Kuakata Sea Beach-Travel Guide in 2023

Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata sea beach is the only place in Bangladesh where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset both. Its location is in the Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. Kuakata is also known as “Sagarkanya”. Kuakata Beach is 18 km and the distance from Dhaka to Kuakata is about 300 km.

How to go to Kuakata?

There are two ways to go to Kuakata.

By river and by road

If you want to go to by launch, you must first go to Sadarghat in Dhaka. Amtoli launch is available directly from Sadarghat. You can also go by Barisal or Patuakhali launch. Launch deck fare is Tk 200-300. Single Cabin 900-1200 (AC/Non AC) Double Cabin- 1200-2000 Tk. There are also business classes, family cabins, and VIP cabins. You will get Autos from the front of the Amtali launch terminal, and then go to the Kuakata bus stand, the fare is 15-20 taka. The bus fare from the bus stand to Kuakata is 100-150 taka. You will reach the Kuakata market in about 1 hour. You can come to the sea by walking or by auto or van from the market. Also, when you arrive in Barisal, get off the launch and take an auto to the Rupatali bus stand. Auto rent 10-15 taka. From here the bus leaves for Kuakata. The fare is Tk 220-240 per person. You can also travel by BRTC bus, in that case, you have to come to the Nathullabad bus stand and catch the bus. You can book a launch ticket from here.

Now let me tell you how to go by bus – You will get the Kuakata bus directly from Kollanpur/Sayedabad/Gabtoli in Dhaka. The fare will be non-AC 700-900 and AC 1200-1400 Taka.  It will take 6-7 hours to reach Kuakata. Sakura, Green Line, and many more buses now go to Kuakata. After Padma Bridge, the bus journey to Kuakata has become easy, comfortable, and less time-consuming.

Kuyakata Hotels and Resturants-

Kuakata has many hotels and motels like Cox’s Bazar. On reaching Kuakata you can choose any of the hotels within your budget. The fare of the hotels depends on their quality and environment. Hotel rent is very low without the beach view. Definitely check and choose the best one for you. There is no shortage of restaurants to eat at. You can choose any food hotel according to your favorite item. Must try seafood.

What will I see in Kuakata?

In November last year, we went to Kuakata. We were 12 people. We went to the launch because Padma Bridge was not built then and the launch trip was very relaxing. By 5 pm we all came to Sadarghat and boarded the launch. The deck fare was 110 Tk per person. The launch was new so they kept the fare low. Our destination was Amtali. Our launch took off after the evening. We took a cabin to keep the bags, and luggage safe. The launch journey at night is very gorgeous. Everyone was enjoying singing and poetry. Most people have dinner inside the launch. We boarded the launch with food from outside to reduce costs. The small shops at the launch are open all night. You can have tea, coffee, and drinks at night. After the chat, we went to the roof. The beauty of the river from the roof cannot be expressed in words. But as it was very cold on the roof, we came down again. The flow of the river and the red light of the morning sun gave a heavenly feeling. Seeing the beauty of the river, the launch came to Amtali Ghat. It was 5:30 in the morning. After showing the ticket, we came out of the launch terminal and fixed the auto. We went to the bus stand by the auto. Our bus left for Kuakata around 7 am. We had breakfast in the middle. Around 8:30 AM we reached Kuakata market and started looking for the hotel. It took about 10 o’clock to find the hotel in Kuyakata. After taking some rest we went directly to the beach. One thing to say is that Kuakata’s main beach doesn’t have as many waves as Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin’s! You may see waves during monsoons but the sea is completely calm during winters. We spent about 2 hours at the beach and went back to the resort. By then we were very hungry. We quickly freshened up and sat down to eat at a hotel a little far from the resort. The quality of the food in Kuakata is not very good. Checked a few hotels, fixed the items, bargained, and then eat. The food cost is like 120/150 Tk per person. After eating we hired an auto to explore the beach. The real beauty of Kuakata is scattered around it. Auto fare 400-500. 6 people can go in one auto. The details of the places we visited are given below-

Shutki palli – Shutki Palli means the market of Shutki (dried fish). Different types of sea fish are dried on wooden poles. The place was very small but there was a lot of sun heat. We could not stay long and got into the auto and moved forward.

Jhaubon– After Shutki palli you will find a Jhowban. On one side is the sea and on the other is the forest. We walked along the sand road to Jhaubon. This place was cold cause of the tree shade, we sat and chatted for a long time. We also saw red crabs here.

Lebu(Lemon) Pasture– According to the name of a Rakhine boy, this pasture is called Lebu pasture or Lembu pasture. The water of Lebu pasture increases in the tide and the water decreases in the low tide. You can eat fish fry here. The next place after this pasture is Jhaubon but we went to the Jhinuk (oyster) beach without stopping there. Because we wanted to see the sunset here at Lebu pasture.

Oyster(Jhinuk) Beach – This place felt like my dream. The white oysters were coming ashore with the waves. We were all busy picking oysters. Although the oysters were less because of the tide. It may be more visible in low tide. You will not find this scene on any beach in Bangladesh.

Three Rivers Estuary – Three Rivers Estuary is next to the oyster beach. Local fishermen named it the “Three Rivers Estuary”(Tin Nodir Mohona) because three rivers meet here. These three rivers are the Sonatala River, Shibberia River, and Andharmanik River respectively. The watercolor of the three rivers is also different. If you want to see it closely, you can hire a boat or trawler. There is not much to see after this place. We were mesmerized by the cotton clouds and various colors in the sky. The whole sky was slowly turning red. We realized that there was not much time left for sunset. We came to see the sunset in the Lembur pasture. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. The red glow of the sun spread across the entire lemon grove. The whole sky and the sea have become one in a mixture of red, orange, and yellow colors. The sky, the clouds, and the sun were all reflected in the water of the beach. I have never seen the sunset so close.

It was evening when we came back. After returning to the hotel, rest for a while and go to Kuakata Market. You can be shopping from here. A lot of items are available here. On the way back from shopping, I saw different street food on the roadside. Our plan for dinner was to have a barbecue. Then we had both our barbecue and dinner on the beach. It was a great feeling ever. However, you must need permission from authorities before barbecuing on the beach. And yes, don’t dirt the beach while doing a barbecue and dinner.

We got up early the next morning to see the sunrise. It was around 4 o’clock. We fixed the bike and left to see the rest of the spots. They charged 400 taka per bike. The places we went –

Gangamoti Pasture – You will get the best sunrise view from here. We saw the sunrise and left Gangamoti to see the rest of the places. We went across the river in a boat. The boat rental was Tk 50 (per bike).

Kaoa Pasture – Kaoa Pasture isn’t so far away from Gangamoti pasture.

Red crab pasture – Once upon a time there were a lot of red crabs. Their status is almost extinct due to human oppression. So, if you see red crabs, don’t get too excited to catch them. At least let them live in peace in their place.

Jaubon– This Jaubone is also deadly beautiful. However, due to the rough waves of the sea, this forest is getting fatally damaged day by day.

Rakhine Village – Rakhine people live in the Rakhine Village. You can see their lifestyle very closely. There is a market in Rakhine village. Here they sell their hand-woven cotton items. Its original name was Keranipara.

Misripara Buddhist Temple – There is a statue of the Gautam Buddha. You have to pay 20 Tk to go inside. There is also a freshwater well. Many people drink water from this well during monsoon. Kuakata is the name of the region after this well. After finishing all the spots we returned to Kuakata main beach by bike. There is a Buddhist monastery very close to the beach, you can visit it if you want.

Buddhabihar – The ticket price is 20 Tk. There are 2 idols of Chundri Devi at the entrance. Rakhines consider themselves the protectors of temples. Nine types of different metals are used to make the statue inside the temple. It is also called Gold Temple (Shorno Mondir) due to its golden color. Its height is 6 feet and weight is about 35 maunds. There is also a designed clock. Next to this temple, you will see a ship that is many years old. A small sailing boat. People say It was Sadhu Saudagar’s boat or Chan Saudagar’s boat. The height of this sailing vessel is 10 feet 6 inches, its weight is 90 tons, its length is 72 feet, and its width is 24 feet. It was used to traveling from one country to another. This boat was discovered in Jaubon.

Kuakata Travel Tips –

1) Kuakata tour is not just a beach tour, but the real beauty of the Kuakata tour is spread in its surrounding spots. Definitely rent a bike and see all the places.

2) Before renting a bike you should discuss everything with the bike rider like the cost, how many spots you want to see etc.

3) No need for hotel pre-booking. There are numerous hotels. Take it according to the budget. But if you want a beach view room, you can book it. Because you may not get a beach view room in the on-season.

4) Quality of food in Kuakata is average. Check the food price first and then eat.

5) When barbecuing on the beach, you must first take permission from the administration. But be careful not to dirt the beach.

6) You have to show the ticket while getting off from the launch. So buy the ticket and keep it carefully.

7) Must try seafood.

8) Must enjoy Sunrise and sunset both.

Happy Travelling

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