Lakmachara, Sunamganj

Lakmachara, Sunamganj

Being very close to Meghalaya, Sylhet and Sunamganj districts are full of springs and streams. Almost every spring in Meghalaya flows from our neighboring country, India, and joins Bangladesh. Such a beautiful fountain is Sunamganj’s Lakmachara fountain. The water of this waterfall flows in like a stream, which is connected to Tangua Haor. The origin of the fountain is India so it is not allowed to cross the border and go to the fountain. But even if you can’t see the waterfall, the beauty of this place will not disappoint you. The stream flows endlessly over small and large rocks. You can see colorful stones through clear water here. The hills of Meghalaya are very close to here. People Compared it with Bichanakandi and Bholaganj, but I think Lakmachara has its beauty. The houses of the tribals carved into the hills are like a picture drawn by the artist. You can also take a bath here if you want. Refresh yourself by soaking in the cool water of the fountain. Indian goods often come and go through the border. It is the only earning source for the residents and tribals.

How to go to Lakmachara –

There are two ways to go

Buses and Trains

If you go by bus, come to Sayedabad, Kaollanpur, Gabtali, or Chittagong Road in Dhaka according to your convenience. Many buses, including Ena, Shyamoli, Hanif, Mamun, Unique, and Al-Mobarka, will take you to Sunamganj. Fare- Tk 600-800 (Non-AC), Tk 900-1000 AC bus fare. If your budget is low, choose the Al-Mubarka bus, the fare is 600 taka per person. (lowest fare).

If you want to go by train, you can travel by two routes-

-Dhaka to Sylhet to Sunamganj

-Dhaka to Netrakona to Madhyanagar Ghat

Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, Kalani Express, Parabat Express go from Dhaka to Sylhet. The rest of the trains except Upaban Express run during the day. Fare 380 taka (SHOVON chair). From Sylhet station, you have to go to Kumargao bus stand in Sylhet with CNG, the reserve CNG fare is Tk 200-300. 70-80 taka per person without reservation. If you want to go by local bus, go to the main road and pick a bus which will go to Kumargao bus stand. Buses for Sunamganj depart from Kumargao bus stand. There are three types of bus services: local, non-stop, and AC. The last non-stop bus leaves at 9 p.m. and the last AC bus leaves at 7 p.m. The local bus fare is 90 taka. Non-stop Tk 120 and AC bus fare Tk 160 per person. It will take 1.5 to 2 hours to reach. Also, if you want to go to Sunamganj at any time, you can reserve micro or CNG from Chowhatta in Sylhet. The rent will be Tk 200-250 per person. Dhaka to Train Schedule and Ticket Price

There are three trains from Dhaka to Netrakona. Mahua Commuter, Mohanganj Express, and Haor Express. Haor Express is a night train and others travel in day time. Rent is Tk 110 per person. Get down at Netrakona station and take CNG/Auto to Madhyanagar Ghat. You can hire Boats/Trawlers from this Madhyanagar ghat in the rainy season. In the off-season, you have to rent a bike from here to go to all places including Lakmachara, and Lalaghat. If you bring your bike, you can park it for Tk 50-100. Book train Ticket

Bike Rent for Sunamganj- (For Off Season)

In the off-season i.e. except the rainy season, there is no option other than a bike. In that case, you can reserve a bike in several ways.

After reaching Sunamganj by bus, you can rent a bike for the whole day from the bus stand. The fare can be Tk 1200-1500. If you want, you can also hire a bike from the bus stand to the ferry ghat and again across the ferry wharf to Tekerghat/Lakmachra. It is better to reserve once to save time but it is a different matter if your budget is low.

From Sylhet, you have to reserve a bike or CNG from Surma Bridge in Sylhet.

From Netrakona Madhyanagar you can also get a bike to go to Lakmachara. Be sure to check the price before hiring the bike.

During the rainy season or on season, the whole area of Sunamganj is covered in water. Instead of CNG or bikes, there are boats and trawlers available at the ghats. Currently, houseboats are very popular in Tangua Haor. If you book a houseboat, your boat will take you to the Tekerghat. After a short walk from the Tekerghat, you will get an auto/bike to Lakmachara. Rent 350-400 taka (reserve). 6-8 people can go in one auto. Bike fare is 150-200 taka (2 people on 1 bike). It takes about 15 minutes to go.

Even if you are coming via Netrakona, hire a trawler/boat from Madhyanagar Ghat and come to Tekerghat. Then from here, you can also visit Lakmachara.

Where to eat and stay in Sunamganj?

Lakmachra is a border area, so there is no hotel or resort to stay here. You will not find any hotel for food either. If you go in the on-season, you will get the facility of staying and eating in the houseboat. In the off-season, you can spend the night in a few guest houses or hotels in the Tekerghat Bazar area, Sunamganj Bazar, or bus stand. You have to come towards the market for food and hotels.

Cautions and Tips for Lakmachara Travel

  • Don’t cross the border. Be careful about this.
  • If you want to take a bath, take your clothes, towels/towels with you. But there is no changing room.
  • Step carefully because the rock is a bit slippery. It may cause a serious accident.
  • Don’t come here wearing shoes. You can wear sandals or trekking sandals. walking on rocks barefoot is a bit difficult.
  • Lalaghat waterfall is very close to Lakmachara. Visit Lalaghat waterfall. Your bike rider will take you there after Lakmachara.
  • Be sure to bargain before renting an auto/bike. Before taking the ride, tell which places and how long you will visit.

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