Panam city-The lost city-one day trip in Dhaka

What to see in Panama City?

1) Kashinath Bhavan

2) Nilkuti

3) Pankhiraj Canal

4) Chawdhuribari pond

5) Sri Sri Sarvajanin Durga Temple

6) Lalit Shadhu Temple

Panama City Ticket Price-

Entry ticket is Tk 15 per person.

Entry fee for foreign tourists – 100 taka.

Panama City Opening and Closing Schedule –

Summer Schedule (April 1 to September 30)

Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-6 pm.

Monday 2 pm – 6 pm.

[1 pm – 1:30 lunch break]

Winter Schedule (October 1 to March 31)

Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am-5 pm

[Break from 1 pm – 1:30 pm]

Monday 1:30 PM – 5 PM.

Ramadan Schedule –

Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm.

[Break from 1 PM – 1:30 PM]

Friday 2 pm – 4 pm.

******Weekly Closed on Sunday********

How to go to Panama City-

Route 1- If you want to come from outside Dhaka, first you have to come to Gulistan in Dhaka. All buses like Doel, Borak (AC), Swadahin, Bandhan, and Meghna Ghat going buses will directly drop you at Mograpara. It will take 2.30 hours. The bus Fare is 55-60 taka per person. (May change from time to time)

Route 2- You can also go by Narsingdi going bus Meghalaya Paribahan, which is departed from Gulistan to Chittagong Road, then from Chittagong Road, Naf Express goes to Mograpara Bus Stand.

Route 3- From Gabtali or Technical, you can get off the signboard by Adresha/Maumita/Labbaik. Bus- fare 50-60 taka. From the signboard, the Shimrail Transport/Doel/Bandhan bus will drop you at Mograpara.

Rickshaw/ Auto goes to Panam City From Mograpara. Fare 40-50 Tk.

There is a total of 52 buildings in Panam City. As you walk straight through the entrance door, you can see all the houses on both sides. There are also some buildings inside. A few buildings are almost destroyed. One building is being used as an office. The access to the roofs of the buildings has been blocked. All the buildings have been renovated and supported with iron panels to prevent collapse. The administration hangs signboards in risky buildings for preventing accidents. The details of the sightseeing places in Panama City are discussed below-

Kashinath Bhavan-

Kashinath Bhavan is the most beautiful building in Panam City. The building was built in 1305. All the buildings in Panam are actually beautiful, but the buildings have deteriorated over time. Almost all the buildings have been renovated and entry is prohibited in dangerous buildings. A special feature of Kashinath Bhavan is that it still retains its tradition. Its unique and thoughtful design make it apart from other buildings. This two-storied Kashinath Bhavan is still standing without any renovation. There is an abandoned pond in front of the house. This pond is surrounded by trees. The stairs of the pond are also broken. There are two temples next to the pond. This building is separate and distinct from the rest of the buildings. Currently, the building is used for official purposes. However, visitors are not allowed inside.


This Nilkuthi Bhavan is a witness to a brutal history of Indigo (nil) cultivation in East India. From here all activities of indigo cultivation were operated. The innocent Indigo farmers faced unbearable torture by British traders. Although it started as a center of muslin business, later it became the center of indigo cultivation.

Pankhiraj Canal-

Pankhiraj Canal is located around the city of Panam. This canal joins the Meghna River through the name of Menikhali River. Through this canal, muslin, textiles, and foreign clothes were imported and exported. Panam City was built on a well-planned basis. On one side of it was the Meghna and on the other side was the Shitalakkha river. A bridge was constructed over the Pankhiraj Canal to connect Aminpur and Dulalpur villages. It no longer exists though. 

4) Chowdhurybari Pond – 

The location of this pond is at the endpoint of Panam City. There is a ghat in the pond. Local people bathe in the pond. No information is available about this pond.

5) Sri Sri Sarvajanin Durga Temple and Lalit Sadhu Temple-

There are two temples in front of Kashinath Bhavan. A Durga temple and another Sadhu temple. Both temples are very small. Sometimes Hindu religious pilgrims or visitors worship here with flowers. There are various flower plants on the inside of the temple.

My Bitter Experience in Panam City Tour-

Of all the old zamindar houses in Bangladesh, undoubtedly the Panam Nagar should be at the top. There are so many old Jamindar buildings together here. I don’t know that there is such a place anywhere else in Bangladesh. However, the maintenance and care of Panam by authority are very lacking. Some buildings have piled up with moss and dirt. I cannot enter the buildings because of the bad smell. The security system here is also very bad. Such desecration of a beautiful historical place is really sad. The authorities should be more attentive in this regard.

Where to stay in Panama City-

As it is very close to Dhaka, there is no need to stay overnight on the Panam City tour. But If you want to spend at night then you have to come to Sonargaon or Narayanganj Sadar.

Name and addresses of hotels in Sonargaon Upazila Sadar are given:

Royal Resort – Kashnagar Dighirpar, Sonargaon, Narayanganj.

Hotel Meena – 16 Mahim Ganguli Road, Tanbazar, Narayanganj.

Hotel Narayanganj – No. 1 Sirajuddaula Road, Narayanganj.

Hotel Mehran – Sanatan Pal Lane Road, Narayanganj.

Hotel Sugandha – Liaquat Super Market, 12/20 Digu Babur Bazar, Narayanganj.

Hotel Sonali – 1st Railgate, Sanatan Pal Road, Narayanganj.

Panama City Travel Precautions and Tips-

1) Know the closing and opening schedule of Panam City before going.

2) Entry with food inside Panam City is completely prohibited

3) Do not attempt to climb dangerous buildings.

4) Must visit all buildings in Panam Nagar.

5) Do not litter anywhere and please do not engage in any anti-social activities.

6) After visiting Panam City, you can visit the nearby Sonargaon Museum, Taj Mahal of Bengal, Goland Mosque, etc in one day.

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