Top 10 Places in Dhaka

Dhaka is called the capital of Bangladesh. Once upon a time, Dhaka was known as “Dacca”. Dhaka became the capital of Bengal in 1610. There are many disagreements regarding the naming of Dhaka City. Some say that the name Dhaka originated from the Dhakeshwari temple. Again it is heard that Once upon a time in this region, many festivals were celebrated by beating the drum (Dhak), so Dhaka originated from this Dhak. Hindus worshiped a type of tree called ‘Dhak’, so many believe that the name Dhaka was created from here.

With the evolution of time, Dhaka is now a busy and trafficked city. Working people are constantly running in their workplace. In spite of this busy life, we like to spend our holidays on our own. Many people from inside Dhaka and outside Dhaka visit this city. Apart from historical places, there are many parks or places where you can visit with family, friends, or relatives. Today I will tell you about the top 10 places in Dhaka, where you can easily enjoy some good moments.

Sonargaon and Panam City-

Sonargaon, we all are pretty familiar with this name. Historical memories are associated with this region. Its location is in Narayanganj. Sonargaon was the capital of Isha Khan. He named the area Sonargaon after his wife Sonabibi. There are Sonabibi’s shrine, Pachbibi’s shrine, Azam Shah’s shrine, and Joynul Abedin Folk and Crafts Museum. Jamdani saree lovers will find various collections of Jamdani here. Entry ticket- 50 Tk, for foreigner- 100 Tk.

Panam City was the administrative center of the handloom and muslin industry of rich merchants of ancient Bengal. All activities were controlled from here. Being river-centered, this area came to the attention of the traders. Then imported clothes came from abroad on the other hand muslin cloth was exported from here. Entry Ticket- 15 Tk, Foreigner Entry Ticket- 100 Tk

Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil Museum, and Buriganga River-

Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manjil, and Buriganga River are the historical places of Dhaka. Lalbagh Fort is an unfinished Mughal fort. The fort is now open to tourists. Shahesta Khan’s daughter Paribibi is buried here. There is also the Fort Museum, the three-domed Durg Mosque (Shahi Mosque), and the water tank. Lalbagh Fort ticket price is 20 taka, for foreigners – 200 taka.

The position of Ahsan Manzil and Buriganga is side by side. Ahsan Manzil is basically a museum. It was established by Nawab Abdul Gani. There is a total of 23 galleries inside the museum.

Ahsan Manzil’s ticket price is Tk 20, for children (below 10 years) – Tk 10, and the ticket price for foreigners – is Tk 100. Disabled tickets are not required. Currently, Ahsan Manzil’s entry ticket has to be purchased online and then entered.

After visiting Ahsan Manzil, you can take a boat trip to the Buriganga River in the afternoon. Or you can spend some time at the Sadarghat launch terminal.

Zinda Park-

Zindapark or Zindagram is my favorite place for a relaxing tour. If you want to travel with your family in a quiet environment, you can come here. Click here to see my detailed article on Zindapark.

Ramna Park-

Ramna Park located in Shahabagh, Dhaka has an area of ​​68.5 acres. It has a beautiful lake inside it. The area of ​​the lake is 8.76 acres. There are different species of plants, fruits, and medicinal plants in this Ramna. Many people come here to do early morning exercise or yoga. Every year Pahela Baisakh is celebrated at Ramna Botomul. Now Ramna Park is open from 9 am-11 pm and 3 pm-5 pm.

Bangladesh National Zoo-

The zoo is located in Mirpur, Dhaka. The area of ​​this huge collection of living animals is about 75 hectares. In some places, there are mini parks inside it for children to play in. Restrooms are also available for taking rest. At present, there are 191 species of animals in the zoo. Although the number of animals is decreasing day by day.

Robindro Sorobor and Dhanmondi Lake-

Robindro Sorobor and Dhanmondi Lake are located in the same area. Robindro Sorobor mainly is an open stage for various cultural events. There are many food courts here. You can see the beauty of the lake while enjoying your food.

Dhanmondi Lake is surrounded by clear water. After crossing the bridge, there are also some food shops. There is also a fountain in the lake. Both Dhanmondi Lake and Robindro Sorobor are surrounded by greenery.

Jatiya Sangsad Bhavan, Chandrima Uddan and Crescent Lake-

Sangsad Bhavan or National Parliament House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangladesh. Sangsad Bhavan is the highest unicameral legislature of Bangladesh. There is a beautiful lake in front of it. It looks like the building is floating on the lake. There is a huge green field in front of the lake. However, entry here is prohibited to the general public. The road next to the Parliament Building looks very beautiful after the evening. There are also small food courts. If you want, you can walk and enjoy a beautiful evening.

Chandrima Uddan is located in Sher Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, next to Sangsad Bhavan. Ziaur Rahman, the former president of Bangladesh and founder of the BNP is buried here. It is also known as Zia Uddan to many people. The area of ​​Chandrima Uddan is 74 acres. Every morning many people from the city come here for exercise. Another beauty of this park is the Crescent Lake and Fountain. There is a hanging bridge over the lake. The beauty of the lake increases in the afternoon. After the evening, the fountain is turned on. This greenery place will refresh your mind. There are also benches for visitors.


Once upon a time, the Bhawal king’s elephant used to bathe in this lake and drink water. So it is called Hatirjheel by people. It is basically a project that was implemented in 2013. The purpose of the Hatirjheel project is flood prevention, waste water drainage, rainwater conservation, reduced traffic jam, etc. It is great to spend time in Hatirjheel in the afternoon. In the evening, the lamps around are lit. There are many food courts here. If you want, you can enjoy the entire Hatirjheel by boat.

Sohrawardy Uddan and Independence Museum-

Sohrawardy Uddan is adjacent to Dhaka University in Shahbagh, Dhaka. Earlier its name was Race Course Maidan. But now it is better known as TSC. This garden is the center of conversation for young and old, students and working people. This is the place, where the Pakistani army surrendered and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a speech on 7 May 1971.

The Independence Museum is located near Sohrawardy Uddan. The museum is built underground. Pictures of all the struggles from the Mughal period to Victory Day are reserved here.

The Museum entry fee is Tk 20 (Adults).

10 taka for children

300 taka for SAARC citizens

500 for foreigners.

How to go-

These 10 best places in Dhaka are located inside Dhaka. You can go to these places by rickshaw, taxi, CNG, or bus from anywhere in Dhaka.

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