Travel Checklist

We are often confused about what to take or not on a trip. Sometimes we forget to pack the necessary things. For your convenience, here is a Travel checklist of what you can take on a trip:

Travel bag/backpack-

First, the first thing needed when going on a trip is luggage/bag/backpack. If you are a solo traveler, you have to carry all your essentials in a pack. And if you are traveling with family, you will need luggage. The luggage size depends on the family members, how long you will travel, and what to take with you.

1) Luggage Tag – A luggage tag is an essential thing. You should write your name, phone number, and address on the label. This will make it easy to find your luggage even if it is lost.

 2) Luggage Cover –It protects the luggage from outside dust or rain. Many times the rainwater gets into the luggage and the clothes get wet. In this case, don’t forget to keep your luggage or backpack with a cover.

3) Luggage or backpack locker-Lock the bag or luggage after packing. This will keep your belongings safe.

Important travel documents-

Pack your necessary documents in your luggage/bag a few days ago before your trip. Leaving important documents on a trip is a huge hassle. You can also take a photocopy of the main copy. Here is a list of useful documents that you may need for your trip:

1) Passport, Visa

2) National Identity Card/ NID Card

3) Bus, train, boat, air ticket

4) Few copies of photos

5) Student ID card

6) Driving license

7) Doctor’s prescription

8) Vaccine card

9) Photocopies of all required documents.

Card or Currency-

1) Credit card

2) Debit card

3) Dual currency card

4) Cash

5) Wallet

Electronics Devices-

1) Mobile phone

2) Camera

3) Laptop

4) iPad/Tablet

5) Power bank

8) Chargers for all electronic items

9) E-book

10) Memory card

11) Headphones/earplugs



1) Clothes –

In traveling, you should wear comfortable clothes, you can carry tops, jeans, short frocks, and skirts to your travel packing list. If it is winter, take winter clothes.

2) Shoes – Avoid high heels for travel. You can wear sports shoes, any shoes or sneakers. Keep extra shoes and socks in the bag. But avoid shoes in the rain. In that case, you can carry slippers.

3) Ladies’ belt

4) Scarf- You can use the scarf to protect your hair from the sun and dust.

5) Bra, panty/inner

6) Sanitary napkins/pads

7) Nightdress


1)Clothes- shirt, t-shirt, undervest, shorts, jeans, trousers

2) Underwear, shorts, socks

3) Shoes. sleepers


1) Hand wash, sanitizer

2) Soap, shampoo, conditioner

3) Towels

4) Toothbrush, toothpaste,

5) Toilet paper

Emergency medicine-

Be sure to take some essential medicines while packing for travel. Due to weather changes, you can get sick suddenly. So it is better to be careful. 

1)You can take some medicines like  Pain killers, and tablets for fever, cold, gastric, allergies, headache, stomach ache, acidity, vomiting, etc.

2) Salines

3) Eye drops

4) Inhaler

3) First aid box – One-time bandage, savlon, and cotton,  should be in the box. Hospitals are not always available nearby so carrying an aid box is safe.

4)Birth Control Pills, Condoms – Precautions and awareness will make your journey smooth and more beautiful.

Travel Aids-

1) Umbrella

2) Sunglasses

3) Sunblock/Sunscreen – We always avoid sunblock. Yet it is one of our most useful things. It protects our skin from the sun. So always use sunblock with SPF 50.

4) Anklet- Anklet is the best tool for trekking tours. It prevents your leg from injury.

5) Cap/Hat

6) Water bottle

7) Selfie stick


1) Face wash, face cream, body lotion, and lip balm with SPF

2) Comb, small size mirror

3) Hair dryer

4) Hair straightener, hair curler

5) Makeup products.

6) Body spray/deodorant/perfume


1) Glasses/contact lenses

2) Lens solution

3) Eye mask, face mask

4) Travel pillow

5) Map

6) Flashlight

7) Raincoat

8) Multiplug

9) Room/house key

10) Magazines, books

If anything is missing, please comment. Thank you and happy traveling.

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