladesh with spring water.

How to go Sylhet-

By bus – There are so many buses from Dhaka to Sylhet. You can buy a ticket from any Hanif,shaymoli, Ena, or Al-Mobaraka bus counter and leave for Sylhet. Dhaka- Sylhet bus fare- 700 Tk (Non AC), and AC 900-1200 Tk. All buses will drop you at the Kodomtoli area of Sylhet.

By train –   Jayantika, Kalni, Parabat, etc trains run regularly from Kamalapur in Dhaka to Sylhet station. Seat fare is Tk 265 to Tk 800 per person. If you want to go by train, you must book train tickets in advance. Must buy tickets 4-5 days in advance. Book Ticket Online easily

By Air – If you want to come to Sylhet by air, you can take any airline to Sylhet from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjala International Airport. You will be dropped off at Sylhet Osmani Airport. The rent will be around Tk 3000 – Tk 10000.

3) Floating guava market, Barisal-

One of the most famous places in Barisal is the floating guava market in Bhimruli. This market exists only during the full monsoon season. Try to reach by 11 am. After 11 o’clock the market starts to close slowly. If you want, you can explore the surroundings by boat.

How to go –

There are two ways to go by launch and by bus. From Sadarghat Launch Terminal go to Barisal Launch Terminal by Launch. From there take an auto and come to the Chowrasta and then come to Swarupkathi Ghat and hire a trawler. Or you can also hire a boat from Kuriana Bazar. In that case, the cost will be less.

If you want to go by bus, you have to catch a bus going to Barisal or Swarupkathi from Gabtali or Saidabad. From there you can go the same way. Bus fare is 600-1200 taka per person.

4) Tangua Haor, Sunamganj-

Tangua Haor is currently the most popular place to visit during the monsoons. Its location is in the Tahirpur area of Sunamganj district. The moment of spending a night among Tangua Haor on a moonlit night is the best memory of me.

Ways to go Tangua Haor-

From Syedabad bus station Shyamoli, Hanif, Ena, and Al Mubarraqa buses go to Sunamganj. You can collect Sunamganj bus tickets from any bus counter in Shyamli, Hanif, and Ena. Ticket price – 600-900 Tk. Al Mubaraka bus ticket price -600 taka. You have to get down at Sunamganj and take an auto-rickshaw to Saheb Bari Ghat. Auto cost is Tk 20-30. From this ghat, you can hire a Boat. The boat fare is Tk 2000-2500, you can easily get a boat for 10-12 people. Details of Tangua Haor Trip

5) Nikli Haor, Kishoreganj-

Almost every tourist heard the name Nikli Haor of Austagram in Kishoreganj. It is a very popular tourist spot now. A steep road runs through the Haor. However, it sinks during the monsoons. This road is famous for bike and cycle lovers.

How to go –

From Sayedabad/Uttara in Dhaka, the Ananya Super Service, Jatayat, Jalsirii, etc. buses regularly go to Kishoreganj. Get off at Katiyadi in Kishoreganj. Then reserved a CNG from Katiyadi to Nikli. Fare per person- 300-350 Tk. And another way is by train. The Provati Express leaves Dhaka station at 7 am. You have to get down at Gachihata station. From there, hire a CNG and leave for Nikli Haor.

6) Dohar Tour – 

Dohar is a good option for a day tour as it is located very close to Dhaka. At present, the Moinot Ghat in Dohar has gained a lot of popularity. Also, Barrah Ghat and Sonabaju Beribadh are slowly coming to the attention of the wanderlust. Dohar is mainly surrounded by the Padma River, so it is best to visit Dohar during monsoons. I think these 3 places you must visit in the rainy season-

How to go –

Direct buses are available from Dhaka’s Gulistan to Dohar’s Moinot Ghat. The fare is Tk 90 per person. You can go to Barha Ghat and Sonabaju embankment from Moinot Ghat by auto. Fare is Tk 30 per person.

7) Marta Bridge, Hankata Bridge, Gazipur –

Although Marta Bridge and Hankata Bridge are not so much popular but Local people visit there often. A boat ride in the afternoon on a monsoon is not bad at all. The place is very quiet but many people come to visit Marta and Hankata in the afternoon. The river and the local houses look amazing from the bridge. For the convenience of tourists, a few restaurants were built nearby.

How to go –

Anabil bus from Signboard, Gazipur Paribahan from Gulistan, and Balaka bus from Sayedabad go to Gazipur Chaurasta. From Chaurasta Takwa Bus go to Gazipur Railgate and from Railgate you can take an Auto to Hankata or Marta Bridge.

8) Humhum Waterfall, Moulvibazar-

Humhum is a very famous fountain in Moulvibazar, Sylhet. It is Located in Kamalganj, Moulvibazar district of Sylhet. This waterfall turns into a wild form during the monsoons. This is a good option for those who like trekking tours.

How to go –

Even though Hamham is Moulvibazar, traveling through Srimangal is easy. Hanif, Ena bus travels from Syedabad, Fakirapool, Kalabagan in Dhaka to Srimangal, fare 580 Taka per person. Besides, Jayantika, Kalni, Parabat, etc. trains go from Dhaka to Srimangal. Rent- 260 Taka (S chair). You have to come to Kolaban para by CNG from Srimangal. CNG cost will be 1000-1200 taka (reserve). From there, you have to hire a guide to start trekking.

9) Bandarban Tour-

Bandarban is also a place of Waterfalls, hills, and khums. Khum means the water of the spring accumulates and creates a deep ditch. Khum tour is the best option for those who like adventure, and trekking in winter. All Khums is located in Bandarban. But in this Khum trek, you require a lot of energy and prior trekking experience. Once upon a time, it was risky to travel in Khums during the rainy season but now you can go anytime.

  • Debotakhum
  • Amiyakhum
  • Nafakhum
  • Velakhum
  • Satbhai Khum

How to go – First go from Dhaka to Bandarban. Then Thanchi by Chander from Bandarban. You have to go to these khums by trekking from Thanchi.

***Those who come to travel from outside the country – If you want to travel by train, first you have to go to Dhaka Kamalapur Railway station from Dhaka International Airport, and if you want to travel by bus, you will go to Syedabad, Fakirapool, Kalabagan, Shyamoli bus stand. You can book a cab or CNG to reach the bus stand/station

Cautions and Tips-

-Those who have an interest in spring and khums during monsoon must use trekking shoes or anklets. Be sure to take a guide with you. If you don’t know swimming, don’t get down to Khum. If you don’t have trekking tour experience it is better not to go.

-If you go to Haor, check the price before hiring the boat. If you don’t know how to swim, don’t jump into the water. Wear a life jacket if necessary.

-Monsoon season means rain so carry a raincoat and extra clothes. Don’t forget to take the necessary medicines for a cold, headache, and fever.

-If you want to give a budget-friendly tour, you should manage a group. Sharing reduces the cost.

-If you want to travel by train, book the ticket in advance.

Thank you. Have a nice trip.

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