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Ahsan Manzil is a traditional palace of old Dhaka. Its exact location is in the Islampur area of Old Dhaka. Along with the Buriganga River. It used to be the residence palace of the Nawabs and Kachari of Zamindars in ancient times. Nawab Abdul Goni was its founder. He originally named Ahsan Manzil after his son Khaja Ahsanullah. Its construction began in 1859 and was completed in 1872. It was once used as a pleasure house called “Rangmahal”. Later it was bought by French merchants. For a long time, it was known to everyone as a “trading house”. Later, Khaja Alimuddin bought this trading house and started living there. 

Khaja Alimuddin’s son is Nawab Nawab Abdul Goni. Nawab Abdul Goni planned to rebuild this building and named it “Ahsan Manzil”. This new building was known as Rangmahal to all. It was extensively damaged by several earthquakes. So it has been rebuilt several times. Recently it was reformed by Govt. In the course of time, when the Nawabi rule disappeared, this building was adopted by the govt. It is now open to the public as a museum. Bangladesh National Museum is in charge of its maintenance and preservation. The total number of gallery rooms in Ahsan Manzil is 23.


How to go Ahsan Manzil?

Ahsan Manzil is located in the Islampur area of Old Dhaka. You have to come to Old Dhaka first from anywhere. You can come directly with CNG. Its location is next to the Buriganga river in old Dhaka. Buses do not pass in Old Dhaka. In that case, you can go by rickshaw. Moreover, from Jatrabari of Dhaka, “Bahadur Shah” go to Puran Dhaka. If Laguna/car drops you off in front of Bahadur Shah Park, a short walk (about 5 minutes) will take you there. If you want, you can take a rickshaw or use Google Maps.

Ahsan Manzil Ticket Price-

The ticket price for Bangladeshi visitors – is 40 Tk only+ 4% VAT.

Ticket price for children (below 12 years) – Tk.20 only + 4% VAT.

Ticket price for foreign visitors (SAARC countries) – Tk 300 only + 4% VAT

Ticket price for foreign visitors (non-SAARC countries) – Tk.500 only + 4% VAT

VAT is applicable for online applicants only

At present tickets sell online and offline both. So you can buy tickets online before you go. Don’t buy tickets from any broker. You can only use one account to buy online tickets. Suppose you log in with one name, you can buy all the tickets with that name. If you want to buy the ticket a second time, log in again using a different name and then book the ticket.

Buy Ahsan Manzil tickets online from here.

You can use any of your mail/phone numbers while logging in. If you use mail, the ticket will automatically go to your mail account. Check your mail account after payment. And if you log in with the phone number, you will get the option to download the ticket image.

***Tickets are not applicable to disabled people.

Visiting time of Ahsan Manzil-

Ahsan Manzil is open from Saturday to Wednesday. Timings are from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm.

and Friday from 3.00 PM to 7.30 PM.

**** Ahsan Manzil is closed on Thursdays.

Brief Introduction of Ahsan Manzil-

The first gallery on the ground floor of Ahsan Manzil has its history, designs, and paintings. A model in grid form is also presented. Next to that is a dining room. There are various furniture, dining tables, and cupboards used by the Nawabs/Zamindars. Next is Golghar. There is a high dome above this circle. The stairs outside Golghar (round room) are very wide. It is connected to the main building. Buriganga river is clearly visible from the stairs. The stairs of the main staircase are made of wood. On the wall next to the stairs are displayed the spears, bows, shields, and swords used by the Nawabs. Muslim League Room, Billiard Room, and Sinduk Room can be found walking around. The Sindukroom was used as a treasury. There is a library, where various rare books are arranged. Then there is Nawab’s card room or playing cards room. State bedroom, where the guests of the royal court stayed overnight. The last gallery is the ballroom or dance hall. At that time it was the biggest and most magnificent dance hall in Dhaka city.

Cautions and Tips-

1) Tickets are easily available online, so buy tickets online. Many brokers outside will try to sell tickets at high prices, avoid them.

2) If you want, you can visit Lalbagh Fort, Beauty Boarding, and Buriganga River.

3) As Ahsan Manzil is a museum, avoid taking pictures inside it and touching the exhibits.

4) The place is very clean, so don’t leave the garbage anywhere, throw it in the designated place or dustbin.

5) Ahsan Manzil is the best place to travel with family members

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