Top 14 Travel Places in Comilla

The original name of the Comilla district under the Chittagong division was” Komolank”, which means lotus lake. Comilla town is famous for Rasmalai and Khadi cloth. The distance from Dhaka to Comilla district is about 97 km. And the distance from Chittagong Sadar is 149 km. Comilla City seems to me to be very organized and tidy. It’s like ten in one. In this small town, you have to take a CNG or rickshaw to go from one place to another.

How to reach Comilla from Dhaka-

Tisha, Asia Line, and Monami leave for Comilla from Tikatuli or Syedabad in Dhaka. Bus fare – non AC 250 taka, AC 300-350 taka. Travel time- 1.50 to 2.00  hours.

You can also reach Comilla from Dhaka by train. Mahanagar, Turna, Chatala, Upokul Express runs from Dhaka to Comilla. Train Fare- Sovon Chair- 170 Tk to AC cabin- 700 Tk per person. Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and fare details.

Comilla Hotels to stay the night-

You can stay overnight in any hotel in Comilla with a low budget. There are many hotels in Comilla’s Shashongacha, Moynamoti, RaceCourse, and Kandirpar. However, before taking the hotel, check whether the environment is standard or not.

Where to go in Comilla?

Although Comilla is a small town, there are many places to visit that are unknown to us. This city is an archaeological, historical, and entertainment center. So let me introduce you to the top 10 travel places in the Comilla district

1)Lotus Lake –

The lotus is not seen as much in the lake when I went. However, the yellow lotus was first discovered in this bill. Besides, you can see white lotus, pink lotus, and purple lily. You can go around by boat on Lake. The boat fare is 300-400 taka. It is located in Dakshin village of Burichong Upazila of Comilla. It’s a little bit far away from the main town. The CNG fare from Kandirpar to Padmabil/Lotus Lake is 250 Tk (5 people)

2)Shalbon Bihar- 

Shalbon Bihar is the most historical place in Comilla. Entry ticket 20 Taka. There is a lot of sunshine during the day. These places are perfect for an afternoon visit. You don’t have to pay extra charges for cameras in Shalbon Bihar.

3)Anondo Bihar and Bhoj Bihar – 

It is located in the cantonment of Comilla and looks almost like Shalbon Bihar. According to historians, Anondo Bihar is the creation in the late 7th century and early 8th century. The excavation work here is not over yet. Anondo Bihar is attached to Bhoj Bihar.

4)Moynamoti Museum – 

Entry Fee- 20 Tk. Open 6 days a week and closed on Saturdays. It is closed on public holidays. Moynamoti Museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. Do not take pictures with a camera or phone inside the museum.

5)Nobo Shalban Bihar-

Nobo Shalban Bihar is originally a Buddhist temple. The ticket price is Tk 20 per person. DSLR Camera – 50 Tk. Video Camera – 100 Tk. As it is a holy place, everyone has to walk barefoot inside. You have to keep your shoes in the reserved area for 10 Tk. There is a huge Buddha in the main building. Tourists are not allowed to enter here. However, you can see the inner temple from the outside.

6)Dharmasagar Lake – 

You can spend the afternoon on the shores of Dharmasagar to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day. This Lake is open from morning 5 am to evening 8 pm. You will find many food shops inside and outside. Lots of people come here in the evening. For fishing, there are huts built all over the bank of the lake. You can go kayaking if you want. 2 people can go kayaking together. Kayaking costs 200 Taka, and if you want to go on a boat, you will pay 50 Taka per person.

7)Dharamsagar Park-

This park is named after Dharmasagar Lake because of its location next to Dharamsagar Lake. The park is very small. There is a place to sit and chat.

8)Nagar Shishu Park- 

This children’s park is located next to Dharmasagar Park. There is no entry fee. There are several rides for kids. Many parents bring their children to spend time here.

9)Comilla University- 

Comilla University is one of the public universities in the country. You can explore this 244-acre university if you want.

10)BARD –

 Bangladesh Rural Development Academy or BARD. It is a training academy. Its location is Kotbari. If you want to spend time for a while in a quiet, peaceful environment, with the chirping of birds, you can go to BARD. You can stay overnight but will require permission or reference.

11)Rani Kuti/Palace of Queen and Art Road –

 It is basically a protected area. No entry without a known reference. Its inner side is connected to Dharmasagar Lake. Inside Rani’s palace, you can hear the trees and birds chirping. As the palace is an old building, it is totally broken.

Art Road is located on the opposite side of Rani Kuti. The whole wall of this road is painted aesthetically. I really love this area.

12)Magic Paradise Park-

 Magic Paradise Park is located in the Kotbari area. The entry fee is 200 Tk. The park is usually open from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. It is an artificial park. The best option for children.

13)Comilla Town Hall-

This town hall is built on 10 bigha land in the Kandirpar area of Comilla city. It is basically a public library and city auditorium. This town hall is the central point of any concert, meeting, or movement in Comilla City. There is a large crowd here in the afternoon or evening. Don’t forget to taste the tea here when you go to Townhall.

14)Comilla Railway Station-

After all the spots you can visit Comilla Railway Station. We went to the station at night, around 11 pm. The station was completely deserted. You can taste tea or coffee from here. If you walk along the right-hand side of the station, you will find a Royal Poinciana tree. This place is very beautiful.

Budget-Friendly Travel Tips in Comilla-

1) You can go in groups of 4-5 people. CNG/auto rickshaw is the only way to travel from one place to another within Comilla City. So the fare cost will be reduced if you have a group of 4 to 5 people.

2) CNG/Auto whatever you decide. Don’t forget to bargain.

3) Shalbon Bihar, Nobo Shalbon Bihar, Ananda Bihar wherever you go, don’t forget to take an umbrella with you. Best to visit in the afternoon.

4) And of course avoid littering.

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