Low-Cost Hotels in Sreemangal​

sreemangal, the city of tea. The location of this upazila in the northeastern part of Bangladesh is next to Hail Haor (lake), which belongs to Moulvibazar in the southwestern part. Its area is 425.15 square kilometers. As far as we can see, there is only green and greenery. It is famous for its tea plantations on the slopes of curvey Hills.

Apart from domestic tourists, It has a lot of foreign tourists. Another special feature of this Upazila is its traditional cottages and resorts. Most of the famous resorts are built around tea gardens. These cottages are one of the reasons for attracting foreign tourists. These resorts, built with aesthetics and thoughtfulness, have various facilities for tourists. However, these resorts are quite expensive. Tourists have to pay quite a good amount to spend one night.

Many people visit here with family or as a couple. Because the environment of the resorts and hotels of Sreemangal is very good and safe. But I usually give budget-friendly tours always. There are many people like me who want to stay overnight in this city but have budget problems. Many people spend the night at the bus stand/station when they arrive by train/bus at night. They look for low-cost or cheap hotels but can’t find them. So I was looking for some budget hotels for the overnight stay in sreemangal. After searching, I found a few hotels near the Sreemangal bus stand. Today I will try to tell you the details of some low-cost hotels in sreemangal.

Lowest Cost hotels in sreemangal-

Hotel Nilima Residential-

Nilima Hotel rooms range from Tk 200 to Tk 2500/3000.

Single room – 1 single bed – no attached bathroom – rent 200 taka

Single room – 1 bed – attached bathroom – rent 250-300 taka

Couple AC Room – Rent 1200 Tk

Friend or Family Room-

2 beds in 1 room + attached washroom – rent 400-600 taka.

1 room with three beds + attached washroom – rent 750 taka.

Room rent for 5 people will be Tk-1500 (Non AC)

Room for 5 persons + attached bathroom – Tk 200 rent (AC)

Address- Opposite side of the counter of sreemangal to Dhaka Bus Stand (Ena, Hanif, Shyamoli, Mamun Bus counter).

Contact/Booking Number- 01611838746

Facebook page- Hotel Nilima

Hotel Sobuj Bangla Residential-

Sobuj Bangla is a residential hotel. The rent of this hotel starts from 300 taka.

Single Room – 1 Bed + Bathroom Attach – Rent 300 Tk.

Double bedroom – 2 single beds + bathroom – rent 500 taka.

Room for 3 people – rent 750-700 taka

Couple room – 1 bed + bathroom – rent 1000 taka

Room for 5 people + attached bathroom – rent 1500 Tk.

Bed for 6 + attached washroom – rent 1500-1000 taka.

Address- Habiganj Road, sreemangal, Moulvibazar. (Adjacent to Ena, Hanif, and Shamoli bus counter.)

Contact/Booking – 01732419260

Hotel United Residensial-

You will get a room between 200 taka and 2000 taka at Hotel United Residential.

Room for 4 people – 2 beds – Tk 1500 (AC)

4-bed room-double bed – rent 1200 taka (non AC)

Double bedroom (1 bed) + washroom – rent 650 taka (In double bed  3 people can stay easily)

Double bedding (2 single beds) + washroom – rent 500 taka.

Single room – 1 bed + washroom – rent 300 taka.

Single room – 1 bed + no attached washroom – rent 200 taka.

Address- Dhaka Sylhet Highway, sreemangal

Contact/Booking – 01785509564

Hotel Holiday Residential-

2 double beds (four people) + attached washroom – rent 1500 taka

Couple room (1 bed) + attached washroom – rent 1000 taka

Address- Habiganj Road (Bus Stand), sreemangal

Contact or booking number- 01714866378

****All hotels check out by 12 PM


1) These hotels are open 24 hours. So you can stay at any time of the night.

2) No booking hassle. If you want to spend the night in these hotels without booking, you can.

3) There is a free wifi facility and a television facility.

4) These hotels are good options for solo travelers, low-budget travelers, and students.

5) 24 hours electricity facility

6) Hotels are very close to the bus stand and train station.

7) There are a lot of food restaurants around the hotel. Pansi and Pach Bhai restaurants are just around the hotels.


1) There is no problem with these cheap hotels in sreemangal. But since the budget is very low, it is natural that there will not be glitters like expensive resorts or cottages.

2) Hotels are secure. But nowhere there are no 100℅ safe places in the world. You have to provide your own safety. This is actually my own opinion

3) If you are a solo traveler (ladies), the hotel’s authority may be asked you various questions. Because solo travel for girls is like a taboo in Bangladesh.

4) The condition of the washroom will not be so good in budget rooms of Tk 200/300. So check the room first then book.

Cautions and Tips-

1) Definitely book after looking at the hotel environment and room condition.

2) Don’t forget to bargain.

3) Traveling in the off-season is a blessing. If you travel in the off-season in Sreemangal, you can easily get discounts on hotels.

4) Check-out of all hotels in sreemangal is at 12 pm.

Happy traveling

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