Best Travel Places in BD in Winter-Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with six seasons. They are Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. For this seasonal variation, Bangladesh is apart from other countries. It also has given diversion of its natural beauty. Along with the climate of Bangladesh in every season, nature also changes its own form. This paradise of natural beauty remains green throughout the year. Bangladesh has so many native and foreign tourists. And they travel almost all year round. Surprisingly, The beauty of various places in Bangladesh changes with the change of seasons. So many people are in confusion about where to go in which season. So I am going to tell you which places are suitable for traveling in Bangladesh in the winter season.

The winter season consists of two Bengali months, Poush and Magha (Bengali months). The winter period in Bangladesh is generally from November to February. You can feel Mild cold from November and lasts till February in some places. January is the coolest month in Bangladesh. The average temperature of Bangladesh in winter is 26 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit). Bengali’s favorite season is winter. Villagers made different types of pitha (cake) this season. Date palm juice is available only in this season.

Best places to visit in Bangladesh in winter-

1) Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach-

Cox’s Bazar is the most popular and well-known tourist spot in Bangladesh and abroad. Its location is in Cox’s Bazar district under the Chittagong division. Many tourists come to this Cox’s Bazar in the winter season because winter is the best season for visiting sea beaches.

How to go – There are so many buses from Syedabad, Fakirapool, Kalabagan, Maniknagar, and Chittagong Road in Dhaka. The fare is Tk 600-900 for non-AC and Tk 900-1400 for AC buses.

The bus will drop you off at Dolphin Junction. You can go to the beach by auto. You can also enjoy Cox’s Bazar by staying hotel.

If you want to go by train, you have to go from Dhaka to Chittagong first. Buses to Cox’s Bazar are available from Chittagong station. The fare is 350-400 Taka. Low-Cost Cox’s Bazar Travel – Complete Guide

2) Saint Martin Island-

This Saint Martin Island has occupied a large area of Teknaf, the southernmost upazila of Bangladesh. This island started to gain popularity through the movie Dwaruchini Dwip by the late Humayun Ahmed. This place’s fame seems to be increasing day by day! Cheradwip and Shahpari Island are very close to Saint Martin, you can visit if you want. Saint Martin travel guide.

How to go to Saint Martin – 

Since St. Martin is an isolated island, it takes a little longer to reach there. From Dhaka, you will first go to Teknaf by bus. The bus fare is Tk 900-1100 per person. Then trawler/speedboat/ship goes to Saint Martin Island from Teknaf Chairman Jetty or Jetty Ghat. Local people come and go to the island in trawlers. Fare- 320 taka (the trawler is not open in all seasons). Speedboat rent is 400-800 taka. The ship cost 3000 takas (round trip).

3) Kuakata –

 Kuakata is called  “Daughter of Sea”. The sunset and sunrise both can be seen simultaneously from this Kuakata in Bangladesh. Kuakata has many places to visit. Don’t forget to explore the entire Kuakata by staying overnight.

How to go – 

You can go to Kuakata by Amtoli, Barisal, or Patuakhali launch. These launches leave from Dhaka’s Sadarghat launch terminal for Kuakata. Launch deck rent 200-300 taka. Single Cabin 900-1200 (AC/Non AC) Double Cabin- 1200-2000 Tk.

If you want to go by bus, you will get the Kuakata bus directly from Dhaka’s Kollanpur/Syedabad/Gabtoli. Non AC 700-900 AC 1200-1400 Tk. How to travel to Kuakata in low cost-guideline

4) Dibir Haor (The lake of DB), Sylhet –

If you want to get lost in the state of water lilies, Dibir Lake is perfect for you. The feeling of seeing thousands of water lilies in the mild sunlight on a winter morning is unforgettable. The area of Dibir Lake is about 900 acres. You can explore the entire area by boat in the lake. The boat cost will be 300-400 Tk. Visit Dibir Lake in November month for the best view.

How to go – 

You can get a bus to go to Sylhet from Gabtali, Shyamoli, Chittagong Road, and Fakirapool in Dhaka. Ena, Hanif, Shyamoli, Saudia etc. Rent 700-1400 Tk. If you want to travel by train, there are Upoban, Jayantika, Parabat, and Kalni Express. After that, you will go to Jaintaipur. So Get off the bus or train and take the bus/CNG/Laguna in order to go to Jaintaipur. If you walk a little distance from the bus stop, you will see Shapla Bill. The India-Bangladesh border is nearby.

5) Sunamganj – 

Sunamganj has Niladri, Jadukata River, Barekka Tila and Shimul Bagan (Red Cotton Garden). As these places are close, you can easily visit all these places in one day without any hassle. Niladri and Jadukata river areas are called the Switzerland of Bangladesh.

How to go –

The very easy way. You can reach Sunamganj by direct bus from Dhaka. Some buses go from Dhaka to Sunamganj including Ena, Hanif, and Al-Mobarka from Sayedabad, Kalabagan, and Chittagong Road in Dhaka. The rent will be Tk 500-550 per person. To go to these places you should hire a Motorbike/CNG/Laguna from the bus stand. Best Places to Visit Sunamganj.

7) Sreemangal- 

Although Sreemangal is a very small town, there is no lack of natural beauty. Srimangal means the state of the tea garden. Some of the famous spots in Sreemangal are Baikkar Bill, Madhavpur Lake, Lawachara National Park, Noor Jahan Tea State Sitesh Babu’s Zoo, Tea Research Center, etc. But winter is the best time to visit Madhavpur Lake and Baikkar Bill. A lot of guest birds are seen during this time. All travel places in Sreemangal

How to go – You can get the Sreemangal bus from Fakirapool, Syedabad in Dhaka. The fare is 580 Tk. Besides, all the Sylhet-boarded trains go via Srimangal from Dhaka’s Kamalapur station. The fare ranges from Tk 260 (S chair) to -1100 (AC Cabin).

9) Keokradong, Bandarban – 

Those who love adventure or trekking, or are thinking of trekking a mountain in winter, can feel free to go to Keokradong. Keokradong is the third-highest mountain in Bangladesh. There is still no exact information about its height. Some say it is more than 1000 feet, some say less than 1000 feet. Keokradong Tour Plan Details

How to go –

 If you want to go to Keokradong, you have to come to Bandarban first. If you want to go by bus, Hanif, Shyamoli Paribahan, Desh Travels, St. Martin Paribahan, etc. buses go from Dhaka to Bandarban. Non-AC rent 650 Tk. And AC bus fare is from Tk 950 to Tk 1400 per person. Know the details of the Dhaka to Bandarban bus service

There are a lot of trains from Dhaka’s Kamalapur like Mahanagar, Suborno, Turna, Sonar Bangla, Godhuli Express, etc. leave for Chittagong. The fare is Tk 345 per person (S chair). AC seat rent- 788 Tk and AC cabin rent- 1180 Tk. You can also go from Dhaka to Chittagong by mail train. The rent will be Tk 110. Then you will go from Chittagong train station to Baddarhat bus station in Chittagong. You will get buses from there for going to Bandarban. The fare is Tk 150-180.

10) Sajek – 

Sajek, the kingdom of clouds. Sajek can be visited all year round. However, most tourists come to Sajek in the on-season to get a view of the cloud above from thousand feet. If you want to see the clouds, you can go at the beginning of winter i.e. in November. November season is the perfect time to get a good view of clouds almost everywhere. Sajek is located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district. Its height is 1800 feet! If you want to lose yourself in the vastness of nature, you can spend a night in Saje!   Check out the tour plan in Sajek-Kingdom of Clouds.

How to go – 

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati, it is easy to reach via Khagrachari. Buses leave for Khagrachari from any bus stop in Dhaka like Kolabagan, Syedabad, Gabtali, and Kalyanpur. Non AC fare- 520 to 750 taka and AC bus fare- 900 to 1600 taka. It will take 7-8 hours to reach Khagrachari. (Buy Dhaka to Khagrachari bus ticket online) You can get down at Shapla Chattor of Khagrachari. Take your breakfast and then reserve CNG, Chander car, jeep, and motorbike should from Shapla chattor.

11) Nilgiri, Nilachal-

Nilgiris and Nilachal are the most famous places in Bandarban. You have to go in early winter to see lots of clouds. We went in November and there were clouds all around like cotton balls.

How to go – By Bus – There is a direct bus from Dhaka to Bandarban. The fare is Tk 620 per person (Non AC) and Tk 950-1500 per person (AC).

Train- There is no direct train to Bandarban. First, you have to go to Chittagong. S chair rent – 350 taka. Then from Chittagong station, you have to come to the Chittagong Boddarhat bus terminal. From where the bus leaves every 30 minutes for Bandarban. Fare 150-250 Tk. But try to go in the morning or early morning as much as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a bus if there are many tourists. (Buy Train Tickets Online)

Get off the bus or train and hire Chander’s car/jeep/bike to Nilgiris and Nilachal. There are many more spots to explore between Nilgiris and Nilachal. Bandarban Travel Places you must visit

  13) Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake-

This hanging bridge is located on Kaptai Lake in Rangamati and it is a landmark of the Rangamati district. This bridge sinks underwater during monsoons. So winter is the best time to come here.

How to reach – Direct buses are available from Dhaka to Rangana from Syedabad, Maniknagar, and Kolabagan. rent-

There is no option to go directly to Rangamati by train. By bus from Dhaka- buses leave from various terminal points (Syedabad, Chittagong Road, Maniknagar, Kalabagan) after certain times every day. The bus will drop you at Bandarban early next morning. The ticket price is Tk 620 per person (Non- AC), the BRTC bus fare is Tk 700 per person, and the AC fare is Tk 900-1400 per person. There is a troller Ghat a little away from the bus stand. To see the beauty of Kaptai Lake, you can go to the hanging bridge by boat. You can also go by bus to see the hanging bridge. The entrance ticket is 10 taka.

14) Lalakhal, Sylhet-

The location of Lalakhal is in Jaintiapur Upazila of Sylhet district of Bangladesh. The watercolor of Lalakhal is dark green. People think it’s a canal because of its name, but it is part of a river. The name of the river is Sari. The river flows along its side. This lake was originally created by the water flowing from Cherrapunji in India. Ibn Battuta came to Bangladesh through this Lalakhal.

How to go – There are two ways to go from Dhaka to Sylhet. buses and trains.

If you want to go by bus, there are daily buses to Sylhet from Syedabad, Kalyanpur, Chittagong Road, etc. Bus Stands in Dhaka. Shyamoli, Hanif, Ena, and Al Mobarka all have different company buses. Non fare AC-700 Taka. AC-900-1400 Taka. They will drop you at the Kadmatoli bus stand in Sylhet. From there you will go to Lalakhal by CNG. The real beauty of Lalakhal is found in the boat trip. Boat reserve rent-500-800 taka.

If you want to go by train – From Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka to Sylhet, there are trains like Mahanagar, Upobon, Jayantika, Kalni Express, etc. Fare per person – from Tk 345 (ornate chairs). Tickets are usually available online 5 days in advance. 40% of total tickets are released online. Click to book tickets online.

Debotakhum, Amiyakhum, Nafakhum, Velakhum, Satbhai Khum –

Khum means – the water of the spring accumulates and creates a deep ditch. Khum tour is the best option for those who like adventure, and trekking in winter. All Khums is located in Bandarban. Bandarban is the Kingdom of Khum. If you want, you can visit all the khums of Bandarban together for a few days. But in this Khum trek, you require a lot of energy and prior trekking experience.

How to go – First go from Dhaka to Bandarban. Then Thanchi by Chander from Bandarban. You have to go to these khums by trekking from Thanchi.

Those who come to travel from outside the country – If you want to travel by train, first you have to go to Dhaka Kamalapur Railway station from Dhaka International Airport, and if you want to travel by bus, you will go to Syedabad, Fakirapool, Kalabagan, Shyamoli bus stand. You can book a cab or CNG to reach the bus stand/station. 

Tips and warning

1) You can buy train tickets online from 8 am to 11:30 pm. Try to book tickets online 7 days before travel. Ticket Online Booking for any destination

2) Comply with Army instructions on traveling to Keokradong.

3) Since it is winter, you must take winter clothes with you.

4) Do not enter the water if you do not know how to swim. Wear a life jacket if descending.

5) If you do not have trekking experience, it is better not to go to Khum.

6) Usually the depth of the khum is very high so don’t go down in the water without a life jacket.

7) Be at the designated bus terminal between 9-10 pm.

8) Enclose a photocopy of the NID/Voter ID card. Tourists should keep their passports with them.

9) To go to Keokrakadong and Khum must take the help of a guide.

10)Bargain before booking a boat, trawler, CNG

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