One Day Trip in Madhabpur Lake- Sreemangal

Madhabpur Lake is an artificial reservoir belonging to the Madhabpur Tea Estate. It is located in the Madhabpur Union of Kamalganj Upazila of Maulvibazar District of Sylhet. The distance from Dhaka to Madhabpur Lake is 560 km. The 50-acre lake is one of the tourist attractions of Sreemangal. It is located at a place called Patrokhola in section 11 of the Madhabpur tea garden. The distance from Sreemangal to the lake is 10 km.

The most essential thing for tea cultivation is abundant rainfall. Tea plantations usually require a lot of water for growing tea. In that case, the hilly areas are excellent for tea cultivation. However, because of the sloping land of hilly areas, the rainwater does not stay on the land for long. To solve this problem, tea state owners create small lakes or reservoirs inside the tea garden. These lakes are known as “dumps” in the local language. Later, in 1965, the Madhabpur tea garden authorities created this Lake by damming the three mounds located inside the garden.

Tea is cultivated in the high hills around the lake. A road has been created on one side of the lake to go up. If you want, you can visit the entire tea garden on foot. The lake looks more beautiful from the top of the hill. Guest birds gather here in winter.

How to go to Madhabpur Lake-

Although Madhabpur Lake is Moulvibazar, it is easy to travel through Sreemangal. In that case, you can go to Sreemangal by bus and train.

By Bus – Ena, Hanif buses leave for Sreemangal from Kalabagan, Syedabad, Chittagong Road, and various bus terminals in Dhaka. Fare per person – 580 Tk. It takes 4-5 hours to reach there. You can directly get down at the Srimangal bus stand and hire a CNG or Tourist car/Jeep fixed. Or many CNG/Jeep available in front of Pansi restaurant too.

By Train – Jayantika/Upaban Express, Kalni, and Parabat Express trains move regularly from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station to Sreemangal. Except for the Upban/Jayantika trains, the rest come and go during the day. From Sreemangal railway station, you can go to the Lake by hiring CNG or auto. Book Train Ticket Online

From Chittagong, Udayan/Paharika trains go hither and thither to Sreemangal station directly.

Where to spend at night?

Sreemangal is a town of resorts and cottages. From luxury to low budget, you will find all types of cottages. If you want to stay in the preferred resort, you must book in advance. Also, check out low-budget hotels in Sreemangal.

Food Hotels in Madhabpur Lake-

There are no food hotels around Madhabpur Lake so you have to go to Sreemangal town. There are many hotels around the Sreemangal bus stand or station Pach Vai Hotel, Pansi Hotel, etc. But I really like the food and environment of the Pansi Hotel. However, outside the Lake, hilly pineapples, various fruits, and juices are available. There are also some Burmese markets nearby.

Best time to visit Madhabpur Lake-

Madhabpur Lake is open to tourists throughout the year. So you can visit anytime. The water level increases during monsoon. Lily, Lotus, and so many flowers of various colors bloom in the lake. A lot of guest birds come here in winter. The lake is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Madhabpur Lake Entrance Ticket Price-

The entry fee is not fixed.

There is Plenty of space for parking and parking fees are included for that. A special discount is given to students. Our CNG parking fee and entry fee for 4 people was 20 Tk in total.

Places to visit around Madhabpur Lake-

Along with visiting the Madhabpur Lake, you can visit several places of interest around Sreemangal such as

Madhabpur Lake Travel Precautions and Tips-

  1.  Students must carry a student ID card.
  2. Try to visit other places around Madhabpur Lake.
  3. The night train will drop you at Sreemangal station at midnight. If you don’t want to spend the night at the station, you can book a hotel in advance. In that case, you can choose low-budget residential hotels such as Hotel Neelima, Hotel Sabuj Bangla, Hotel United, and Hotel Marina.
  4. You can visit all the spots together by hiring Tourist car/Jeep/Mahendra for the whole day. In that case, the CNG fare will be Tk 1200-1500. Tourist car feel is Tk 1800-2000. 4 people can go in CNG and 8-10 people in Jeep/Tourist car.

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