Nobo Shalbon Bihar

Nobo Shalbon Bihar is one of the most beautiful places in Comilla that I have been fortunate to visit. Anyone easily will be attracted by the white and golden color of this temple. Currently, this temple has been newly renovated. Today I will share with you all the information about Nobo Shalbon Bihar. You will also know how to go, where to stay and eat, and where to go in the surrounding area. (Top places in Comilla district you should visit)

This Buddhist temple has been built on about two and a half acres of hilly land in the Kotbari area of Comilla. As soon as we entered, we saw many children requesting us to take off our shoes. You have to take off your shoes to explore the entire temple and also have to pay 10 Tk for your shoes and they will give you a token. Keep the token to yourself. This token is required to get the shoes back. There is a huge dome above where the real Buddha is kept. This dome can be seen from far away. The entire building is painted white. The temple idols, deities, Nagaraj (Dragons), and dome are a golden color and the doors are mixed with gold and red color. Statues of Nagaraj  (Dragons) are installed on both sides of the stairs. As we climbed the stairs, we saw a huge Buddha statue. There are four staircases to go up around the building. Going up the stairs, the real Buddha temple came into view. Buddhists usually worship here. This Buddha statue was sent as a gift from Thailand to Bangladesh. Its weight is 6 tons and its height is 30 feet. This temple is considered one of the Buddhist temples in Asia.

The main temple occupies almost a large area. There is a huge Buddha statue in the middle and many smaller Buddhas around it. These small Buddhas are made of green colored marble stones. Many lotus flowers were placed around the statue. Generally, tourists are not allowed to enter inside. There is another small temple on the opposite side of the main temple. It is also not allowed for the public to enter. There is another building next to it. Local people worship there.

How to go Nobo Shalbon Bihar-

As Noboa Shalbon Bihar is located in Comilla, you must come to Comilla first. There are 2 ways to reach Comilla from Dhaka.

1) By bus

2) On the train

Tisha, Tisha Plus, Monami, and Asia Line buses ply from Dhaka to Syedabad Bus Terminal or Tikatuli Bus Stand to Comilla. Non-AC bus ticket price is Tk 250 per person. AC ticket price is 300-350 taka per person. It takes about 2-2:30 hours to reach Comilla by bus. Get off the bus and reach Kandirpar in Comilla. CNG from Kandirpar goes to Nobo Shalbon Bihar. The fare is Tk 50-60 per person. You can also rent a CNG from anywhere in Comilla. If you reserve CNG, you will get between 150-200 Tk. 5 people can go to CNG.

Besides, you can get off at the Kotbari bus stand in Comilla and pay 20 taka CNG fare for Nobo Shalbon Bihar

You can go to Comilla from Dhaka by train. From Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station, Mahanagar, Turna, Chatala, and Upokul Express go from Dhaka to Comilla. Shovon Chair fare- from 170 Tk to AC berth- 700 taka per person. You will get many CNG/auto at the Station outside gate to go to Nobo Shalbon Bihar. Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and fare details

Book train tickets online from here.

Where to stay in Nobo Shalbon Bihar-

You can stay overnight in any hotel in Comilla on a low budget. There are many hotels in Comilla’s Shashongacha, Mainamati, Race Course, and Kandirpar. However, before taking the hotel, check whether the environment is standard or not.

Nobo Shalbon Bihar Entry Fee-

The ticket counter is located next to the main entrance gate to Bihar.

Ticket price per person – 20 taka

If you want to enter with a DSLR and camera, the fee is Tk. 50.

And if you want to take the video camera with you, you have to pay a ticket fee of 100 takas.

****It is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Don’t forget to eat Rasmalai of Comilla from Matrivandar Ras malai (Dessert). The taste is amazing.

Shop Name- Matrivandar Rasmalai

Address- Manoharpur, Kandirpar, Comilla. Comilla’s most delicious ras malai (dessert) is made here. There is a huge crowd of people here every day.

Instructions and tips-

1) Take off your shoes and then enter

2) There are golden dragons or Vasuki on both sides of the stairs of the Buddhist temple. Buddhists worship this serpent deity. So don’t touch Nagaraj or Vasuki ( Dragons)  with your hands.

3) The inside of the Buddhist temple is very clean so Please do not litter

4) As it is a religious place for Buddhists, no rude comments or obscene behavior is allowed.

Thank You.

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