Top 18 Travel Places in Gazipur

Gazipur is a familiar name in the tourism industry. Its distance from Dhaka is only 25.7 km. Being very close to Dhaka, it is a perfect place for a day tour. Gazipur is also famous for its cottages or resort industry apart from the tourist spots. You can easily visit with your family or friends from Gazipur. Also, you can spend time in any resort of your choice. The immense beauty is scattered in all the upazilas of this district. I will try to give you all the detailed information about the top 18 places in the Gazipur district, their location, and how to go there-

Top 18 Travel Places of Gazipur at a Glance-

First of all, let’s know the names of Gazipur travel places-

1) Jagroto Chowrangi-

This Jagrat Chowrangi is situated in Chowrasta, Gazipur as a memorial of the 1971 Liberation War. Its architect is Abdul Razzaq. This statue Stands with a rifle in one hand and a grenade in the other. The height of this sculpture is 42 feet 2 inches. This is the first sculpture of the liberation war. The names of 207 freedom fighters and martyred soldiers name engraved on this statue.

2) Open University-

The Open University was established near Dhaka in 1992 with the aim of providing education at all levels for Bangladeshi people. It is located in the Boardbazar area of Gazipur. You can visit it on the way to Gazipur.

1) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park –

Bangabandhu Safari Park belongs to the Mawna Union of Sripur Upazila in Gazipur District. It has occupied 4909.0 acres of Sal forest land and is a safe habitat for various species of animals. This safari park is modeled on South Asian safari parks, especially in Thailand and Indonesia. Safari parks are generally different from other parks or zoos. In zoos, animals are kept in cages and visitors visit them in their free state. But in safari parks, wild animals roam the jungles openly and people carefully explore them in vehicles.

How to go?

Go to the Gazipur Chowrasta from any part of the country. From Chowrasta take any bus which plys Mymensigh from Chowrasta and get down Bagher Bazar. From Bagher Bazar you can get auto, CNG, Leguna, etc easily.

Besides, you will get the Mymensingh buses directly from Mohakhali.

2) Bhawal National Park-

Bhawal National Park was established in 1982. The total area of this national park covering Gazipur Sadar and Sripur Upazila is 5022 hectares. Dhaka Wildlife and Nature Conservation Department is in charge of its maintenance. Due to its green calm environment and proximity to Dhaka, the park attracts many visitors. Being an ideal place for a picnic spot, students from schools and colleges come here for picnics. The entry fee is 20 Tk. Paid parking for vehicles is available.

How to go-

After arriving at Gazipur Chowrasta, board any bus which is bound for Mymensingh and get off in front of Gate No. 3 of the National Park. Besides, if you take a bus from Mohakhali to Mymensingh, it will drop you directly in front of the park.

3) Nuhash Polli –

A famous tourist place in Gazipur is called Nuhash Palli (Nuhasg Village). Late Humayun Ahmed named it after his son Nuhash Humayun. In this 40-bigha village, Humayun Ahmed did not lack anything. You can also visit this beautiful, tidy place with your family. The entrance ticket is 200 taka.

How to go to Nuhash Polli-

First come to Gazipur Chowrasta. From Chowrasta take any bus to Mymensingh Road and get down at Hotapara. Besides, from Mohakhali, you can directly get down to Hotapara in Gazipur by Mymensingh bus. You can also choose the Dhaka Paribahan bus from Gulisthan via Kapasia. From Hotapara lots of CNG, Auto rickshaw go to Nuhash Polli.

4) Bhawal Rajbari-

This Bhawal Rajbari is a witness of history and a mysterious palace located in Joydebpur, Gazipur. Once Bhawal kings lived in this house. The story of the death and comeback of Bhawal’s second king, Ramendra Narayan Roy Chowdhury, still fascinates people. It is now used as the office of the District Commissioner of Gazipur. Bhawal Rajbari Travel Guide

5) Bhawal Raj Shoshan-

Another outstanding creation of the kings of Bhawal Rajbari is the “Bhawal Raj-Shamshaneshwari” or “Bhawal Cremation”. This is where the royal family and their heirs were cremated after their deaths. Currently, it is under the Bangladesh Archaeological Department. Know details of Bhawal Raj-Shashman

How to go?

You must come to Gazipur Chowrasta or Joydevpur station by bus or train. The Bhawal Rajbari bus is available directly from the Chowrasta. The bus fare- 15 Tk. And you can reach Rajbari by walking or rickshaw from the station. The distance from Rajbari to the cemetery is 1 km. Hire a rickshaw to reach there and the cost is Tk 20-30.

6) Shakashwar pillar-

The Sakaswar Pillar was built by Emperor Ashok about two and a half thousand years ago. Its location is in Shakashwar village of Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur district. It is kept in the local Madhav temple of the village. Local Hindu community worship here.

How to go-

From Gazipur Chowrasta, you have to get off at the Konabari bus stand and take the Kaliakair Paribahan bus through the northern road. From the bus stand, one can take an auto/CNG/rickshaw to go to Madhav temple or Sakashwar temple.

Besides, you can go directly to the Konabari bus stand by Thikana/Moumita bus to Sakashwar village.

7) Sreefaltali Zamindar House-

Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari is located at Sreefaltali in Kaliakair, Gazipur. The current owner of the house is Rahim Nawaz. At present the house is locked, I mean without permission you can’t enter there. Sreeflatali Zamindar House Tour Guide

7) Shah Jahan or apple zamindar house-

It is located next to the Sreefaltali Zamindar House. Various official activities of the Zamindar house were conducted here. It is currently being used as a madrasa. Being an educational institution, the environment is very quiet and clean.

8) Boliadi Zamindar House-

There is a huge field in front of this Zamindar house which is about four and a half hundred years old. Boliadi Estate Jame Masjid is on one side of it. It is the oldest mosque in Gazipur. The mosque was also established in 1612. Next to the mosque is the family tomb of the Siddique family. Next to it was another entrance, “Headquarters” carved above the gate. This gate is closed now. I could see nothing inside except a dilapidated house. Currently, the main gate of the landlord’s house is locked. As it is privately owned, public access has been prohibited for several days. A family lives here to look after and maintain the house. There are many plants inside the house. You can explore outside even if you are not allowed to enter. Boliadi Zamindar House Tour Guide

How to go to Sriphlatali/Applel Housei/Boliadi Zamindar Bari-

Sreefaltali Zamindar House and Apple House are situated on the same side. From Gazipur Chowrasta, take the Kaliakair Paribahan Bus to Kaliakair Bazar Bus Stand. From there you can go directly to the Zamindar houses by rickshaw. The bus fare is 40 taka. Rickshaw/auto fare 30-40 taka. First Sreefaltali then Apple Bari and finally Boliadi Zamindar Bari. You can follow this sequence.

9) Dubail Bridge-

There is a smooth road between the rivers on both sides. If you go along the road, you will see a bridge called Dubail Bridge. The restaurants floating on the water look very beautiful. If you want, you can also test the food here. If you want to travel in a rural, noise-free environment, you can go to this bridge. It is also located in the Kaliakair district of Gazipur. You will find this place when you go straight along the road of Sreefaltali Zamindar’s house.

10) Hankata and Marta Bridge-

Hankata Bridge is built at a place called Hankata, Joydevpur, Gazipur. Many people come to visit here in the afternoon. You can enjoy a boat ride if you want. A CNG/Auto from Shibbari Junction/Railgate will take you to Hankata Bridge.

Although Hankata and Marta are located in different places, they are almost the same. These places look very beautiful in monsoon. You will get a very beautiful view from the top of the bridge, with the river flowing below, and houses surrounded by greenery.

If you want to go to Marta, you have to take Auto/CNG from Shibbari Junction or Railgate.

11) Belai Beel (Lake)-

Belai Beell is located at Kanaia in Gazipur, adjacent to the Chilai River. The king of Bhawal, Bhawaleshwar Ghosh cut 80 canals and finished the water of the Chilai River, then this Lake was created! Its beauty enhances during monsoons, the water dries up completely in other seasons, especially in summer. It is better not to visit the lake in other seasons.

How to go Belai Beel-

You must come from Dhaka by bus or train to Gazipur Chowrasta or Joydevpur station. You can go directly to Kanai Bazar by renting CNG from the Shibbari junction. And you can go to Kanai Ghat market by CNG if you get down at the train station.

12) Bangladesh Agricultural Research Center (BARI)-

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute abbreviated as “BARI”. It is located in the Joydevpur district of Gazipur. It is the largest research institute in Bangladesh which was established in 1973. This institute is conducted research programs on more than 205 agricultural crops. The founder of BARI is Dr. Kazi M Badruddoza.

13) Bangladesh Rice Research Center (BIRI)-

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Agriculture. It was established in 1970 with the earlier name of “East Pakistan Rice Research Institute”. It was re-established and renamed in 1973 after independence. This institute engaged in trying to develop new varieties of rice and has developed a total of 113 varieties of rice.

How to go?

BARI is located along with BIRI. From Gazipur Chawrasta to Joydebpur, the Taqua bus passes in front of BARI/BIRI. If you want to go by train, you can first get down at Joydebpur station and take an auto/rickshaw to Bari/Biri.

14) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University-

One of the public universities in Bangladesh. Also called “BSMRAU”. But local people also call it “Ipsha”. Built on 187 acres of land, this university was established in 1998. If you want to spend some time in the serene natural environment, you can visit.

How to go to BSMRAU-

You can go either by bus or train. After arriving at the intersection by bus, get on the Taqwa bus at Mymensingh Road and say the name of the university.

If you go by train, take the train from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station to Joydepur and get off at Joydevpur station. You can take a rickshaw directly from the front of the station to the university or first take an auto from Shibbari Bazar to Shimultoli, then take a rickshaw from Shimultoli and get down at the university gate. Again by auto from the front of the station, you can go to Salna, the fare is 20 taka. Cross the Salna bridge and take an auto to Varsity Gate, fare 10 Taka

15) Saint Nicholas Church-

This church was built in 1695 in the Kaliganj of Gazipur district. It is heard that this church was used as a shelter for many refugees during the liberation war in 1972. The distance of this 400-year-old church is 25 km from Dhaka. A school was established in 1920 by Portuguese missionaries. Special prayers are arranged here every Sunday. The church is open to visitors.

How to go-

Route 1- From Gauchia in Dhaka, get down at Gol Chattar of Kanchan Bridge by BRTC bus and rent CNG/Laguna and go to this church through Nagori Bazar. The distance from Naogri Bazar is about 2 km. Besides, you can take the BRTC AC bus from below Kuril Bishwa Road which also go to Kanchan Bridge.

Route 2 – You can reach there via Tongi in Dhaka. Buses of different services like Anabil, Salsabil, Balaka, Gazipur Paribahan, VIP-27, Banshri, and Prabhati ply from Dhaka Signboard, Syedabad, Gulistan, etc. You can go down Tongi Station Road and go to Nagori Bazar.

16) Ekdala Fort-

This mud fort is 600 years old. Sultan Ilyas Shah built this Ekdala Fort to protect Delhi from the attacks of Sultan Firoz Tughluq. Its length is five kilometers and its width is 2 kilometers. The fort was built in 1352 AD. Sadly this is an extinct historical place. However, If you are interested, you can visit.

How to go?

From Gazipur Chowrasta to Mymensingh Road, you will see several buses go to Kapasia Upazila Sadar. From Kapasia Sadar you will hire an easy bike/auto rickshaw for the Taraganj market. Ekdala Durgat is located next to the Taraganj market

17) Kashimpur Zamindar House-

No exact information is known about the establishment period of this Zamindar house. But the founder of this house was Rai Bahadur Kedarnath Lahiri. His ruling area was over the entire Kashimpur and Baldha area. Anami Prasad Roy Chowdhury was the last zamindar of this zamindar house.Kashimpur Zamindar Bari is located at Kashimpur in Gazipur. At that time, the Bhawal Zamindars were very close to the zamindars of this house.

How to go-

The location of Kashimpur Zamindar house is after the Konabari of Gazipur. From Chowrasta, you can take the Kaliakoi Paribahan bus, get down at Konabari and go to Kashimpur Zamindar’s house by CNG.

18) Baldha Zamindar House-

This is the extinct and haunted Zamindar house of Gazipur. This place is nothing just a piece of land. A few walls are still standing. The surrounding area has turned into a forest with huge trees. There is a school nearby. The school has been built on this land. It is located in Baldha village of Baria union of Gazipur. The zamindar of Baldha was Raj Kishore Roy Chowdhury but the builder of the zamindar house was his son Harendra Narayan Chowdhury.

How to go-

From Gazipur Chowrasta take the Takwa bus and get down at Bhawal Rajbari and take CNG to go to Baldha Zamindar’s house.

How to go to Gazipur?

Since today’s article is about the travel places of Gazipur so to go to any of the above places, you need to go to Gazipur first. Here are some ways to go to Gazipur in detail:

1->If you want to go by bus-

Anabil bus services travel to the Gazipur intersection (Chowrasta) from the signboard in Dhaka.

Balaka bus service from Syedabad goes to the Gazipur intersection.

From Gulisthan “Gazipur Paribahan” and from Mirpur “Basumati” bus service also ply to the Gazipur Chowrasta.

Besides, every bus from Dhaka to Mymensingh goes through the Gazipur intersection. You can also go to these seating service buses. You can get Ena, Imam, Soukhin, etc. buses from Mohakhali, Dhaka. The fare is Tk 320 per person (Ena bus), and Tk 220-250 (other buses).

2-> The third option for those who want to travel by train. You have to go from Dhaka to Joydevpur station in Gazipur by standing ticket. You can’t book your seat. The ticket price is Tk 45 per person. You have to buy a ticket from Kamlapur in Dhaka to enter. If you want, you can take the train from the airport. The fare from Airport is 10 Tk. From Kamlapur Railway Station Rajshahi/Dhumketu/Padma/Silkcity, Nilsagar Express, Bhawal, Mahua, Sirajganj Express, Jamuna Express, Sundarban Express, Balaka, Tangail Commuter, etc. Trains go to Joydevpur Junction regularly.

Where to stay at night in Gazipur-

Gazipur is full of resorts and cottages. Here you will find different quality cottages for different budgets. Nakshatrabari Resort, Jangale Mangal Kabbo Resort, Chuti Resort, Bhawal Resort, and many more resorts are here. You can choose anyone according to your budget and needs.

Cautions and Tips-

1) Traveling by train to Gazipur is more comfortable and less time-consuming than by bus. If there is no problem with the seat, you can choose the train. Dhaka to Gazipur train schedule

2) Safari Park, Nuhash Polli, Ekdala Fort, and Bhawal National Park these places have to go through Mymensingh Road, so you can go directly by Mymensingh bus.

3) You can enter Sreefaltali Zamindar House, Appel House, and Boliadi Zamindar House with permission. People are employed by the owner to take care of the house.

4) Best time to travel Belai Bill, Dubail Bridge, Marta Bridge, Hankata Bridge, etc. during monsoons. The rest of the places you can go anytime.

5) Don’t visit Bhawal National Park and Bangabandhu Safari Park alone. Be careful even if you go alone.

6) Bari and Biri are research institutes and visitors cannot be entered without a recommendation.

6) It is not possible to visit all places at once. So you can visit the places on the same route in one day.

For example, if you want to visit Kaliakor, you can visit Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari, Baliadi Zamindar Bari, Apple Bari, Sakashwar Pillar, Kashimpur Zamindar Bari, Dubail Bridge, etc. in one day.

Bhawal Rajbari, BARI, BIRI, Bhawal Raj Shaswan, Marta Bridge, Hankata Bridge, and Belai Bill are on the same route.

The route of Nuhash Polli, Bhawal National Park, and Bangabandhu Safari Park is roughly one way.

This is my route plan for your convenience only. You must travel according to your own convenience and preference.

If you know the name of any travel place in Gazipur you can share it with me. Thank you.

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