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Comilla is a small district of Bangladesh. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours from Dhaka to this city which is located very close to Dhaka! Being very close, most of the school or college picnics or educational trips are organized in Comilla when we were a child. The most beautiful thing about the Comilla district is its cleanliness. This small town is very neat and tidy. Especially the tourist spots of the city. These steps of the administration around the city deserve praise.

Comilla is as familiar to us as it is unfamiliar. Today I will talk about an unknown or less-known place in the Comilla district. And that is about Padmabil of Comilla.


This Padmabil is located in Dakshingram of Rajapur Union of Burichong Upazila of Comilla District. You can also visit other places in Comilla.


Padmabil or Shaplabil is more or less in almost every Upazila of Bangladesh. So why am I talking about Comilla’s Padma Bill (Lotus Lake)? Because this lake seems a bit different to me. There are quite a few reasons why this lotus lake is different. For example-

– There are about 3 types of lotus in the lotus pond, which is almost rare. Usually, we see two types of flowers in the ponds or lakes around us one is pink and another one is white-pink mixed. And the most surprising thing is that the yellow lotus was first found in this bill of Bangladesh. Although this yellow lotus has not bloomed for several years. Which is a bit sad.

– Various organizations are already conducting research. And authorities have put up a signboard next to the lake so that no one plucks lotus and tries to fish with boats. I really love this initiative of the Comilla district administration. But not only the administration but also the villagers of this area and sailors are very aware of this matter. They also make tourists aware of this matter and discourage plucking flowers. We go to various Shapla Bills or Padma bills and decorate the boats by plucking flowers or taking pictures. These are very bad habits. They also said that they save the lotus seeds of this lake and cultivate them every year. This lake is the biggest. However, there are small lakes and ponds around it with lotus flowers. There are also blooming flowers in the season.

– We saw three types of lotus flowers. White, pink, pink-white mix. But apart from lotus, there are some more unknown flowers. I liked the small purple flower like a water lily.

Best time to go to Comilla Padma Bil-

I went in early October. I saw pretty good flowers in the lake. But the appropriate time for lotus is autumn. You may get the most lotuses if you go between August and September.

Now let’s say how to go to Comilla-

Dhaka to Comilla travel is the most accessible and less time-consuming. Traveling by bus seems like a comfortable journey to me. Tisha, Asia Line, and Monami buses run from Dhaka to Comilla and Comilla to Dhaka. Non AC ticket is Tk 250 per person. And Monami AC ticket is Tk 300 per person. It will take 1.5-2 hours. Buses depart regularly from Tikatuli and Sayedabad. But if you want to travel on holidays or with family, it is better to go from the Syedabad bus stand.

You can also go to Comilla by train. From Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka, Chatla Express, and Upokul Express go to Comilla. The fare will be 170 taka per person (Shovon chair) to 700 taka (AC cabin). If you go by train, buy the ticket online or from the counter in advance. Dhaka to Comilla train schedule and fare details

How to get to Padmabil?

First, Go Dhaka to Shashongacha or Comilla main city by bus. Then you will get CNG for Dakksingram village After a five-minute walk, you will see the lake. It will cost 50-60 Tk per person in CNG. Reserve 250-300 taka. 5 people can go together to CNG.

Comilla Travel Precautions and Tips-

1) Padma Lake is the earning source for many local people. So avoid tearing lotus flowers. You can pluck one or two flowers to take pictures but not more.

2) The best time to go to Shapla or Padmabil is early morning, before sunrise of course. The flowers become exhausted in the heat of the sun.

3) Definitely take an umbrella.

4) Bargain before renting the boat.

5) Although there are two ways to go to Comilla, I found it more convenient and less time-consuming to go by bus. Buses leave from Tikatuli and Syedabad in Dhaka. On holidays it is definitely better to go from Sayedabad. The last bus from Comilla leaves for Dhaka at 8:30 pm.

6) If you go by train, you must buy a ticket in advance.

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