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Fountains, mountains, white rocks, rivers, and blue sky. I am talking about the place called Sadapathar, Bholaganj in Sylhet, known as Kashmir in Bangladesh. Sadapathar is located in Companiganj of Bholaganj Upazila of Sylhet district. Its distance from Sylhet is about 35 km. My team and I went there a few days ago. Today I will share our travel experience and details with you.

Best time to go to Bholaganj Sadapathar-

Of course, you can go anytime. But July to monsoon is a perfect time. It’s not that you can’t go at other times. When you come from July to September, you won’t get water. The boat does not move during this time. You can see the white stone everywhere.

How to go to Bholaganj Sadapathar-

If you want to come by bus, first you can come to Sylhet from Dhaka to Syedabad/Fakirapool from various bus terminals. Ena, Hanif, and so many buses are available. The bus fare is Non-AC Tk 700, AC Tk 900-1400.

If you want to come by train, Parbat, Upaban, Jayantika, and Kalani Express trains are going to Sylhet. You can travel by any train at your convenience. (Dhaka to Sylhet train details) Book train ticket

Get off the bus or train station and come to Ambarkhana. Then from the place called Ambarkhana in Sylhet city, CNG goes directly to the Tuker Bazar (Tuk market), Companiganj, the fare is 120-150 taka per person. If you reserve full CNG, it will cost 1200-1500. For a large group, Laguna or Micro is the best option. Laguna Reserve fare is around 2000-2500 Tk. Micro reserve around 6000 Tk.

where to eat in Bholaganj-

You can take your breakfast from the station or bus stand. And if you have time, you can take breakfast at Pansi Restaurant or Pach Bhai Restaurant. You can eat lunch at Bholaganj Sada Pathar. There are some food hotels at the boat ghats. You will get the food package within 150-180 Taka.

We went to Sadapathar as a group of about 40 people. Our bus left Gulistan for Sylhet around 9 pm. We had dinner from Gulistan before boarding the bus. After an overnight journey, we entered Sylhet City early in the morning. Since we had a reserved bus, we had breakfast at a food hotel on the way around 7 o’clock. Breakfast was khichuri, bread, fried egg, chicken, and curry. We choose our items. After breakfast, we got back on the bus. Before going to Sadapathar, we intended to visit the tea garden.

There are many tea gardens all over Sylhet. We visited the “Malnichara Tea State”. It is good to say that this is the largest tea garden in Sylhet. After entering the tea garden, we wandered around for a while. After spending some good moments, we left by bus again on the way to Bholaganj. After about an hour, we reached Tuker Bazar in Companiganj. You have to park all types of vehicles here and go to the Sadapathar by boat. Now it’s time to rent a boat. The rent per boat is 800 taka. 8 people can go on each boat. It will take about 15-20 minutes to go. It was a very sunny day. But the boat has a canopy.

We all started looking around in surprise. I could see the reflection of the blue sky and green mountains in the clear blue water. After getting off the boat and walking a short distance, I saw a crowd of tourists. Some of them were taking a bath, some of them were playing with a tube in the water, and some of them were sitting on the rock. We all left the necessary things and went down into the water. The water is deadly cold here. Originally this place was created from a spring in Meghalaya, India. Numerous white stones floated in the stream of water. And this white stone is the main feature of this place. We shower continuously for about two hours. There is a dressing room for changing clothes. Charge 10 Tk. Everyone changed their clothes, got fresh, and returned to the boat. We had lunch at Tuker Bazar in Bholaganj. There are a lot of hotels. We took a food package of 150 Tk. The food quality is medium. Returning to the city from Sadapathar, we went to visit the Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif in the evening. After that, we booked bus tickets and back to Dhaka.

Travel Tips and Precautions-

1) Lots of rocks here. so be careful while walking. You should wear shoes or sleepers. Avoid high heels.

2) If you don’t know how to swim, there is no need to go to the water.

3) The water of the spring mainly flows over the rocks, so there are a lot of streams. A major accident can occur when rocks are hit by streams.

4) A little ahead is the border of India. There is a BGB camp. Don’t cross the border.

5) Don’t try to swim across the river.

6) Leave the bags in a safe place and go into the water.

7) Don’t forget to bargain when hiring a boat.

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