Houseboat Cost of Tangua Haor, Sunamganj

Houseboat Cost of Tangua Haor, Sunamganj

Houseboat Cost of Tangua Haor, Sunamganj

When we hear the name of Haor, we feel a kind of peace in our minds. Who doesn’t love to stay overnight in the middle of the Haor and enjoy nature by sitting on the roof of the boat? It is the dream of almost all travelers to float in the Haor on a moonlit night. Such a dreamy Haor is “Tangua Haor”. The location of this Haor is in the Tekerghat area of Tahirpur, Sunamganj. The haor is surrounded by Meghalaya. It is the reservoir of natural beauty. It is an unbelievable experience to enjoy Haor, Meghalaya, and clouds together. Once upon a time, there are only small engine-driven boats were available in Tangua but now the boats are replaced with Houseboats. After has launched the houseboats, the demand for Tangua Haor trips increasing day by day. Nowadays many people are opting for a relaxing trip in Tangua with their family. The cost of these premium houseboats is on average between 6,000 to 8,000 Tk per person. More luxurious houseboats are also available in Haor. Apart from these luxury boats, there are some sharing boats for student budgets or those who can’t afford premium houseboats. that can easily visit Tangua at a very low cost.  From my travel experience, I will try to tell you the details of all the premium houseboats in Tangua Haor, including booking number, budget-friendly sharing boat cost, total travel cost, where to go, extra cost outside of the houseboat, how to go to Tangua Haor at a low cost and the pros and cons of a houseboats trip.

How to go to Tangua Haor?

First, let me tell you how to go. Tangua Haor is located in Sunamganj district. You will get a direct bus to Sunamganj from Dhaka. You can catch the bus from Dhaka’s Sayedabad, Jonpoder Mor, Gabtali, Chittagong Road, Kalabagan, etc. bus terminals. Fares vary from bus to bus. You can go to Sunamganj by non-AC buses of Ena, Hanif, Mamun, Shyamoli etc. The fare is 800 taka per person. The AC bus fare of these bus services is Tk 900-1000. If you want to go at a lower cost, you can go by Al-Mobarka bus, the fare will be Tk 600 per person (non-AC). You can go directly to Shaheb Bari Ghat after getting down at the bus stand. The fare from Sunamganj bus stand to Shaheb Bari Ghat is 30-40 taka per person.

Besides, if you want to go at a lower cost, you can take the Netrakona route. You can go to Mohonganj station by Haor Express train from Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station at 10 pm. The fare is Tk 220 per person (Shovon chair). The train reaches Mohonganj around 5 am. You will get an auto to Moddhonagar outside of the Mohonganj station. Auto fare 70 taka per person. From this Moddonagar you can hire boats. Book train tickets

Houseboat Cost and Booking Information in Tangua Haor-

Houseboat Cost of Tangua Haor, Sunamganj

Here are the lists of some premium and sharing houseboat package lists, costs, and booking numbers in Tangua Haor-

Rongila Baroi-

Currently, the most premium and luxury boat in Tangua Haor is Rongila Baroi. Tourists will get a different taste in the aesthetic design and artistic touch of this recently launched boat.

Rangila Barai Houseboat Cost-

Two types of packages are available-

1) Package excluding holidays – 17000 Tk per cabin room (sharing a bed for two people)

2)Holiday Package (Friday/Saturday/Public Holiday) – 19000 Tk per cabin room (2 person)

[No charge applicable for children below 3 years. 50% discount for children above 7 years. Full charge applicable for children 7 years+.]

For booking details call- 01675746305 (Discount will be given on full boat hire)

Shwapno – A Luxury Houseboat-

The second well-appointed luxury houseboat in Tangua Haor.

Shwapno Boat’s total Cabin:

-Triple Rooms: 4 (with 2 common washrooms)

-Couple Rooms: 4 (with 4 attached washrooms)

Package: 1 night 2 days.

Package cost on Friday, Saturday, and Closed days-

-Couple room + attached bathroom (for 2 people) – 16000 Tk (8000 Tk per person.)

-Triple Room – For 3 people – Rent Tk 6500 per person (no attached washroom)

Sunday – Thursday Package Cost-

-Couple room + attached bathroom (2 people) – 11800 Tk,(5900 Tk per person.)

-Triple Room – For 3 people – Rent Tk 4900 per person (no attached washroom)

Contact for booking:



Bojra- The 2nd premium houseboat of Tangua-

2 days 1-night package rate per person (Sunamganj to Sunamganj):

Closed Door Cabin + Attach Bathroom (1:2) = 8,500 Tk per person

Closed door cabin + sharing bathroom (1:2) = 7,500 Tk per person

Closed Door Cabin+Nonattached Bathroom (1:3) = 6,000 Tk per person

Open Cabin (1:2) = 6500 Tk per person

Open Cabin (1:3) = 5500 Tk per person

For any information regarding Bojra directly contact:




The Behula Houseboat-

On weekends (Fri-Sat)- 5500 Tk per person 

 Couple room fare-  6100 Tk per person.

On weekdays (Sunday-Monday)- 4800 Tk per person  and

Cabin rooms cost (couple)-  5500 tk  per person

Contact for booking- 01850322139

Joler Gan Houseboat-

Package Cost: (Sunamganj – Tanguar Haor – Sunamganj)

Fri-Sat/Public Holidays Package-

>>Luxury Cabin (Attach Bath and Private Balcony)-

2 people in 1 cabin – Tk 10500 per person

3 persons in 1 cabin – 8500 per person

>>Premium Room (Common Bathroom)-

2 people in 1 cabin – 8500 taka per person

3 persons in 1 cabin – 6500 Tk per person

>>Bunker Package (1 person)- 5500 Tk per person

>>Lobby Package – (Maximum 9 person)-

(Lobby package available on full boat only)

Maximum of 9 persons – Tk.5000 per person

Child Policy :

1-4 years: Free

5-7 years: 5000 (no discount applicable)

***** 7+ children will be considered adults and will have to bear the fare as per the package

[Other days except for Friday-Saturday/Public Holidays, and Full Moon: 20% discount on the basic package]

Monpura- Heaven On Water-

Package list:

Cabin with attached washroom-

7000 Tk per person (2 people in 1 cabin)

6000 Tk per person (3 people in 1 cabin)

>>Non-Attached Premium Cabin –

6000 Tk per person (for 2 persons in 1 cabin)

Tk 5500 per person (in case of 3 persons in 1 cabin)

>>Non Attached Standard Cabin –

6000 Tk per person (2 persons in 1 cabin)

Tk 5500 per person (3 people in 1 cabin)

>>Economy Cabin-

5000 Tk per person (2 people per cabin)

>>In case of group booking-

For 21-24 persons: Tk. 6000 per person.

For 18-20 people: Tk 6,500 per person.

For 16-17 people: Tk 7,000 per person.

For 15-16 people: Tk 7,500 per person.

For 13-14 people: Tk 8000 per person

For 11-12 people: Tk 8,500 per person.

For 09-10 persons: Tk 9,000 per person.

For 07-08 people: Tk 10,000 per person.

>>Child Policy: 0-3 years free. 4-7 years 50% discount.

If you want, you can come directly to the office and make a booking.

Office address-

New Eden Market (3rd Floor), 10/3/3 Toynbee Circular Road, Motijheel B/A, Dhaka-1000

Palki Houseboat-

1 Night 2 Day Package:

6000 Tk per person (3 people in 1 cabin)

7000 Tk per person (2 seats in 1 cabin)

Jol Rong-A poetic Water Villa-

Two Days One Night Tangua Haor Tour Package List-

On Friday-Saturday/moonlit night/public holidays-

7500 Tk per person (i2 people in a room)

6500 Tk per person (3 people in a room)

Other days-

Tk 6750 per person (2 people in a room)

Tk 5850 per person (3 people in a room)

Jolnibash Houseboat-

Package Price – Sunamganj to Sunamganj :

-Attach Washroom Couple Cabin fare-Tk 7,500 per person

-Non Attached bathe Couple Cabin fare- Tk 6,500 per person

-Attach Washroom Family Connecting Cabin Tk 7,000 per person

-Common/ Banker Bed Tk 6,000 per person

Pankouri Houseboat-

Houseboat Capacity-

Premium- 16-22 people 

Standard- 22-26 people 

[2 Day & 1 Night Package]

Fri-Sat/Full Moon/Public Holidays-

Couple Bed Room- 7000 Tk per person (2 people per room)

Couple bedroom- 6500 Tk per person (3 persons in one room)

Sunday to Thursday Fare List-

Couple room – 2 people in 1 room – rent 6300 taka per person.

Couple bedroom – 3 people in one room – rent 5850 taka per person.

Booking system- 50% of payment must be made through a bank account or mobile banking, and the remaining 50% can be paid after checking in the boat.

For booking contact –


Discounts are available on full-boat reservations.

Jolchobi Houseboat-

Cabin category:

-Cabin: (Attach High Commode)

Per person: 8500 taka (2 people in 1 cabin)

Per person: Tk 7000 (3 people in 1 cabin)

Fridays, except Saturdays,

Couple Cabin 15000 Tk (2 person)

Couple cabin (3 people)- 18000 Tk.

Fare list for whole boat bookings-

7000 Tk per person for 18 people.

8000 per person for 14 people.

8500 per person for 12 people.

10000 per person for 10 people.

For 08 persons: Tk. 12000 per person.

For 06 persons: Tk 15000 per person

An additional 10% discount will be given on Sunday-Wednesday bookings (excluding public holidays and full moon days).

Contact for booking or any information

mobile phone-



Himadri- A Luxury Houseboat

Fare list according to cabin standard:

-Premium cabin with attached washroom (4h)

Per person: Tk 8500 (2 people in 1 cabin)

Per person: Tk 7000 (3 people in 1 cabin)

-Non Attached Premium Cabin 

Per person: Tk 7500 (2 people in 1 cabin)

Per person: Tk 6000 (3 people in 1 cabin)

In case of group booking-

For 19-24 persons: Tk 6,000 per person.

For 16-18 people: Tk 6,500 per person.

For 14-15 people: Tk 7,500 per person.

For 12-14 people: Tk 8,500 per person.

For 09-11 people: Tk 9000 per person

For 08-10 people: Tk 9,500 per person.

For 06-07 persons: Tk.11,000 per person.

– An additional 10% discount will be given on Sunday-Wednesday (excluding public holidays and full moon days).

-To confirm booking-




Or you can book directly by coming to the office.

Our office address: is 322, Sat Masjid Super Market, Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Silver Wave Houseboat-

The number of attached Washroom Cabin – 04

8500 Tk per person (2 persons in 1 cabin)

7000 Tk per person (3 persons in 1 cabin)

The number of non Attached bathe Premium Cabin- 02

7500 Tk per person (2 people in 1 cabin)

6000 Tk per person (3 people in 1 cabin)

* 10% discount except on public holidays and full moon days.

Gunjawar Houseboat-

Sunamganj to Sunamganj Package Price (2 Days & 1 Night) (Full Boat Reserve)-

For 10 – 11 person: 9000/- (per person)

For 12 – 14 person: 7500/- (per person)

For 15 – 17 person: 7000/- (per person)

For 18 – 20 person: 6500/- (per person)

For 21 – 23 person: 6000/- (per person)

For 24+ person: 5500/- (per person)

Sunamganj to Sunamganj Package Price (2 days and 1 night)

2 person in 1 cabin: 7500 Tk (per person)

3 person in 1 cabin: 6500 Tk (per person

4 person in 1 cabin:5500 Tk (per person)

Note: There is a discount of up to 1000/- per person on other days except Friday-Saturday, moonlit nights, and public holidays.

you will get 30% to 40% off the original package rate in case of full boat reserve, Sunamganj to Sunamganj package cost for 1 Day Trip

Child Policy:

▪️ Free for children from zero to 4 years

▪️ Children 5 to 8 years will have a 40% rate off from the basic package. In this case, the child must share the room with his parents or guardian.

▪️ From the age of 8 years will be considered an adult and will have to pay the full package price.

Contact no- 01717144646

Or you can come to the office and confirm the booking.

Dhaka Office:

House: 09, Road: 03, Sector: 13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.

Sunamganj Office: Saheb Bari Ghat, Sunamganj Sadar

Aranyak-Aronnok- The Luxury Houseboat

Check in: 8:30 am (from Sunamganj)

Check Out: Next Day 07 PM (at Sunamganj)

Fare list: (Sunamganj to Sunamganj)

Per person – 4800/- (3 person per cabin).

Per person – 5500/- (2 person/couple per cabin).

Per Person – 5800/- (Attached Washroom Cabin || 3 Persons)

Per Person – 6500/- (Attached Washroom Cabin || 2 Persons)

Per person- 4400/- (2/3 share space).

Child Policy: Free for children from zero to 2.5 years. 3000 taka for children from 3 to 7 years (subject to room sharing with parents) and from 7 years will be considered as adults.

Booking Policy: 50% of the rent must be paid in advance by coming directly to the Dhaka office or through Bkash, cash, or bank account for booking.

Booking cancellation policy:

Amount of refund you will get on cancellation of booking (50% of rent as advance)-

If you cancel before 15 days, you will get 80% refund.

If you cancel before 12 days, you will get a 60% refund.

If you cancel before 10 days, you will get a 40% refund.

If you cancel before 7 days, you will get a 20% refund.


Do not do anything that disturbs females.

Carrying/consumption of any type of drugs is strictly prohibited except smoking.

Unmarried couples are not allowed.

Please keep 1 photocopy of the NID / Birth Certificate.

How to book in advance:

* Bkash (Personal)- 01748-980571 (Send Money)

* Cash (Personal)- 01882-974763 (Send Money)

Booking Office: 

19/8/A, Hasan Villa, Trimohani, Khilgaon, Dhaka.




Hawaii Tori-

The number of total cabins- is 6 (Attached washrooms with all cabins)

Friday-Saturday, public holidays, and full moon days Package-

1 cabin room (2 people), 8000 taka per person

1 room for 3 people -7000 taka per person.

Child Policy:

0-3 years full free

3-7 years- half payment

7+ years-  Full payment

*All rooms have attached washroom*

Other days:

2 people in 1 room – 6500 taka per person

3 people in 1 room – 5500 taka per person.

Call for details:


Bonedi – The Houseboat

Package Rate-

Fri-Sat/Public Holidays rate- Tk. 5000 per person

Sunday-Thursday- Tk.4000 per person

Bonedi houseboat journey starts from Tahirpur Machinbari Ghat.

For any information related to Bonedi, booking, or food menu, contact them directly at the following number-



At least a 25% non-refundable booking deposit is required to book Banedi. The remaining amount should be paid at the time of check-in on the boat.

How to travel to Tangua Howar at a low cost-

Apart from the premium or luxury houseboats, some sharing houseboats offer Tangua tours at low cost. 10-15 people can travel together in these boats. The reserve fare for the whole boat ranges from Tk 15,000 to Tk 25,000.

Harmony Of Tangua-

Cost on Fri-Sat/Closed Days/Any Public Holidays- Tk 6500 per person.

5500 per person excluding closing days.

11 people can travel together.

***No cabin room and attached washroom.

Contact- 01731470111

Bongotori- Traditional Boat in Tangua Haor-

Holiday/Fri-Sat/Other Closed Day Fare – Tk 25000 (Full Boat)

Except for holidays/Sunday-Thursday fare- Tk 20000 (full boat)

For booking details contact-




4500 Tk per person (3 Nights 2 Days)

Tour Start:- Every Thursday

Note: Package price is Tk 5,000 per person during moonlit night. 

Hotline:- 01976761679

Package Details:

** Dhaka – Sunamganj – Dhaka Non AC Bus Service

** Transportation cost to Tahirpur

** 5 meals and afternoon tea snack

** 2 days and 1 night stay on the boat

** All guide expenses.

** Simul Bagan entry fee

** Free life jackets

**Separate accommodation for boys and girls.

** All types of people including boys, girls, couples, and families can join in this tour **

Admin can change the food menu at any time according to the facilities.

Seat planning will be done based on booking. Those who book earlier will get a seat in the front lounge.

Booking System:

You can make a booking by bank, Bkash (including expenses), cash, or direct deposit of Tk 1500 (non-refundable) at the office.

Bkash & Nagad Account: 01600216473 (Personal)

Bank Account details:-

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Account Name: Travel Sense

Account Number: 224.110.11294

Wari Branch

Head Office Address:-

188 Inner Circular Road, Arambagh, Motijheel Dhaka-1000

2nd Floor [Green Line (3) Bus Counter Building]

Jatrabari Office:-

109 Dakshin Jatrabari, Navinagar, Dhaka

Mobile: 01600216473

Whatsapp: 01600216473, IMO: 01600216473

Sonai- A Tinner Houseboat of Tangua-

Normal boat for small groups (6-10 persons).

Package list-

15,000 Tk [Fri-Sat] and

Other days Tk 10,000 / 13,000. [2 day-1 night ]

This boat is perfect for

>> Small groups of 6-10 people

>> Students, Office Colleague

>> Friends and Family

Check-in & Check-out –

Tahirpur to Tahirpur

2 days 1 night: 08 am to next day 05 pm.

Not included in the package

– Any type of bike rental

– Simul Bagan entry fee

Boat Details –

-It is not a houseboat, it is a normal tourist boat

– There are two neat and clean high commode and low commode washrooms

– A nice and tidy place to hang out on the roof of the boat

Contact-  01576636951

Aqua boogie-

Package cost per person- Tk 3500

What’s in the package:

  • Sunamganj to Sunamganj pick and drop
  • 2 days 01-night stay in the houseboat
  • 9 meals
  • Travel in 5 spots

For details inbox or call 01783444030.

*Conditions apply

The Flying Dutchman-An Aristocrat Houseboat-

You can visit Tangua Haor in a family houseboat with a low package cost.

Per person 3499 Tk

What’s in the package:

  • Sunamganj to Sunamganj pick and drop
  • 2 days 01-night stay in the houseboat
  • 9 times meal
  • Travel with the houseboat to different spots

For details inbox or call – 01783444030.

What to see on the Tangua Haor-

  • Tangua Haor
  • Watch Tower
  • Niladri Lake
  • LC point
  • Lakmachara
  • Lalaghat waterfall-
  • Barikka Tila
  • Shimul Bagan (garden)
  • Jadukata River
  • Khorchar Haor
  • Matian Haor
  • India – Bangladesh border
  • Shadapathor, Chanpur
  • Rajai Jharna/waterfall
  • Border/Indian Hut (open only Wednesday)

Bike and Auto Costs in Tangua Haor Tour-

First-day goes to Niladri Lake, Lakmachra, Indian Hut (Bazar), Lalaghat waterfall (Jharna), LC Point (Stone Excavation Site), etc. Get off the boat and hire an auto to go to these places. Auto fare is 350 to 400 taka (reserve). The auto will drop you near Niladri Lake after visiting Lakmachhra and Lalaghat fountains. At the far end of the lake is LC Point, a little further along the village road.

You will visit Sadapathar, Rajai waterfall, Barikka Tila, Meghalaya View, and Jadukata River on the second day. You must hire a bike to explore these places. You can reach Barikka Tila on foot, but there is no other way to go to Sadapathar and Rajai waterfall except by bike. Each bike cost will be like 300-400 taka. If you want, you can also come to see Shimul Garden. Shimul Bagan’s ticket price is 30 taka per person. Shimul Bagan has horse rides. You can ride a horse and roam the garden. Ride fee 50-100 Tk.

The Features of Premium Houseboat:

1. Houseboats have separate cabin rooms. You can enjoy the beauty of Haor from the window of the room.

2) Every boat has a generator/IPS system in the cabin. There is a separate charger port so it will not be difficult to charge the phone or electronics.

3) There are attached washrooms with all cabins. So no need to share with other travelers.

4) The security system is very good.

5) Mineral water, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, sandals, towels etc. will be provided.

6) Life jackets are free for all tourists.

7)You can eat fresh food in the Haor area. The cooking quality and taste are amazing. They provide breakfast/snacks with each meal.

8) Unlimited tea/ mineral water.

9) Free room service.

Advantages of sharing houseboats-

1) You can visit Tangua Haor at a very low cost.

2) If it is a group tour, everyone in the group can stay and enjoy together.

Disadvantages of sharing Houseboats-

1) No cabin or bedroom. Everyone should share a bed.

2) Couples should not travel in sharing houseboats.

3) There will be a common washroom. No attached bath. All tourists have to share a washroom and toilet.

4) You will not get any privacy.

5) You may face problems in Charging mobile phones, cameras, and electronics. In this case, you can carry a multi-plug.

Tangua Haor Travel Tips-

1) Book the houseboat at least 715 days before travel (On season). Know all the information about the boat before booking.

2) Try to leave for Dhaka by bus after 10 pm otherwise you will reach Sunamganj before dawn.

3) Try to select lounge lounge-facing room while booking. Rooms near the engine are louder than other rooms.

4) Before hiring the bike, bargain with your rider and decide which places you visit and how long.

5) You will get a Discount in case of book the entire houseboat. If you want, you travel to Tangua with your family and friends. It’s a relaxing trip.

6) Check whether bus tickets are included in the package or not.

7) The weather in Haor changes quickly. So keep an umbrella and raincoat with you.

8) Carry medicine for fever, cold, cough, headache, gastric, etc., and add to your necessary medicine.

9) Know the food menu. If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please let them know.

10) Before renting a bike/auto/horse, check the price and decide where you will ride and how long you will ride.

Precautions while visiting Tangua Haor by houseboat-

1)Boat windows are wide enough so there is a possibility of falling through the window. Be careful

2) If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go into the water without a life jacket. It is safe to wear a life jacket if you go into the water.

3) Take care of the younger members/children of the family.

4) Lock the cabin windows well before going to any spot.

5) Do not misbehave with any staff on the boat. They are quite polite.

6) Please do not throw away any unperishable things in the water. Every cabin has a dustbin, throw the garbage there.

Thank You. Happy Traveling.

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