One day trip in Mini Patenga-Barrah ghat,Dhaka

Bahra Ghat is one of the best places that can be easily visited in a day. The other name is Mini Patenga beach. Being close to Dhaka, you can enjoy the beauty of this Bahra Ghat in one day with your family or friends. This place was built on the banks of the Padma river which is located in Dohar Upazila of Dhaka District. Its distance from Dhaka is 38 km. The life of the people of this area was disrupted due to river erosion. Every year many local people become homeless due to river erosion. Later, on the initiative of the administration, cement blocks were set up on the banks of the Padma. This initiative is really praiseworthy! Stopping the erosion of the river banks by placing blocks, this place gradually came to the attention of the people.

Best time to go to Bahra Ghat-

As it is on the banks of the Padma river, it is crowded with tourists only during the monsoon season. The river water rises much higher during the monsoons so the blocks are not visible. But you can come to this ghat at any time of the year except summer. In winter, the water is low, so chars (the area create when river water decreases) are visible in different parts of the river. You can go to those pastures by boat/speedboat. Moreover, the river is calm in winter and the water is also more clear than in monsoon. Blocks on the banks of the river can be seen clearly. The feeling of sitting on this block and watching the sunset is a great feeling. So if you want to avoid the crowd or want to have a different experience, you can go to Bahra Ghat even in the winter season.

Where to eat in Barrah?

Barrah Ghat is the bank of Padma. And the bank of Padma means fresh Hilsa fish. So definitely don’t forget to eat Hilsa fried. You will find food hotels on the side of the road next to the ghat. You can take your lunch there. Fried Hilsa fish per piece – 100 Taka. With white rice, bharta, chicken, and beef you will get everything. The atmosphere of the CHA ADDA restaurant here is a bit different and good. If you want to eat tea coffee or Chinese food, you can try it. But most of the restaurants are closed during the off-season.

Boat or trawler cost at Barrha Ghat-

If you want, you can rent a boat or trawler along the Padma River. Fare 250 Tk – 1000 Tk (depending on the boat size).

How to go to Barrah ghat-

There are several ways to reach this Barrah ghat in Dohar. It takes two and a half to three hours.

  • Route 1- Nagar Paribahan bus goes directly to Bahra Ghat. This bus is available from under the flyover in front of Sundarban Square Market in Gulistan. The fare is Tk 90-100 per person. (This service is closed now)
  • Route 2 – You can go to Kartikpur Bazar by hiring CNG from Babubazar Bridge (in front of Gulistan) in Dhaka. Rent is 150 taka-200 taka per person. Rickshaws or autos go from Kartikpur Bazar. The cost is Tk 20-30.
  • Route 3- First come to Gulistan from anywhere in Dhaka, then go ahead from Golap Shah Shrine in Gulistan. From there Jamuna bus service, Druto Paribahan go to Moinot Ghat directly, the fare is Tk 110 per person. You can directly go to Bahra Ghat by auto or CNG from Mainot Ghat. Bus fare – Tk 200-250 (reserve). Fare is Rs. 30 per person.
  • Route 4- You can go to Nawabganj from Gulistan in Dhaka. Jamuna, Nobokoli, etc. buses get off you at Baghmara Bazar or Nawabganj Bazar in Nawabganj. Fare per person – 80 taka – 100 taka. Then you can go to Bahra Ghat by CNG/Auto from the market. The cost is 400-500 taka (reserve).

Where will you stay at Bahra Ghat at night?

No resort or hotel has yet been built to stay at Bahra Ghat. But if you know someone in that area, you can spend the night at a local’s house. Or you can come to Nawabganj Sadar and stay the night at Kalakopa Dak Bungalow.

Bahra Ghat Travel Tips-

1) If you visit Bahra Ghat, you must leave in the morning. You can also visit the zamindar house of Kolakopa in Nawabganj before going to Barrah ghat.

2) It is better to avoid visiting Bahra Ghat during the summer.

3) Don’t forget to try the fresh Hilsa fish on the river bank.

4) Bahra Ghat looks most beautiful in the afternoon. Enjoy the beauty of the Padma river by boat or trawler in the afternoon.

5) You can visit Barrah Ghat even in winter.

6) Barrah ghat is a magical place to enjoy the sunset. Top 10 places in Dhaka you must visit

Precautions while visiting Bahra Ghat-

1) Bargain before renting a boat or trawler.

2) Sometimes visitors face robbery incidents at Barrah Ghat after the evening. So be careful.

3) Before 8 pm, you should back to Nobabganj Bazar or Moinot Ghat for the bus.

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