Bhawal Raj Shoshan(Bhawal Crematorium)

There are six consecutive huge monasteries. The terracotta plaques of monasteries are exquisitely designed. The more I saw, the more I was impressed. I had visited many old houses but rarely seen such fascinating carvings. I was talking about Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari of Gazipur. Local people called it Bhawal Raj-Shoshan. It is said that the famous architect “Kamakshya Roy” was hired from Puri, India to build this Shoshan. This temple was modeled after the Mughal period. This crematorium was built on five acres of land for the posthumous cremation and worship of members of the Bhawal Rajbari. Its distance from Bhawal Rajbari is only 1 km. They cremated the dead bodies in the crematorium and worshiped in this monastery/temple and returned to Rajbari.

Current Status of Bhawal Raj Shoshan-

Currently, this historical structure is under the Bangladesh Archaeological Directorate. The condition of the lower part is very fragile. It has been slightly renovated with bricks by the authorities. To prevent risk, all the lower entrances to the temple are closed. The carved work designs are still visible but the moss is carelessly growing on the temple’s wall, and I had seen a lot of cracks in various places. Authorities have put up a signboard in front of the temple. There is a pond and graveyard next to it. I saw two more temples on the right-hand side. Local people worship here regularly. A Hindu community has been living here attached to the back portion of this temple.

What will We see in Bhawal Raj Shoshan?

1) Raj Shamshanswari Temple

2) A Pond

3) Sri Sri Kali Temple

4) Shiva temple

How to go to Bhawal Raj Shoshan-

Its location is in Joydebpur upazila of Gazipur district. The distance from Dhaka is about 26 km. There are two ways to travel to Joydebpur. Bus or train. A lot of buses like Gazipur Paribahan from Gulistan, Anabil from Signboard, and Balaka bus from Sayedabad ply regularly to Gazipur Chowrasta. You will get Taqwa bus services to go to Rajbari from Chorasta. The fare is 15 Tk. Get off the bus in front of Bhawal Palace then hire a rickshaw from the Rajbari and go directly to the Palace crematorium.

And if you want to travel by train, you must get down to Joydevpur Junction by train from any place. All trains like Dhumketu/Padma Express, Nilsagar Express, Tangail Commuter, Bhawal Express, Mahua Express, Jamalpur Commuter, etc stop at Joydevpur station. Collect a standing ticket from Dhaka Kamalapur station and board the train. The ticket price is 45 Tk. Get down at the station, hire a rickshaw or auto, and go directly to the crematorium. The Rickshaw fare is 30 taka.

Bhawal Raj Shoshan (Crematorium) Travel Tips and Precautions-

1) Raj Shamshaneshwari is a sacred religious place for Hindu devotees, do not do anything that disturbs their religious activities.

2) Attempting to enter the temple is risky and prohibited.

3) Attempting to cause any damage to the architect is a punishable offense.

4)Avoid littering around

5)Must visit Bhawal Rajbari, another part of this Rajbari is the Raj Shoshan.

6) Leave this place before evening.

Places to visit around Bhawal Raj Soshan-

1)Bhawal Rajbari

2) Gazipur Central Shaheed Minar

3)Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University

4)Bangladesh Agricultural Research Centre

5)Bangladesh Rice Research Centre

6)Hankata Bridge

7)Marta Bridge

8)Kashimpur Zamindar House

9)Nuhash Palli (village)

10)Bangabandhu Safari Park

12)Bhawal National Park

13)Belai Lake etc.

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