Is Mail Train Safe for Travel?

We are more or less familiar with the name Mail Train. But we have no idea about it at all. Today’s article is about the mail train schedule, who are the passengers of this train, where to get tickets, etc.

What is Mail Train?

In a word mail train is a type of freight train. This mail train was invented in India in coordination with the postal department. This train is used to carry goods from Dhaka to different places. But the freight compartment is different. This train has seats and cabins like other intercity trains.

Features of Mail Trains-

1) Mail trains always stay at a certain platform.

2) Its ticket is different from other intercity trains. It is usually a small pink card type.

3) Mail train tickets are not available online. You have to come directly to the station to buy it.

4) The middle compartments of mail trains are used only for carrying goods. These compartments are only in mail trains.

5) Since these trains are local trains, the interior of intercity trains is not so well decorated.

6) Mail train seats are like benches. The whole train is very old-fashioned.

7) No weekly Off days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling by Mail Train-


1) No weekly off days.

2) Ticket price is low

3) Mail trains stop at all stations.


1) Mail train tickets are not available online.

2) It is not certain when the train will arrive and reach the stations.

3) Since it is a local train, this train stops at all stations. Due to this, it may be very late to reach the specific destination.

4) Seats are not available on the train. Sometimes you even have to run for getting a seat.

5) There is no safety on Mail Train. Of course, you have to be careful.

6) There is no sleeping arrangement on the mail train journey. But if you can take a cabin, you can go comfortably.

Precautions while traveling by mail train-

1) The security system of these trains is not good, so any accident can happen at any time. So be careful.

2) To get the ticket, you must arrive at the station 3 hours before and collect the ticket.

3) Try to get up as soon as the train arrives. Otherwise, the chances of getting a seat are very low. But don’t get on before the train stops, it’s very risky.

4) Keep your bag, wallet, and mobile phone carefully.

5) Do not put your hands out of the window. It is better not to keep the window open.

6) It is better not to go by mail train in severe winter or summer.

7) Train seats are not suitable for sleeping so prepare yourself accordingly.

8) It is better not to travel alone by mail train.

should we travel by mail train?

If there is an option other than mail train, you should choose those. And also Mail train should be avoided unless budget is an issue. Many people have bad experiences with mail trains. However, I have traveled by mail train from Dhaka to Chittagong several times. Also, we traveled as a group. We never faced any problems.

Mail Train Time and Destination-

Mail trains operate on several routes in Bangladesh. There are mail trains in districts like Sylhet, Chittagong, Panchagarh, Jamalpur, Mymensingh, etc. Below is the mail train schedule:

Dhaka-Chittagong Mail Train-

Two mail trains run on Dhaka to Chittagong route. Dhaka and Chittagong mail trains are the same. It is called Chittagong Mail Train when it leaves Dhaka. And when going from Chittagong to Dhaka, it is called Dhaka Mail Train.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Dhaka MailDeparture from CTG- 22:30Reached Dhaka- 7:10NO
Chittagong MailFrom Dhaka- 22:30To CTG- 7:15NO
Karnaphuli ExpressDeparture from CTG- 10:00Reached Dhaka- 20:10 NO
Karnaphuli ExpressDeparture from CTG- 08:45Reached CTG- 18:30NO

Dhaka to Sylhet Mail Train-

There is only one mail train between Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka, which is Surma Mail Train.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Surma MailDeparture from Sylhet- 20:30Reached Dhaka- at 9:55NO
Surma MailFrom Dhaka- 22:50To Sylhet- 12:20NO

Dhaka to Noakhali Mail Train-

There is a mail train on Dhaka to Noakhali route. From Dhaka station, it is called Noakhali Mail and from Noakhali it is called Dhaka Mail Train.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Dhaka MailDeparture from Noakhali- 21:30Reached Dhaka- at 6:50NO
Noakhali MailFrom Dhaka- 22:10To Noakhali- 6:40NO

Dhaka to Mymensingh Mail Train-

Isha Khan Mail Train is the only mail train on Dhaka to Mymensingh route.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Isha khan ExpressDeparture from Mymensingh- 12:00Reached Dhaka- at 23:30NO
Isha khan ExpressFrom Dhaka- 11:35To Mymensingh- 21:45NO

Dhaka to Mohanganj Mail Train-

Mahua Express departs from Dhaka for Mohanganj.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Mahua ExpressDeparture from Mohanganj- 15.00Reached Dhaka- 21:30NO
Mahua ExpressFrom Dhaka- 8.15To Mohanganj- 14:40NO

Dhaka to Jamalpur (Dewanganj) Mail Train-

Total 3 mail trains run on Dhaka to Jamalpur route. One of which is Bhawal Express.

Name Of TrainPlace & Time of DepartureDestination & TimeOff Day
Bhawal expressDeparture from Dewanganj- 2:00Reached Dhaka- at 12:15NO
Bhawal expressFrom Dhaka- 21:20To Dewanganj- 6:45NO

Here are the details about the mail train. thank you.

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