How to Pack Backpack for Travel

Who does not love to travel these days? Traveling has become a hobby for everyone from young to old these days. Some travel with family, some people go with friends, and some run alone to get closer to nature. Before going on a trip, we all have a lot of plans for that trip. However, along with this plan, there is also a need to take prior preparation for the trip. The first step in that pre-preparation is to pack backpacks or luggage. We need various things in our daily life. Although traveling is a passion for all, packing backpacks for travel is troublesome for many people. And the most difficult thing is packing luggage. If you don’t load it properly, the luggage will fill up with a small amount of stuff. Some tricks you have to follow when traveling or traveling with a Backpack. Today I will share with you how to pack Backpacks for Travel

Buy good quality bags-

There is no substitute for good quality bags. You should invest your money in good quality. A good quality backpack will help you in all aspects. You can take any size bag as per your choice. But make sure that the bag is water-proof and dust-proof, I mean protected from water and dust. At the time of purchase, you must check whether they are comfortable, lightweight, and spacious. It is good to have a secret pocket inside the bag. It is useful in keeping money or valuable things. Check the luggage has its lock and tag. The backpack also has a lock system. Also, these days phone chargers, and headphones are adjusted with the bag.

Waist Bag– Do not keep your important things like your mobile, passport, or visa inside the luggage or backpack. There are some waist bags in which you can keep these things. This will make it easier to find quickly.

Roll the clothes instead of folding them-

We usually fold the clothes and put them in a bag, which is completely wrong. If you arrange the clothes by rolling them instead of folding them, you can store them twice than before. You can also keep it in the form of cubes. The smaller the cubes, the more space you will get.

Pack your shoes in the Cube pack-

Clothes are packed, now it’s time to pack shoes. Pack the shoes first in a plastic bag. Then put it in the bag or on one side of the luggage. You can also use cubes for shoes.

Electronic goods

Keep electronic items like laptops, tabs, cameras, etc. in a separate compartment. Keep your laptop, tab on the edge of your backpack near your back. By doing this, your devices will be protected even under external pressure.


Never put undergarments together with clothes. Due to their small size, they are very difficult to find. You can put it in a separate pocket. Or you can roll it and put it in the places around the luggage or bag.


Keep shampoo, soap, conditioner, and lotion in a separate waterproof packet before putting them in the bag. You must be careful about liquid packaging. Otherwise, Due to external pressure, they may damage the rest of the items in the bag.

Water Bottle– 

 Do not keep the water bottle inside the bag. The bottle head has an adjustable hook that you can attach to your bag. But before buying a backpack, you must check whether it is available. By doing this, the inner space of the bag is saved, and there is no problem in taking out the bottle.

Some Tricks to Pack a Bag for Travel –

1) Always keep your heavy items close to your body. Not up or down at all. You feel less heavy.

2) Place medium-weight items at the top of the bag and light items such as clothes at the bottom.

3) You can keep your shoes, cosmetics, and toiletries items in a cube pack

4) Cube packing takes more space than rolling. But in cube packs, items can be kept separate and each item remains safe.

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