How to go Sohosrodhara-2 Waterfall

Sohosrodhara-2 Waterfall trip

Do you know the name of the highest fountain in Sitakunda? There is no trouble with trekking, there is no inaccessible trail. Tourists of any age from young to old can go there. Yes, you are right – I was talking about Sahasradhara-2 Waterfall. Sahasradhara 2 is a must-visit place for those who don’t want to trek or are not allowed to trek despite being a waterfall lover. Standing in front of it, you feel yourself very small. You are bound to succumb to its enormity. The most interesting part of reaching this waterfall is its huge lake. I will try to tell you the details of how to go to Sahasradhara 2 waterfall very easily, where to stay, and what the cost will be.

How to reach Sitakunda-

The distance of Sitakunda is about 40 km from Dhaka. It takes 5-6 hours to reach by bus or train. If you want to go directly by bus, you can take buses from Sayedabad, Gabtali, Kollanpur, and Chittagong Road. Ena, Shyamoli, Hanif, etc. buses directly go to Sitakunda. The fare is 680 Tk. You have to get down at Choto Darogar Hut.

Another way to reach Sitakunda Bazar is via Feni from Dhaka. Ena, Star Line, and Saudia bus services are available from Dhaka to Fenir Mohipal. The fare is Tk 350-500. From Feni’s Mohipal to Sitakunda Bazar, you will get lots of buses. The fare will be 70-100 taka. You can also go to Feni by train. Train fare is 260 taka per person. From the Feni station, take a bus to Choto Daroga’s market (Choto Darogar Hat), Sitakunda.

You cannot go to Sitakunda by train directly. First, you have to come to Chittagong station from Dhaka Kamlapur Railway station. The Rent is Tk 360 per person (Shovon chair). Buses are available from Chittagong to Sitakunda. Rent 70-100 Tk. The bus will drop you at Choto Daroga’s market, Sitakunda. Book your train ticket online

If you want to travel at a very low cost, you can go directly to Sitakunda from Dhaka by mail train. Tickets are Tk 110. This train leaves around 10:30-11 a.m. Mail train details. 

Get off the train station and go to Sitakunda bus stand. It takes 8 to 10 minutes to reach. You can find many buses from the Sitakunda bus stand that take you to Choto Daroga Bazar. You can also take CNG directly. Reserve CNG fare will be 150 to 200 taka.

You can walk down from Choto Darogar Hat/Bazar/market to the Sahasradhara ticket counter. Or you can take CNG/auto rickshaw. Fare 150 taka (reserve). CNG/autorickshaws now ply in front of the Sahasradhara-2 ticket counter. Earlier tourists had to trek from the main road to reach here.

Sitakunda Hotels and food arrangements-

Many hotels have been built in Sitakunda Bazar, bus stand. You can spend the night on a low budget. Notable are Hotel Saudia, Hotel 99, Hotel Jalsa, Hotel Tayiba, Hotel Saimun etc. No need to book in advance.

There are some good quality food hotels in Sitakunda market, where you can eat your meals. You can also find food hotels in Choto Darogar hut.

Sohosrodhara-2 Ticket Price-

At present, in order to enter Sahasradhara 2 waterfall, you need to buy a ticket to go inside. The spring is mainly under Baraiadhala National Park hence the name Baraiadhala is mentioned in the ticket. The ticket price is Tk 20 per person. And the boat fare to Sahasradhara Spring is 60 taka (coming + going).

I bought the ticket, now it’s time to cross the stairs. when I climbed up these stairs, I was not preparing at all for the beautiful sight that I saw. This is called Sohosrodhara-2 lake. I had heard a lot about its beauty, but I was so surprised to see it directly that day. The weather was so gloomy. It is surrounded by green hills. We could show the clear reflections of blue-white clouds in the clear lake water. There were so many clouds in the sky that day. The water of the lake was gently swaying in the gentle breeze. The number of travelers was too much that day. So we waited to get the serial in the boat. There is another way to reach the spring through the mountain road on the side of the lake. We went a little higher along that road to avoid sun heat. The view of the lake from here is more beautiful and clear. But be careful not to walk on this road with bare feet. I saw a lot of plants, unknown insects, and spiders here. You can go to the waterfall by walking along this road for 20-30 minutes. However, you should not miss the boat ride.

After waiting for about an hour, we finally got a call. 10-12 people can go together in one boat. Within 10 minutes I reached Sahasradhara 2 waterfall. After getting off the boat and walking some distance, you will see this monster. The water is falling directly from the top of the hill. It is the highest fountain in Sitakunda that I have ever seen. It looks very wild during the rains but that day the water was very low as it had not rained for a few days. Trekking to the top of the waterfall is also possible. Those who like adventure can go to the top on foot through the side road. I saw a deep khum as usual in front of the fountain. As I stepped towards the fountain to soak myself, I saw the rainbow. A small rainbow around the fountain. This scene is not new in Spring. If there is too much water in the fountain, you should not go close to it. When the water in Khum rises then it is so risky to bathe or swim there. After refreshing ourselves for some time in the cold water of the spring, it is time to return. On the way back, we had to wait for a long time for the boat, which was very annoying.

Some Precautions and Tips for Sahasradhara-2 Waterfall Trip-

1) Avoid bathing in lake water if you do not know swimming. The lake is bottomless.

2) Sahasradhara-2 waterfall is very dangerous during heavy rain/flash floods. Don’t get down at that time and avoid going near the fountain.

3) Be careful while boarding the boat. The boat is very small, and slippery at times so there is a possibility of falling.

4) If you don’t want to go by boat, you can go by trekking, in that case you have to go along the mountain road towards the lake. Must read Trekking Shoe. There are a lot of thorns on this road so be careful.

Thank you.

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