Skincare Tips while Traveling

It is very important to take care of our body and skin on a daily basis. Just as regular sleep and food help to keep our skin healthy, regular skincare slows down our aging process. But for those of us who love to travel, it becomes difficult to follow this skincare routine. When you travel from one place to another, the environment also changes. This change affects our bodies or skin. Even if we keep all the essential things in our backpacks, we skip our skin care products. Besides, carrying every product like face wash, serum, essence, sunscreen, micellar water, eye cream, and lip balm is a big hassle. Today I will share with you how I maintain my own skincare routine for travel by freeing myself from this hassle. And also give you some tips and tricks, so stay tuned.

Follow a Basic Skincare Routine –

I always follow a basic skincare routine while traveling. Facewash-moisturizer-sunscreen– It is basically the foundation of our skincare. These three steps should never be missed even if any other step is missed.

Sunscreen must be a daily companion –

One of the biggest skincare mistakes we make is avoiding sunscreen. It is important to use sunscreen even when we are at home. But we forget about it even when we go out. Our skin is exposed to the sun for a long time during traveling. That’s why the possibility of sunburn is enhanced. The harmful rays of the sun also play an effective role in increasing our aging process. So it is very important to use sunscreen on the face and external parts of the body.

Note: Sunscreen should be reapplied every 1.5 to 2 hours.

Don’t Skip Moisturizer-

The weather easily dries out our skin when we are out of the home. And there is no alternative without moisturizer to prevent this dryness. Moisturizer should be used whenever the skin feels dry.

Using facial wipes instead of micellar water –

If you use sunscreen during the day, you must cleanse before going to bed at night. For people with oily, acne-prone skin, double cleansing is a must. But carrying micellar water while traveling is a hassle. So you can use facial wipes instead of micellar water. It is easy to carry as well as easy to use. Do not forget to double-clean your face before washing your face with face wash.

Clean your face before going to bed at night – 

Make-up or sunscreen creates a layer on our skin. As a result, our pores become blocked and no skin care products can penetrate deep into our skin. Therefore, before going to sleep, you must clean the makeup or sunscreen and then sleep.

Abstaining from alcohol or smoking –

our body or skin becomes out of balance when we change places. In this case, alcohol or smoking dehydrates our skin more. So alcohol and smoking should be avoided at least during the travel days.

Keep yourself hydrated –

It is important to keep yourself hydrated not only externally but also internally. The easiest and most effective way to stay hydrated is to drink water. Drinking water regularly keeps our body hydrated from the inside. Water also helps our body retain moisture. When your body needs water from the inside, it also affects the skin. So it is important to keep the skin hydrated from the inside along with moisturizing from the outside.

Don’t touch your face with a bare hand- 

The part of our body where the most germs stick in our hands. With hands, we touch different things. Again with these hands, we touch our skin. This practice should be avoided during travel. Otherwise, germs from hands will enter our skin and as a result, acne and pimples will appear.

Don’t pick your pimple- 

Don’t pick your pimple with your hands. This is another bad habit. When you pop your pimple or acne, the germs naturally spread to other areas of the skin, and the tendency to acne increases.

Skip makeup – 

Stop using makeup during travel. Usually, we are very tired after walking around all day when we go on tour. Many times we sleep without cleaning our makeup. As a result, skin problems occur. So it is better to skip make-up. Besides, carrying make-up products on tour is a hassle as well as removing make-up is also a hassle.

Take care of your lips & eyes area- 

When we say skin, then we only mean face, but taking care of our lips while traveling is as important as our faces. Our lips get dry soon with the changing of the humidity of the air. Therefore, Vaseline or lip balm should be used regularly. And yes, don’t forget to use a lip balm with SPF during the daytime.

Use Vaseline as an eye cream-

The last and very important tip is the use of eye cream. We neglect the area around our eyes the most. But the area around our eyes gets dry very easily. If you notice, you will see that the first sign of age shows in our under eyes. So must use eye cream. But it is not possible to carry so much in travel. So use Vaseline on the eye area before sleeping. Vaseline is the best and cheapest moisturizer. It will keep your eye area hydrated and you don’t have to worry about carrying extra eye cream.

Carry a skincare travel kit –

A skincare kit is a small bag where you can keep your skincare products. This kit has small containers in which you can keep your favorite face wash, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, etc. As this travel kit is easy to carry, there is no problem finding it in the backpack. You can get travel kits very easily in the market.

These were my travel skincare tips. Definitely try to follow. Stay well, stay healthy.

Happy traveling.Thank you.

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