Sunamganj Travel places

Sunamganj Travel places
Tangua Haor

Sunamganj was named after the Mughal soldier “Sunamdi”. The distance from Dhaka to Sunamganj is 245.1 km. The distance from Sylhet to Sunamganj is 68.6 km. Today I will take you to the Sunamganj district which is called the Switzerland of Bengal. And tell you details of the Sunamganj travel places, how to go there, and where to eat in detail.

Some famous travel places of Sunamganj-

Keen Bridge-

On the way from Sylhet to Sunamganj CNG, you can see this bridge. The bridge was built over the Surma River and called Surma Bridge or Keen Bridge. The bridge is made of iron and its length is 1150 feet. It is called the gateway to the city of Sylhet.

Hason Raja Museum-

It was mainly the house of King Hason Raja, which is now used as a museum. You can see his used items and furniture here. It is located in the Tegharia area of ​​Sunamganj. You can visit here before going to Tahirpur.

sunflower garden-

While going to Tahirpur from the Hason Raja Museum, you will see this sunflower garden. But this sunflower flower can be seen in the winter season.

lakmachara sunamganj

Jadukata river-

The only reason why Sunamganj is called the Switzerland of Bengal is because of this river. Seeing the deep blue water of the river, the surrounding mountain views, and the small hills, you will be forced to forget for a moment that this is a place in Bangladesh. This river looks like blue water is flowing in the heart of a desert. The ferry boats are used to cross the Jadukata River. The rest of the spots have to be visited by crossing this ferry. It takes approximately 10 minutes to cross the river.

Barekka hill

One must cross the Jadukata River and come up a bit to reach this hill. It is slightly above the plain. From the top, you will see a very beautiful view of Meghalaya. On one side you can see hilly views of Meghalaya, and the Jadukata river, other side are sandy plains. Barikka Hill or Barek Hill is apart from the hills of Meghalaya that fall in Bangladesh.

Red Cotton Tree Garden/Shimul Bagan-

This garden is built on about 100 bighas of land at the edge of Niladri Lake. Former chairman Zainal Abedin planted these trees as a hobby. There are two forms of this garden. In spring the entire park is filled with red cotton flowers. And the rest of the time, the whole park is green. To enter the garden, you must buy a ticket for 20 takas. There are bicycle or horse rides inside the park. You have to pay an hourly rate.

Niladri lake
Niladri Lake


The original name of Niladri Lake is Shaheed Siraj Lake. Its other name is Limestone Lake. Its location is in Tekerghat village of North Sreepur Union of Tahirpur Upazila. It is known as Tekerghat Pathar Quarry to local people as limestone is quarried from this place. The water of this lake is green in winter. Small hills covered with grass all around the lake, enhance the beauty of this lake, next to the Indian border where many tribals live. If you want, you can go around the whole lake by boat.

Lakmachara Jharna-

Lakmachara has a great similarity with Bichanakandi and Shadapathor. Stones and rocks are spread all around in the spring. On one side there is a high mountain, a blue sky, and a combination of greenery. According to the name of Lakma village, this spring has been named Lakmachhara. Even if it is not so popular, its beauty will impress you.

Sunamganj Travel places

Lalaghat Jharna-

The location of Lalaghat waterfall is a little further from Lakmachara. It is also a form of spring water flowing from the neighboring country. Despite being so close to Lakmachara, this place is even stranger. This place is hardly visited by tourists.

Sadapathar, Chanpur-

Sadapathar is the place where your eye can see only rocks and rocks. Apart from Bholaganj, these Chanpur stones of Tekerghat are also white in color. Hence this place is called Sadapathar. At the end of the border, there is a small spring, which falls on the India. It is forbidden to go up to the fountain. It is a very quiet place without tourists.

Sunamganj Travel places
Rajai Waterfall

Rajai Waterfall

The fountain is named Rajai Jharna after the Khasia king. Without any trekking, you can visit this spring easily. There are Khasia tribes living nearby so don’t disturb them. Rajai Jharna is basically a small waterfall. If you go further inside, you can find its main spring. However, it is forbidden to go up as the main spring falls in India. This waterfall trail is very beautiful and wild.

Tangua Haor-

The most popular tourist spot in Sunamganj is the Tangua swamp. If you want to come to this place in Sunamganj, first you have to come to Tahirpur Trawler Ghat. From here you can rent a trawler or a boat and/or reserve a boat to visit Tangua Swamp. Currently, there are many luxury boats in Tangua. But before coming, you should book your preferred boat. All arrangements for staying, eating, and cooking are made inside the boat. If possible visit Tangua on a full moon. A full moon night in the boat in the swamp will make your trip more memorable.

Ways to go to Sunamganj-

Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun, and Al-Mobarka buses go to Sunamganj from Dhaka’s Sayedabad. The rent will be Tk 500-600 per person. It will take 6-7 hours to reach. You can go down to Sunamganj and have breakfast at Pansi restaurant. Then you can reserve CNG/Laguna/Bike from there. Check Bus Schedule Details to and from Sunamganj.

 If you want to go by train, you have to take the Sylhet train from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station. Then you have to catch the local or sitting service bus of Sunamganj from Kumargao in Sylhet.

If you want to go from Chittagong, you have to come to the Dampar bus stand and catch the bus. The rent will be 800 takas per person.

Sunamganj Tour Route Plan-

The Dhaka bus will drop you at Sunamganj in the morning. Get down and finish breakfast and then hire CNG or Laguna. On the way, you can spend some time at Keen Bridge. Then slowly explore the rest of the places. But of course, spend one night in Tangua swamp.

Tips and Warnings-

1) The best time to visit Lakmachara and Tangua Haor is during monsoons and the other places would be to go towards the end of the Monsoon. During the rainy season, you can’t see the real watercolor of Niladri Lake and Jadukata River.

2) You will get flowers in the red cotton garden during spring. Besides, the entire park is covered with green carpet for the rest of the time.

3) Bargain before hiring a Jeep/CNG/Bike.

4) You Must take an umbrella/raincoat with you during the rainy season. Take an extra polybag to keep your mobile, power bank, and charger. You Can also carry extra sandals.

5) Book the bus/train tickets in advance if you want to travel on an off day.

6) If you want to stay at Tangua Swamp for the night, after visiting all the other spots, come to Tahirpur Ghat in the afternoon. Shop all the cooking ingredients before evening from the nearby market.

7) Book the preferred boat in advance. The larger the group the lower the cost.

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