One day trip to Baikka beel-Sreemangal

One day trip in Baikka beel

Baikka Beel is the largest and one of the fish and bird sanctuaries in Bangladesh. It is located in the Moulvibazar district, Sreemangal. The distance is almost 200 km from Dhaka. The area of Baikka beel is about 100 hectares and Hail Hawor is in the east of this beel. The Land Ministry of Bangladesh decided to preserve this beel as a fishery resource sanctuary in 2003. There are so many fish species available including Aier, Koi, Meni, Foli, Pabda, etc. The beel is also a safe habitat for birds and many other animals. There is a small park-like area for kids next right side of the entrance. If you go straight along the road, you will find a beautiful forest. Although it looks like a leafy forest in winter, it is full of water in monsoons. Then you have to reach the watch tower by boat. After crossing the forest, there is a three-storied watch tower This watch tower is built to enjoy the beauty of the guest birds and Baikka beel. One-day trip to Sreemangal

The entire beel can be seen very nicely from the top of the watch tower. We didn’t have to pay any fee to observe the watch tower. But sometimes they charge 10 Tk extra. Different species of birds and fish pictures are depicted on each floor of the tower and on both sides of the stairs. All these birds and fish are available in this Baikka beel. The entire watch tower is like a huge reserve store of knowledge. This initiative of the authorities is really nice and commendable.

How to go to Baikka beel-

Baikka Beel is located in Moulvibazar, Srimangal. You can go to Srimangal by bus or train. It takes 4-5 hours to reach both ways.

How to go by train from Dhaka-

There is a direct train to Srimangal from Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station. Upaban/Jayantika, Parabat, Kalni, Surma Mail express, etc all trains go to Srimangal. Upaban/Jayantika is the night train and others are the day train. Fare – 265 to 1100 taka per person. Check Dhaka to Sreemangal Train schedule and price

Book train tickets to Sreemangal

How to go by bus from Dhaka- 

Buses depart from any bus terminal in Dhaka like Kolabagan, Gabtoli, Syedabad, Chittagong Road, etc. at a specific time for Sreemangal destination. Ena and Hanif, these two services are currently going from Dhaka to Sreemangal and Srimangal to Dhaka. Fare – 580 taka per person.

How to go from Chittagong-

The easiest way to go to Sreemangal from Chittagong is by train. Udayan or Paharika Express directly go to Sreemangal.

Checkout the schedule of the Sreemangal train, Off day, and every detail

You can rent CNG/auto from in front of the bus stand/station or a little further. Baikka beel round trip fare cost will be 400-500 taka (reserve). Apart from this, you can also reserve a Jeep, Mahendra car, or CNG from the CNG/Car station. If there are more members in your group (8/10 or more people), it is better to rent Mahendra car/Jeep. It will take 30 to 45 min to visit Baikka Beel. In total, you will be able to visit Baikka Beel and return to the bus/train station in 3 hours.

Where to stay in Srimangal-

There are so many resorts and cottages in Sreemangal. You can book your favorite resorts and cottages in advance.

1)Hotel Grand Sultan

2)Hotel Skypark

3)Green Park Tea Resort

4)Bondhur Bari Eco Resort 

5)Grand Mobin Resort

6)Green Leaf Guest House

7)Grand Selim Resort & Tour – GSRT

8)Shanti Bari Resort

9)Oronner Din Ratri

10)Madhabilata Eco Cottage

11)Hotel Merina etc

If you have a tight budget you can stay in the cheapest hotels. check out the cheapest hotels in Sreemangal

Baikka beel Ticket Price-

Baikka Beel entry ticket price is not fixed. The fee will be 20-30 Tk per person. However, there is a special discount for students. (must carry a Student ID card)

The entrance fee to the watch tower is 10 Tk.

Best time to visit Baikka Beel- 

In my opinion, winter or early winter is the best time to visit Baikka Beel. In winter, Baikka Beel is surrounded by morning mist and guest birds are a bonus. You can come here at any time of the year but this fog and guest birds are not seen except in winter. During the monsoon, the entire beel is full of water. Different kinds of flowers bloom in the beel. You have to hire a boat to reach the watch tower in winter. If there is too much fog, nothing can be seen from the watch tower.

Baikka beel Travel Tips-

1) The true beauty of Baikka beel you can see in the early morning of winter. So try to come here early in the morning.

2) Students get discounts on entrance tickets. But keep the student ID card with you.

3) If you want to see the migrated birds closely, you can rent a boat and explore the beel.

4) All trains travel during the daytime except Urban/Jayanthika and Surma mail. The night train Upaban Express reaches Srimangal around 2 a.m. 

So if you want to enjoy your morning in Baikka beel, you can go to Srimangal in 2 ways. → If you go by night train, reach Sreemangal at night and spend the rest of the night in a hotel and go to Baikka beel the next morning.

→ Get on the last night’s bus from Dhaka. You will reach the Sreemangal bus stops at approximately 4 am- 5 am.

Or if you have traveling experience by mail train (local train), you can go to Srimangal by Surma mail which will be reached around 5 am. But whichever way you take, you will have to wait for the dawn in Sreemangal.

Baikka beel Travel Precautions-

1) This is a protected area so do not do anything that harms the wildlife.

2) It is forbidden to litter the water of the lake.

3) Catching fish or any aquatic animal is prohibited.

4) Harassment and hunting of birds and any wildlife are also prohibited.

5) Wandering and boating outside of the sanctuary boundaries isn’t allowed.

6) No loud sound, music, commotion, or picnic inside here is allowed.

7) Refrain from smoking, drinking, or any kind of anti-social activities within the beel boundaries.

8) No burning of fire and breaking of tree branches.

9) Violators will be punished with 2 years imprisonment, a 10000 Tk fine, or both. So obey the law.

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