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Niladri Lake is called a piece of heaven in Bangladesh. It is one of the most beautiful lakes built near the India-Bangladesh border at Tekerghat in Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj District. The mountains and clouds of Meghalaya surround Niladri with utmost care. Another name of Niladri Lake is “Shaheed Siraj Lake”. It is named after the freedom fighter Shaheed Sirajul Islam. Locals are also known as “Tekerghat Pathar Quarry”. Next to the lake, you can see huge black limestone. Although the quarry is now closed, limestone was once extracted. This stone quarry and Niladri Lake are spread over an area of about 327 acres.

Best time to visit Niladri Lake-

Most tour groups combine Niladri Lake with the Tangua Haor tour as the route of these two places is one-way. So many people consider the rainy season the right time for Niladri Lake. But I will say Niladri Lake and Jadukata River express their true beauty in winter. November to  January. The water remains low and Niladri returns to its original youth at that time. Due to the high volume of water during the monsoons, we can’t see the real color of the Lake water. The water is in a dim green color but there is plenty of water at this time and there are opportunities for kayaking.

How to go to Niladri Lake?

Generally, there are two ways to go.

1) Dhaka to Sunamganj route

2) Dhaka to Netrakona route

I will try to share all the routes and how to go in detail-

Route Plan-1-

Many more buses like Ena, Hanif, Shaymoli, Mamun, Al-Mobaraka, Unique, etc. leave for Sunamganj from Chittagong Road, Kollanpur,  Sayedabad         Tikatuli, Gabtoli, in Dhaka. The ticket price per person in a non-AC bus is Tk 600-900. These bus services also have AC versions, you will get an AC bus to Sunamganj within 900-1000 taka. It takes about six to seven hours to reach Sunamganj. You can rent a motorcycle to go to Tekerghat from Sunamganj city’s new bridge. Motorcycle rental fee from Tk 400 to Tk 600 (reserve). While crossing the Jadukata River in the ferry wharf, you have to pay Tk 5 per person and Tk 10 for motorcycles.

You can get down from the Sunamganj bus and come to Laurer Gor by motorcycle. The fare will be Tk 200-300. In Laurer Gor, you can hire another motorcycle from Barikka Tila to Tekerghat for 300–400 taka after crossing the Jadukata River. Two people can go on one bike.

Route Plan-2

An inter-city train called “Haor Express” starts its journey from Dhaka’s Kamlapur railway station to Mohanganj at 11 p.m. This train will drop you at Mohanganj station early next morning. The fare is Tk 110 per person. Get down from Mohanganj station and go to Moddhonogor by auto/CNG. It will take 1 hour, the fare is 70 taka. From Pipra Kanda Ghat in Moddonagar, you can go to Tekerghat by trawler, speedboat, or boat during monsoon. The rent of these boats and trawlers starts from 1000-2000. Know details about houseboat and trawler rentals in Sunamganj. You can go directly to Tekerghat by renting a boat or trawler from Netrakona. However, motorcycles are used to go from Netrokona to Tekerghat in winter.

Route Plan-3

This is the most popular route during monsoons. You can go to Tekerghat by houseboat from Sunamganj via Tanguar Haor. Niladri Lake is a 10-minute walk distance from Tekerghat where the boat stops. Again, you can go down to Sunamganj from near the big bridge by Laguna / CNG / bike to Tahirpur. One can go to Niladri via Tangua Howr by hiring a boat according to size and capacity from Trawler Wharf(Ghat) at Tahirpur. In this case, a small boat fare for the whole day may cost 2000-3000 taka.

trip to niladri lake

Niladri Lake Entry Fee and Kayaking Cost-

There is no fee to enter the lake. And you can go kayaking if you want. One boat can take 2 people. The kayaking fee is Tk 100 per person, i.e. boat rent is Tk 200. Time – 1 hour. Must wear a Life jacket during kayaking time. You can collect life jackets from the kayaking point.

Apart from kayaking, there are normal boats. 10-12 people can board those boats. The rent will be like 400-500 Tk. The time is 30 minutes. You can bargain and then fix the rate.

Being close to the border, BGB is always here. The shape of the lake is somewhat spherical. A green carpet of grass is spread across the banks of the lake. On rainy days these grasses become darker green in color and look fresher. A dune has formed in the middle of the lake. Due to the high water in the lake, there is no other way to go there without a boat. But if you go during other times except the rainy season, you can go around on foot. Boats are not available in this lake in the off-season. If you are lucky, you can get it.

It is wonderful to spend time in this lake in the afternoon. The intensity of the sun is not there then. But don’t forget to kayak in a light breeze. There are so many hills standing on the opposite side of the lake. From the green hills, you can see a very beautiful view of the entire Niladri. After a short walk along the lake, you will find the kayaking point. Just ahead of the kayaking point is the Indian border. To the right of this, a road leads towards the village. If you walk along this road you will find LC point/stone quarry. There is no need to go far inside the village alone.

Warnings and Tips for Niladri Lake Trip-

1) Niladri Lake is very deep, you must wear a life jacket if you get into the water.

2) The afternoon is the ideal time to visit Niladri Lake.

3) Don’t forget to go kayaking in Niladri Lake.

4) Fix the time and price before renting the boat.

5) Niladri Lake is very close to the Indian border. Do not attempt to cross the border.

6) Shimul Bagan, Jadukata River, Barikka Tila, Lakmachara, Lalaghat Jharna are next to Niladri Lake. You can visit all these places in one day. 

Happy Travelling!

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